PM Directs to Ensure Blockade of Blasphemous Content on Social Media

Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif on Tuesday directed Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan to block blasphemous content at social media and ensure that responsible be punished at the earliest.

The Prime Minister sought daily report on the issue and said every step should be taken to completely eradicate the condemnable blasphemous content.

He directed to approach international organizations relating to social
media for blockade of blasphemous contents and said the Foreign Office should play its role in this regard.

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif said the issue was before the court and all steps should be taken under the guideline of the court.

He said love with Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) is the most precious asset of a Muslim and the basis of our religion, and any malicious effort to play with the sentiments of Muslims would not be tolerated.

  • “The Prime Minister sought daily report on the issue and said every step should be taken to completely eradicate the condemnable blasphemous content.”

    How’s that even possible? Even if you remove the content (which you can’t), there’s new content being produced every day. Is he asking for daily reports on real issues like corruption, load shedding, health and education, human development, job creation and more?

    Judiciary, media, interior ministry, information ministry, regulatory authorities and now Prime Minister. Looks like we’ve run out of issues that actually affect Pakistanis.

    • IF some one attacks Pakistan , PM should ask reports on corruption and load shedding and education etc ? A Ruler/Leader have to look everything possible in their limits . I never understand people pointing to do only what they like and left what they don’t.

      Do This and don’t do that. Make Bridge and leave the road ..why not make both road and bridge ?

      Pakistan is based on Islam so for Muslims its important then creating a JOB. If you are a non muslim thats ok but why you are so keen to let people bear what they can’t bear. Instead of changing Million of minds , why don’t you change your own mind ?

      We have 0% Tolerance policy on this issue just like many countries , many religions , many people have on so many things. One Should learn to respect the rules , rather then kept on asking every one to ignore the law breakers . If Law is broken , there must be a punishment .

      • engreze jharni band ker ooyyyy, tu aur tera wazeer azam kitnay ko islami ho pata hai, choor aur nikammay chullay hain Hazoor Pak PBUH ki hurmat ko bachanay,

        • jis ko jawab diya us ka sawal angrezi mein tha….currently woh prime minister hai and us k yeh duty hia…baqi woh , PTI,PPP sab aik hi thali k hien.

          likin is ka yeh matlab hia k aik galat banda sahee baat karey tau us k chakar mein hum sahee baat ko bhi galat kaheen..baaqi ap ko jis tarah sikhaya gaya ap ne waisey baat ki aur mujhey jo sikhaya gaya mein wasiey de raha hun.

          Aur mujhey ghairat mand honey k liye islami honey ki zarurat nai . Yeh aik Islami Mulk hia aur yahan Rasool Pak ki Shaan mein Gustakhi allowed nia. yeh Usool Islam ne set kiye hien Nawaz sharif ne nai .

          Allah Hidayat de sab ko.

  • He is doing this for his own personal benefits now no one will be able to raise voice against him because no social media in Pakistan.

  • امیر شہر غریبوں کو لوٹ لیتا ہے
    کبھی بحیلہ مذہب کبھی بنام وطن

  • If this fat pig wants to be so religious, I’d appreciate if he ended corruption first before going on a rampage to go and block social media just so people can’t rant about him and his pathetic leadership.

  • PM pehlay aap khud tau fraud band kerain aur kerwain apnay so called musalman sathion se. phir blasphemous content bhi block kerwa lena.

  • They should block internet also. And mobiles and then electricity, and food and water, and oxygen also. Because first you block the internet so that no body can see such content. Still there would be some who may use through satellite, then you ban mobiles also. But what about mobiles already in circulation. So then you ban electricity because if you have no power to charge how can you watch such a content. But still some people would use generators and batteries to see such content. Then you should ban food and water because if you will not eat and drink, you will die and if you die you can’t see such content. But still some people will manage to get food illegally. Then you should finally invent a way to ban oxygen so everybody dies and can’t see such content.

        • though am from cave range and have no FB/twitter etc etc account but i still believe they have policy against hate speech or things which can create hate among communities. If i write anything against them or their personalities even if its truth they will simply kick my account but when some body uses this so called Social Media platform to show their hate and racism for Islam they are warmly welcome on name of Freedom of expression.
          Try writing anything against Truman President of USA who killed Million of people in few minutes by nuclear bomb . No need to say anything hateful just truth and still i will see how long your account holds .

          And in same way if we ask them to ban such content which is only propaganda full of racism against Guide of Whole Humanity they call it freedom of expression.

          And you against this Banning ? …

          I am not here to force my point on you , but a person should be honest . A dating website is not important then Honor of our Rasool Pak SAW.
          Don’t listen to me , just Ask Allah for hidayat with Ikhlaas and You will get it .
          We don’t get what we don’t want its as simple as that.

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