MCB Lite Customers Can Now Deposit, Withdraw Funds from Any Easypaisa Outlet

MCB Bank Limited has entered into an alliance with Telenor Microfinance Bank Limited (Formerly Tameer Microfinance Bank), for its safe, secure, convenient and accessible Easypaisa agent network and mutually beneficial financial services.

Under this agreement, MCB Bank, MCB Lite Branchless Banking customers will gain access to Telenor Microfinance Bank/Easypaisa’s diverse network of more than 75,000 agents nationwide.

Now customers will be able to walk into any Easypaisa retail outlet and deposit funds into their MCB wallet and also withdraw cash from the retailer at their own convenience anywhere.

This strategic alliance is in line with the State Bank of Pakistan’s National Financial Inclusion Strategy and Vision for 2020, to increase access and quality of financial services for the underserved segments of the economy.

The agreement was signed between President/CEO MCB Bank, Mr. Imran Maqbool and President/CEO Telenor Microfinance Bank, Mr. Ali Riaz Chaudhry, at the MCB House, Lahore. Mr. Irfan Wahab – CEO Telenor Pakistan, Mr. Yahya Khan – CDO/CFI Telenor Microfinance Bank, Mr. Faisal Ejaz Khan – CIO MCB Bank and Mr. Ali Naqvi – Business Head Digital Banking MCB, were also present at the ceremony, along with other senior executives from both organizations.

Speaking at the occasion, Mr. Imran Maqbool said “Branchless Banking is one of the fastest growing segments of MCB Bank’s portfolio and our partnership with Telenor Microfinance Bank will create further conveniences for our branchless banking customers. Their MCB Lite enabled mobile phones, serving as their mobile wallets, will now have access to a wider range of efficient and hassle free digital financial services.”

Mr. Ali Riaz Chaudhry also added “We are an open platform and are delighted to be able to serve MCB Bank’s valued customers. Telenor Microfinance Bank through its Easypasia platform has brought financial services to millions of under-banked people in the country. We are humbled at being able to serve our people in the most remote areas of the country through state of the art mobile based financial solutions”.

      • Exactly! But as a matter of fact, Wahab has made the comments section interesting, entertaining regardless of what the article is about.

        • Yes you are right but few of pessimists have made it a matter of their honor n started criticizing on every single msg of his though it in no shape concerns them.

    • Presently, You can upload funds to Lite account thorough IBFT using any bank account.If you have MCB account, than through MCB mobile

  • Good and bad at the same time. Now what is the status of Easy Paisa? UBL have its own branchless banking system namely OMNI so why not MCB introduced same.

      • Impossible, if you are transferring from third-party then charges will incur. Same as if you use internet banking to upload funds into your MCB Lite from any bank other then mcb you get’s charged by your bank (not mcb). The fee is usually 120-150 flat

        • That is why I normally load the whole 15k from my non-MCB Bank account. My local MCB branch used to accept payments for MCB lite, which was free (except the hassle of standing in long queue), but they no longer do that. I will try to visit Easy Paisa Shop and see if they will accept loading balance into MCB Lite.

          • Open Asaan account in MCB and use its debit card to make purchases online. Opening this account requires only CNIC.

          • The reason they no longer top up your lite card is because they are lazy a*s people who just don’t want to facilitate users. MCB has got worst customer care track record.

            This is the same reason i have opened an account in MCB. Previously when i would go for MCB lite top up, those cashiers would make lousy faces just to make you go away.

            Now i will try easypaisa to add balance to lite. Lets see if it works or not.

            • So easypaisa loads balance in mcb lite account please tell me because my card is inactive due to non availability of activation fee which is three hundreds, mcb guys are lazy and not cooperating I have been to 2 branches dozen times they say they don’t have id and password.

          • Deposited 10k into lite from mcb bank 3 days ago. 0 rupee charge, never had a problem getting topped up from mcb branch and it has always been free

          • So easypaisa loads balance in mcb lite, please inform me because it’s been three months my mcb lite card is not active due to non availability of activation fee which is three hundreds mcb guys say they don’t have mcb lite Id

            • No, what I meant, I can transfer from my Bank Account to MCB Lite. Even that only worked after the card was activated. It will not work without activation. You will need to find a MCB branch that accepts payment.

              • I opened bank account recently but after I got lite card, I have been to branches dozen time, helpline girl says because you didn’t have mcb account when you applied for mcb lite card hence you will have to visit your branch and change the account type I couldn’t understand her, anyone using mcb lite can transfer fund so I can activate but still I have got none, I thought with easypaisa I can deposit money

        • Presently, You can upload funds to Lite account thorough IBFT using any bank account. If you have MCB account, than free through MCB mobile

  • MCB LITE is the only prepaid debit card in Pakistan that works on 99 % of sites online. Be it play store, steam, hosting sites, aliexpress, it works everywhere.

    But if you have activated its internet session permanently then do not use it for paying at local shops and restaurants. Because to whom you are handing over your card can use its details to make transactions online. Get its internet session deactivated before using it at local shops who accept card payments.

    Besides ordinary MCB VISA debit cards (silver and gold) can now also be used for online purchases. These also work everywhere. Personally used them.

    • They should just allow activating/ deactivating internet sessions through their MCB LITE application. Would make it so much more easier.

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