Pakistan Among Top in World for Percentage of Women Accessing Explicit Content on Mobiles

A renowned explicit and mature content website has revealed its latest traffic stats, revealing a shocking insight.

In the website’s report titled “Countries with the Largest Proportion of Mobile Use by Women”, it has been revealed that the ratio of Pakistani women visiting the website with explicit content on Mobile Phones is 86%.

This means that its more likely for Pakistani ladies to access mature content on mobile, as compared to desktops or other devices.

So much so that Pakistan is one of world’s top countries where women access explicit content on mobile devices.

The ratio of Pakistani men accessing such websites on mobile phones is 12 percent lower than Pakistani women. 74 percent of Pakistani men visit a website with explicit content on their mobile phones.

Among Muslim countries, Pakistan is ranked the highest and is followed by Malaysia at 7th. Neighbor country, India, is ranked just below Pakistan at 5th. The list is topped by South Africa, followed by the US and the UK.

To be very clear, the above report does not mean that Pakistani women visit such websites a lot – it’s just that when they do, it’s on mobile most of the time.

Also to mention, women’s ratio in accessing porn on mobile phones is higher globally.

According to the same report, the proportion of female visitors in terms of traffic is very low from Pakistan. A detailed global graph (below) shows a comparison of female traffic from Pakistan against the rest of the world:

According to the above graph, female traffic from Pakistan is around or less than 10 percent.

Via DailyMail

Update: We have updated the title for more clarity in message and to avoid any ambiguities.

    • When every other damn mobile, TV, laptop can be hacked easily, do you think its not possible to identify mobile user’s gender :) ?

      • Author never said that mobiles were hacked to get all these states? Probably these are registered users with their gender information.

        • Right, hidden malwares can register themselves as ‘female visitors’.

          The malwares could b those frm the sane website.

      • This news is totally fake because no one can tells that women or men is using site unless he signed into his account……
        Use your brain…..

      • But you guys could have done better than this pornographic statistics every now and then. Don’t make it a masala blog.

      • Bhai ye sab kuch tab hoga jab apki details thik hongi mobile accounts ki , mostly log details hi thik nahi dalty tw is tarhan tw false report bhi generate ho skti …

        tw obviously dosra method hoga wo hi pooch raha

        • Data Science is all about extracting information accurately. Google is not a tech company rather it is purely an ad company that collects a lot of information from various ways.

          Google Chrome (58% of Market Share), Android (66% of Market Share), Google Search Engine (65% of Market Share), Youtube (70% of Market Share), Gmail, Google Drive and Google Map can easily help in identifying a user.

          Moreover, cookies that are the footprints when you visit a website, you can easily be detected. Furthermore, behavioral biometrics is a new thing to the most of the users that collect information how fast you write, your favorite sites, where you touch on the screen.

          If you have an Android smartphone, you can check your history where you’ve been since the installation date without your consult – the data is being stored.

          You’re right, the data might be false, but there is only 5 to 10% of data that can be wrong because millions of dollars are spent in the accuracy of the data collection.

          That’s why, Google Analytics has a free version as well as paid expensive version that shows more data. Data Science is a hot field in the modern era.

          • Yes Bro I know , k location puri ki puri a skti mera ye sawal k ho skta wo male ho and ho skta wo female ho ! and for example a girl makes an account put gender as male
            and has 3 apps i.e fb,whatsapp , snapchat ! ab determine kese kara inhon nay and konsay method say wo poochna chah raha
            Yes BIG DATA and DATA science plays important role in extracting useful information but I wanted method to get data categorized by gender

            • You’re right in this regard, Google would know the man as a female. But only a small proportion women and men make fake IDs on Google because we use for daily routine – sending messages to friends , family, co-workers etc. The fake IDs of Google are very few as compared to Facebook. The biggest resource for Google in identifying a user is the Gmail account where we give info of our gender while creating an account. There is always a chance of getting false info, but of negligible amount.

    • agar porn sites access kartay huay aapka google account loggedin hoga to tamam information accessible hoti hai

    • meray baray mein to google yeh bhi bata deta hai k mein kisi gali mein bheta hoon,,, halan k mein net laptop mein use karta hoon, wo gps aur ip k zariye track kar letay hain…

      • ye btata k ap male ho ya female ? without entering your account that has your authentic details ?

        • Yar srf sccount kafi nhi h

          Yd rhe wo b hamaei tarah chalak h.

          Browing histry tap patterns/mouse patterns b use hte h

          Mjhe btao google kaise pata lagata h k ad pe honw wala click geniune hai ya nahi.

          It’s their bus they hv to knw

    • they know who’s using mobile phone. Selfie camera is not only to capture your pretty face :-P

    • Abdul Wahab, soch bechaar aur tehkeek k baad hi is hasaas mamalay pe apna official version de ga. Kyuin yeh aik intahai Nazuk surat e haal hai. So wait n watch. Bas chand lamhon ka intizaar.

  • its very sad that ProPakistani always puts misleading title to gain more clicks..

    The line “According to the above graph, female traffic from Pakistan is around or less than 10 percent.” should be mentioned at the start of title since most of the users wouldn’t understand the survey and won’t read the article till the very end.

    • I agree! If Aamir Atta Bhai has a doubt that he would not get enough traffic, then he has to hire an SEO expert team that can find the content that can bring traffic organically. There are many solutions to the problem, another one is to find other sources for writing great articles. Google has over 130 trillion pages, huge information is awaiting to be published on Propakistani.

      • This isn’t a clickbait hunt. The information was worthy of sharing as it conveyed actual facts and figures.

          • HAHAAHa aaj kal ke bache barey chalak hain woh filter apps nikal dein ge. bachon ko kiya samajh rahe ho aaj kal ke woh phele ke bachon ke tara lallu panjhu hain.

        • Have you @syed_zarar:disqus Zarar even read @AAM1R:disqus ‘s comment before replying? Yes so called INFORMATION of yours is worthy to be shared. But what he is saying that this line “According to the above graph, female traffic from Pakistan is around or less than 10 percent.” should have been written in start of title or the article. You guys nowadays write a click bait title just to increase the traffic. And yes readers are also expecting from Propak to go low even further.

  • agar aisi sites access kartay huay aapka google account loggedin hoga to tamam information accessible hoti hai

  • The website in question is blocked by PTA.
    Phir bhi ‘women’ kaise use kr rhi hain?

  • Arey aise articles publish karienge to kahin aurtein hath doh ke ap ke peeche na par jaye bcoz a woman is always right (just like jew) even when they are wrong. Ap aurat ko mirror nahin dikha sakhte hamare munafiq society allow nai karte.

  • Aamir aata is chawal person of all time!!! He might be referring to his own family as whoever i know don’t even know these websites!!! In fact most women live in villages. Women like to see makeup videos, not what you said Mr stupid aata.

  • most of these type of website are blocked, and you’ve to use proxy which changes location. so how do they know its pakistan???

  • Apne jo Screenshot kya he insight ka wo P*rnHub ka kya he, so mujhe ye btain ke bgair account ke web content access nhi ho sakta kya? agar hota he he to pher kese andaza lgaya PornHub ne? barhaal don’t agreed with this analysis.

    • Hahaha Women ke needs men se croron guna ziada hoti hai beta but I agree jab men dekhta hai toh women ko kiyon rok rahe ho. Aaj kal ki larkiyaan waise be bohat tarki hain har he jaga ke sirf pak ke nai.

  • The worst written article ever, after the previous one!
    And another lame misleading (click bait) article.

    Quoting from the article: ” Neighbor country, India, is ranked just below Pakistan at 5th”

    According to the graph, Pakistan (blue range) ranks lower than India (purple range).

    I suggest, you first learn to interpret data, then write such articles.

  • Why havent you mentioned the site which released such data? Where are the stats? How could propakistani publish such news without any facts? how low could this site get? Do you guys write every bullshit thrown at you? What a disgrace to the community!

  • HUH.. what rubbish. These days anything can be expected from ProPK, this is a new low for them. Just look at the title and the post image. one simple word for ProPK on this DISGUSTING

  • This is so funny, if this was another country the extremist in Pakistan would have label them infidel.

      • I’ve stopped paying attention to unnecessary noises in the comments section, which is why you’ll see me not responding to you anymore either. :D

    • Write is the premium user of such site and benefiting others others from his vast knowledge, research and experience.

  • Specific author ka nam nai sirf PROPK staff, why is that? Individual ka nam ana chiye ta ke logon ko pata toh chale kis ke tahreer hai ye!

  • Pro pakistani dont start going cheap to get more likes and hits on ur pages by propagating such unauthentic news about pakistani women! Even if i agree to this it for sure a very nominal num which is an exception in every society, otherwise majority of Pakistani Muslim women are pious, religious and knw their moral limits!!

  • Itz only becoz of so many fake IDs, Google distn Kno Pakistani awaam. They have 10 Gmail IDs gender select female.

  • Apne hi mulk ki aurton ke baare main ap aise article kaise likhsakte hain woh b Muslim country hote hue. And first of all how these websites know these are females? Most people dont even register.

        • Han magar tum tou triple “X” main PHD ho woh raasta kahan jata hai? Tum usi ki baat karo. Tableegh ki nahi.

  • Astagfirullah !

    This is height of shame for muslim women and men.This is if true are the causes of curse of poverty and terrorism and all kind of pressures and humiliation our country is facing. Govt should ban such sites from accessing. This is an Islamic state not a hore house ….

  • Jab har bache ko mobile do ge to yehi ho ga,
    mobile par har koi privacy ke nam par kuch bhi kar sakta hy,
    apne muashre ko bachana hy to youngsters se mobile dor akhen ya in par nazar rakhen.

  • How it can be done? Android devices run with google, you have to sign into that to take full advantage. Chrome is a product of google and is being widely used. Gmail is world’s top email service provider and is a google’s product. Google algorithms to collect and analyze data and after that generate insights. Google doesn’t sell most of its services. They run algorithms on the data we provide them. They sell information and this is how they make profit. Data science is all about it.
    I hope it satisfies your common sense.

  • Fake and misleading. Such news give haters opportunity to spread negativity about Pakistan.

  • this is absolutely fake and its only to malign our homeland image. Propakistani plz avoid such posts, you are a credible source of our information so dont let us regret on this. if not spreading good ,atleast dont post bad for our motherland and our respectfull women. Please delete this post otherwise being a citizen of pakistan, i will file a official complain against you.

  • If the source is DailyHate, a disgrace to the name of newspapers, then I can safely dismiss the news.

  • Please post links of most watched videos by females on mobile too… for scientific research purpose only, ofcourse.


  • The author tried to give very bad impression of Pakistan in start, but as we read whole article this seem things are not that bad as it looked from the title. Consider those who just read the title and made their mind about Pakistan. Plus I didn’t find this article very useful based on given information. And why to highlight such information on this forum based on one website stats?

  • Dear Pro Pakistani Team,

    Please don’t show negative things related to country.
    You seems to me anti pakistani .

    Very upset shot by you guys, please remove this content immediately

  • Shame on Propakistani for manipulating the stats and writing on the aspect that would stir public emotions. So this is where tech blogs have to go now to earn money through ads?

  • I am totally disagree with this article because Pakistan total population is almost 20 Crore and mobile users is 1/3 of total population. Mostly peoples can not afford to buy Smart Phone.

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