Cyber Crime: Peshawar Student Arrested for Blackmailing Former Teacher

It seems that most of the cyber crime cases revolve around blackmail nowadays. Recently, another similar case was unearthed as the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) arrested a student from Islamia College, Peshawar on the grounds of blackmail.

The offender is accused of blackmailing his former teacher and uploading objectionable images of her on Facebook.

A raid was conducted at the college to nab the accused. It was headed by the SHO Adnan Jan of Cyber Crime police station in Peshawar.

Case Details

An official from the FIA said,

We had received complaints that a teacher of Shaheen School [run by the Pakistan Air Force] was being blackmailed by an unidentified person,

The former student, according to the official, had made a fake Facebook page and posted private and objectionable images of his teacher on the aforementioned page.

He continued,

Cybercrimes are quite common but the strange thing in this case is that the boy was blackmailing his former teacher.

The suspect is reportedly from Khyber Colony in the Tehkal area in Peshawar. He is also a juvenile offender and a case has been registered against him by the FIA.

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  • Well, first he(the student) got hold of objectionable images – how ? Then assuming he photo shopped these and uploaded these on a fake facebook ID, what did he have more to blackmail the teacher further with ??.

    One must on his/her own also be careful what you do in front of a camera lens.

    • Bilkul theek khere ho ap, thali dono hath se bajte hai. aaj kal ke teacher koi shareef nai hai. aur ye toh PAF ka secular school hai koi madrassa be nai. bloody secular terrorist. World is getting sick of these secular terrorist.

      • No but that makes the teacher more of an idiot. If pics arent photoshopped but genuine, that makes her a slut and the student – a paramour.

  • How the accuser(s) got hold of ‘private’ and ‘objectionable’ content of her teacher (victims)?
    The question we always ignore :/

    • +1000 aaj kal ke teacher kia kia karte hain student ke sath un ke barey mein kon likha ga

      • Masla ye hai k jab tak donoun ki marzi se chalta rha hota rha hoga scene. Jab blackmailing pe baat aae to report kia (jo k karna bhi chahiay tha).

        Blackmailer ko to saza honi chahiay lekn ‘teacher’ se bhi pochna chahiay k itna mutabarrik peeshay ko kia bana dia usne.

  • apna teacher aur wo bhi Aurat zaat, kaisa jaahel aur ganwar student. shame on you…

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