Pakistan Among Asia’s Top 5 Most Corrupt Countries

Corruption is a familiar term and phenomena for Pakistanis  and we aren’t the only ones. Countries across Asia are plagued by this menace and some are even worse than us in this regard, according to the latest findings released by Transparency International.

Transparency International’s Corruption Survey

Transparency International carried out an eighteen-month long survey and revealed that there is a long way to go before corruption and bribery is removed from these countries and Asia in general.

The survey included more than twenty thousand people from sixteen countries, regions, and territories in Asia Pacific and found out that at least one in four people have paid a bribe, specifically when having to use a public service at least once in their life.

The survey is for Asia as whole but country-specific statistics are worse than the above rate for some countries and go much higher than the average mentioned in the overall continent-wide result. This also reveals that for some people corruption and bribery is an everyday thing.

Here are the top 5 countries which rank the worst when it came to corruption levels:

  • India
  • Vietnam
  • Thailand
  • Pakistan
  • Myanmar

5 – Myanmar

Myanmar has a corruption rate of 40% according to the survey and although an Anti-Corruption Law was passed in 2013, about half the people who took the survey believe that almost the entire police force is corrupt and 40% believe the judiciary to be corrupt.

4 – Pakistan

On the fourth number is Pakistan, with an overall corruption rate of 40%. Nearly three-fourths of the survey participants believing that the police is corrupt. 7 out of every 10 people who had had to deal with either the police or the courts had to bribe them.

3 – Thailand

Thailand is the third most corrupt country according to the survey, at a rate of 41%. The country has faced corruption charges at every level of the government with even government officials succumbing to bribes. This has led the Thai military junta to pass the Anti-Corruption Act of 2015 with enhanced penalties.

2 – Vietnam

Vietnam is second to India in corruption level and the Vietnamese people believe that their government is doing almost nothing about this problem. Of the sixteen countries included in the survey, Vietnamese and Malaysians were found to be the most negative when it came to how the government is dealing with this serious issue.

1 – India

At an astonishingly high 69% corruption rate, India is at the top of the list of the five most corrupt countries in the continent. More than half the participants reported that in as many as five of the six public services they have had to bribe officials.

However, with the recent government people have begun to feel optimistic about getting rid of the issue – 63% of people now believe that ordinary people can make a difference while 53% believe that recent government reforms are making an impact.

via Forbes

  • Yes! That’s what I’m talking about! Getting into top 5 where it matters!

    Oh wait…

  • I just opened this article after reading title to confirm that India is better or worst than Pakistan. Satisfied :P

        • Apko kion khar ha Mian Sab sy, thrice elected PM aur 2 flats sabit nahe kar sakay ho..aur iss mulk mai clerk is sy zaida bana lyta ha.

          Inhi baaton sy hamaray dost ny PTI central committee chor di aur hum ny PTI ko support karna :p

          Hamari qaum ko bus ridicule karna ata ha.

        • Thats very good. But it will still be on higher side if you compare to other countries.

          • FAFEN also gave a report on election 2013 which Imran never accepted.

            Acha acha yupp yupp baqi thoo thoo…

        • LOL.. This is same FAFEN Imran was so much against for their reports on election 2013 ?
          So FAFEN is bad if it says election 2013 were fair but it is good if it says KPK has less corruption ?

  • پاکستان جس میں 97 فیصد مسلمان رہتے ہیں اگر وہ بھی اس فہرست میں شامل ہے تو پھر یہاں کے لوگوں کو شرم سے ڈوب مرنے کا مقام ہے جو سوشل میڈیا پر ایک دو پیجز کے اسلام پر اعتراض کرنے پر تو مرنے مارنے پر فوراً تیار ہو جاتے ہیں مگر خود اپنے اعمال پر نظر نہیں ڈالتے کہ وہ ہر روز خود سنت نبوی کا کتنا مزاق اڑاتے ہیں اور توہین رسالت کے مرتکب بنتے ہیں.

    • Yes, the fault is in People not in Islam. if a person driving an expensive and technology rich car and hit it to the tree, It is that person who is to be blamed not the that car.

      • Yes but sometimes an apparently good looking vehicle can also be faulty. You can’t trust something as being always flawless.

  • More burden lies on Pakistan if compared with these countries. As we are muslim majority country & assume ourself as the one of the best Muslims in the whole Islamic World.

  • Pakistan mein jo corruption kar rahe hain woh be secular aur liberal universities se nikle we hain. These secular universities are producing corrupt and liars.

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