Watch Unlimited HD Movies with JazzTube for Just Rs. 8

It seems as if Jazz is following in the footsteps of other popular streaming services like Netflix and iFlix. JazzTube by Jazz was recently launched which is branded as a “YouTube-like” service.

The streaming service features Hollywood and Bollywood movies, tv dramas, music videos, Islamic videos and a dedicated section for kids featuring cartoon movies and more.

The service offers a 1 day free trial to give you a taste of its catalog. Users can then opt for time-based plans.

Please note that JazzTube is limited to Jazz Prepaid users only, requiring a phone number, even for the free trial.

Subscription Charges and How to Subscribe

You can subscribe for JazzTube at these rates/durations:

  • Rs. 8/day
  • Rs. 30/week
  • Rs. 199/month

To subscribe, SMS “M” to 4372. The JazzTube app is available on both iOS and Android. Data usage will not be charged according to the app page.

Problems With the App

While the service seems promising, considering that it features local drama series and is cheap and easy to subscribe to, it comes with its own share of flaws.

For one it does not have clearly defined categories for movies and series. Once you tap on “regional” under the series section you get a “coming soon” message. This shows limited content availability which can be a problem for a lot of users.

Most of the tv series and movies are either lesser known or just too old. Most of the newer movies and series are not available on the app. Still, this is something that we can expect the service to fix with time.

Promising Idea

Nevertheless the prospect of having a home-baked streaming service is promising. Once the issue of limited content availability is solved JazzTube is sure to gain immense popularity. The other issue is the network limitation with only Jazz users being able to use the app.

Will other telecom operators in Pakistan follow suit with their own streaming services? Only time will tell.

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  • Well, as per Mobilink’s dream to compete Google, Facebook and others — is this what they got to offer??? Well, this way, Mobilink need atleast 30 years to be 30 precent of YouTube.

    • look bro “JAZZ” trying to facilitate their customers in a different way under their brand, where they said they are competing “YOUTUBE”?

        • Well i am using YouTube regularly with jazz… No issues.. Sometimes when it doesn’t load i try using some other browser and it works then

    • Why would mobilink want to compete with the companies like Google and Facebook instead of competing with the companies of their own category? Facebook is a Social network, Google is a search engine and Mobilink is a Telecom operator. Its just like Suzuki is trying to compete with Airbus and Boeing.

  • Telenor also has an app named “Pocket TV” for streaming service where you can see few live TV channels along with other stuff like music/movies etc.

    • Telenor pocket tv is diferent thing . Its same like jazz tv and jazz tv is much better than pocket tv

  • Zong is also launching this type of app. But they should make the app very convenient in every aspect. From smooth streaming to smooth searching of content and Categorizing of movies and dramas. Apps should be as much user friendly as possible otherwise it will loose the fun.

  • So far Netflix and Iflix are good let’s see if hulu HBO now decide to come to Pakistan then it will be good.

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