Dubai’s Burj Khalifa Set to Light Up with Pakistani Flag Tonight

The world’s tallest building, Burj Khalifa that is based in Dubai, will light up with the Pakistani flag’s colors to celebrate 77th Pakistan Day today, we have checked.

“Tonight we celebrate Pakistan’s 77th Republic Day with a spectacular LED illumination of Pakistan’s National flag at 7:15pm,” stated the the official Twitter account of Burj Khalifa.

Known for its spectacular fireworks and illumination, the Burj Khalifa is the tallest skyscraper in the world.

With a sizable community of Pakistanis living in Dubai, the show is likely to grab a lot of attention.

The show will start at 7:15PM (Dubai Time).


Burj Khalifa just went green and lit up with the Pakistani flag in all its splendor.

Here is the tweet from official account showing the illuminated tower:


  • Looks incredible!

  • BasantNagh

    Proud moment

  • #LovePakistan

  • Kumail Pirzada

    Who wrote this?

  • Muhammad Farooqi

    pakki gal aa naa.?. vekheen .. avein tokkhaa na ker jaaveen!!! :)

  • Sarmad Hassan

    Good job dubai…

  • Waseem Malik

    Proud Pakistani

  • MukarramWadood

    Please, please hire an editor. Dear God.

    • naeem ullah

      Whtas worng with the post?

  • Hassan Zaib

    looking gorgeous!

  • Bilal Majeed

    Pakistan Zindabad

  • Kamran

    World’s Top Building?? Seriously? Do you guys know the meaning? Its World’s tallest building
    Please hire some professionals or at least put some professionalism in your articles

    • Kamran

      And before some stupids come in favour, I am talking about the words right in the start of the article

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        Bro please correct your english first…… its Never “in the start” rather it should be “at the start”….

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      why don’t professionals make their own blogs instead of complaining here? Fact is professionals in pakistan can’t be bothered with writing for the web so it left to the rest of us to do it.

      • Kamran

        You are right Sir.

        F you Sir, and F you hardly Sir

  • Yasir Mahmood

    “The show was sponsored by Pervaiz Musharraf”.
    How much this news is authentic ?

  • Muhammad Farooqi

    that is 100% true.. One of my cousins sent me a video directly from Dubai. That was amazing. But I doubt they played national anthem.
    but.. whatever.. our neighbours were quite ? ? — ? You know what i mean

  • Sharif Cheema

    Wow! Why Dubai do for Pakistan