Super Mario Run Available on Android

One of Nintendo’s biggest video game franchises, Mario, has finally made its way to Android. This is also the first ever Mario game to see a smartphone release. Called “Super Mario Run”, the game was available on iOS for 3 months before marching towards a Play Store release.

Super Mario Run on Android will employ the same free-to-play model that it used for iOS. The game only features the first four levels or “worlds” in the free version, to unlock the rest you have to pay $9.99.

All did not go well for the world famous game on iOS. Downloads started slowing down mere days after its release on iOS suggesting that Nintendo messed up somewhere along the way. We will see how the trend goes for Android.

78 Million Downloads on Android

It was downloaded more than 78 million times on Android with 5 percent of those 78 million buying the premium version.

The game retains its side-scrolling nature from the original but introduces an auto-running feature which lowers the learning curve for new users.

Super Mario Run 2.0 hits iOS

Incidentally, Nintendo is also marking the occasion with the release of version 2.0 of Super Mario Run on iOS. The update brings more characters as well as free content for users to play.

The locked courses 1-4 can be opened by clearing Bowser’s challenge, and clearing those will get you new courses on Toad Rally. There will be different colored Yoshis as well as new buildings. It will also features revamps for the Easy Mode and Tutorial.

Lastly, there will be bug fixes for the game. Version 2.0’s features will be available to Android users instantly while iOS users will need to download the version 2.0 again.

The game can be downloaded from Google Play Store now, if you hadn’t pre-ordered it already. Download Super Mario Run version 2.0 on iOS here.

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  • I played it uninstalled it after 5 minuets of playing nothing can beat original NES classic Mario.This is flop game also one other things i disliked mario keep running on its own which is very annoying.

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