62% Pakistanis Say that Electricity Load Shedding has Decreased

While there is no way to independently verify this statement, a new survey claims that some 62% Pakistanis think that load shedding in their areas decreased this year as compared to last year.

According to a Gilani Research Foundation Survey carried out by Gallup & Gilani Pakistan, 62% Pakistanis say that electricity load shedding has decreased in their area this year when compared to the previous year.

A nationally representative sample of men and women from across the four provinces was asked,

“In your opinion, compared to the previous year has electricity load shedding in your area increased, decreased or remained the same this year?”

In response to this question, 18% said electricity load shedding has increased in their areas this year compared to the previous year, while a sizable 62% of the respondents said that it had decreased. 20% of the respondents answered that it remained the same.

About the Survey

According to the officials, the survey was carried out among a sample of 1878 men and women in rural and urban areas of all four provinces of the country, during January 30 – February 6, 2017.  The error margin is estimated to be approximately ± 2-3 per cent at 95% confidence level.

The study was released by Gilani Research Foundation and carried out by Gallup & Gilani Pakistan, the Pakistani affiliate of Gallup International.

  • waqar hussain

    Pagal ho gye hain log shayad.

  • Jhon

    wait for Jun , July ,

  • Bilal

    i can bet, maryam nawaz will retweet this article on Twitter account. Propakistani.pk is paid for this content!

    • Ali Salman

      When propakistani writes anything that goes against the government then such articles are free right?

    • Sameer Yasir

      People should be banned who post such things without any evidences. hawai firing :-/

  • waqar hussain

    Yar abhi hafta nahin howa garmi shuru hoye aur tum ne survey kr k lgwa bhi dia. Bhai Lahore mein 7, 8 ghanty light jaati hai. Baki tu bura haal hi hoga. Aur yeh survey kis bunyad per hai? abhi tu teesra maheena chal raha hai 2017 ka. :p

  • Hasan

    and 100 percent said that the unit price is doubled during this time. And still circular debt issue is not resolved due to highest level of corruption in IPPs and Nepra. And government will double this price again to resolve this issue.

    • Muhammed Ovais Alam

      tum jitne rupay barhao ge hum utni corruption karainge (similar to a famous naara)

  • khurram chattha

    bhai kin logo ne boldiya k decrease hui hai??
    govt officials ne?? jin ko 2000 units free hai??
    abey normal areas mei akar survey kro to shayad sahi result samnay ajaeyga..
    jhoot bolney se or is type ki posts laganay se kisi ko koi faraq nahi par raha

    • Ali Salman

      2000 units tou wapda ky chief engineer ky bhe free nahe rahay Chattha sab.

  • Ashfaq Ahmed

    Gujrat men din men ab 9 hors load shrding hoti ha

  • qureshiehsan

    yes, it decreased in winter, and now is summer to start, load shedding started increasing in my area i.e I-8 Islamabad. This summer seems very hot and hard.

  • Ashfaq Ahmed

    Its all wrong and in the air

  • Jamshaid

    another paid survey from raiwind

  • fonephreak

    fake paid survey and the time period it covers is winters. Such baseless and propagandist stuff is only covered by people who want to be part of it mostly due to financial reasons.. ahem.. which are being seen quite often nowadays on this website from very very specific mobile reviews to online shops advertorials to crap such as this. Compromised objectivity at its best. what a shame

  • Yasir Mahmood

    Bhai Iss Article Pe “PAID” kyun nahee likhh daaite ?

    • Ali Salman

      When propakistani writes anything that goes against the government then such articles are free right?

      • Yasir Mahmood

        Ok lets take up your Assumption.
        Please quote the Hours of load shedding in your Area

        • Arsalan Shah

          No Loadshedding in Noora Republic of Saudi Arabia. Thats where he is.

  • Syed Ahsan Taqveem

    paid survery.i live in gujrat and we are facing now a days about 14 to 16 hours load shedding………totally unrealistic survery…..

    • Rao Rizwan

      Gilani surveys are normally paid surveys to fool nation, I don’t trust gilani surveys

  • Muhammad Sharif Cheema


  • Syed Ahsan Taqveem

    waisay yeh topic likhnay walay ko sharam nahi aiyee???

    • Ali Salman

      wo PTI ky liye bhe likhtay hain aur PPP ky liye bhe…sharam kaisi.

  • Sarmad Hassan

    Mairay kan baj rahay hain generator ke awaz say….yeh kon pagal huwa ha jo 62% ko man lay….shuglan ajeebun…pro.pakistaniun…?

  • Ahmad

    Pakistan mein Bijli ka Naam o Nishan Nahi Hai,
    aur Yeh Patwari BC kia Bol Rahay Hain…

    • Zaheer Abbasi

      To tum ne yeh post apni m.. ki m… se ki hai.

    • Ali Salman

      62% are patwari ? What is patwari? What is BC? Ye tou [email protected] ha right? So even if 20% voted for current government you will use these [email protected] for them because they do not agree with you ?

      What is your mindset? [email protected] [email protected] ho ?

      • Muhammed Ovais Alam

        bhai bari himmat hai tumhari. Dard nahi hota kandhoun main?

      • Ahmad

        Sirf Lahore mein Bijli ho to alag baat hai,,,,
        warna puray pak mein Bijli nahi , Patwari Saab


    3 years se hamare area mein Loadshedding nhi horahi hai.

  • Sohaib Razzaq

    Totally agreed. Rest of the 38% are PPP and PTI supporters definitely.
    You need to be totally naive to believe load shedding is same as it was 1 year ago or even 3-4 years ago.

  • Rao Rizwan

    Har 2 ghante baad bijli ja rahi hai Lahore mein aur ye kehte hai ke load shedding kam ho gayi hai, gilani survey wale raiwind mehal mein beth kar mian sahab ki marzi ke survey issue karte rehte hai, fraud survey company

  • nadeem

    Mujhe Propk staff ka address chahiye takay ab jab bhi electricity jaye mein iss kay ghar mein ghuss jaon. wahan per loadshedding kaam hoti hai.

    • Ali Salman

      Saidpur Road Rawalpindi jana hoga, lakin aik baat batao… agar jis ki baat sy agree nahe kartay uskay ghar ghus jao gy tou ..kal ko koi tumharay ghar bhe aa sakta ha right?

  • pakistani

    Is this the standard of propakistani, they are publishing a questionable survey on their website. Neither the area of survey is mentioned, neither the timings are mentioned. Propakistani is acting like geo television network.

    • Ali Salman

      They should act like ARY ?

  • abobobilly

    Big cities se bahir nikal k dekho logo, and find out what is real load shedding.

    • waqar hussain

      Punjab mein Lahore se Bra shehar hai Koi mery bhai?

      • Emmad Mir

        Aey v gal theek hy

      • abobobilly

        Exactly my point. Load Shedding in Big Cities is considered as benchmark while its completely the opposite. Because all other cities are facing worse load shedding times. Don’t even ask about Villages or Towns.

  • یہ شاید سروے کرنے والوں نے قبر میں نہیں جانا اسلئے ایسا جھوٹ بول رہے ہیں

    • Ali Salman

      Is it like it was in 2013 ?

      Kuch khuda ka khoof karo.

      • today situation is worst than 2013.

      • in 2013 we had loadsheeding with 1:1 ratio but now we are facing minimum 2 hours continues and maximum 4 hours loadsheeding. means in 24 hours hamari light sirf 6-8 ghanty ati ha.

  • kya ho gay hai yaaar, abi say 3 hours ho rahai hai aur 10 mints ka leya jan aur phire ana to normaly see bata hai aj kal.

    • waqar hussain

      Kahan? 3 Hours? Bus? yar shukar kru tum tu.

  • Pakistani

    what a great fake survey…. Shame on the acting Govt. as well the other sitting parties specially PPP. Sindh will be the worst province of the Pakistan in upcoming year. Why #COAS conduct the neutral survey on this to get the actual figure related to the condition of the province. I live in Karachi, The financial Hub. these days Karachi is now Garbage Hub and also going to be helll in all part of Sindh. Kapaa Kapaaa. Kappaaa

  • Sajjad Khan Niazi

    It is impossible pakistan mein load sheding khatam karna itna asaan kaam nahi he, ye leader sirf Voton se pehlay aik dafa logon ko josh dilatey hein us k baad itni takleef detay hein k agley 4 saal tarhap tarhap k guzarney parhtey hein

  • Muhammad Rizwan


  • Shahid Saleem

    I know the survey was taken in winter when load shedding was low. But I cannot deny that for the past 2-3 months, my load shedding schedule was just two hours a day. (Obviously not like that any more since mid-March.) And that two hours a day is better than it has been for winter schedule for past ***decade***

    So there is some improvement but who knows why. An error on LESCO’s side? Maybe.

  • Umz

    Dear ProPakistani Staff,
    Perhaps mistakenly, you guys put an extra ‘%’ sign beside the “62”.
    Let me correct the statement for you, “62 Pakistanis Say that Electricity Load Shedding has Decreased”


    • waqar hussain

      Aaj kl jitni ghaltiyan nikal rahi hain PP ki posts mein, Yeh Bilkul Mumkin hai.

  • Emmad Mir

    Bhai humary tou march shuru hua nai aur bijli ki aankh macholi shuru , har ghanty baad jaarahi aur ghanty bdd wapis ….

  • Eli Ehsan

    Bullocks,… Larkana main 2013 se pehle sirf 2 ghantay hoti thi. 2013 ke end se aaj tak 8 ghantay karte hain SEPCO wale……… :P

    • Ali Salman

      Tab larkana mai 2 ghanty jati thii….aur baqi mulk mai 2 ghantay aati thi.

      Ab Larkana walon ky mazay kam ho gaye hain, aap 85 billions ka hisab mangoo Sindh government sy jo Larkana par laga ha.

  • waqar hussain

    Yar yeh Paka April Fool Survey hai. Likhwa lo.

  • Arsalan Ali

    a survey done in winters im sure.

    • waqar hussain

      April Fool bna rahy hain Bhai mery.

  • Faheem Ahmed

    june julyanay dou..

  • Sameer Yasir

    If you talk about karachi, many areas are free from load-shedding. Even today i asked to my collegue about load shedding timings. He replied “3 saal hogaye light nahi gai hamare ilaqe main”.

  • Sameer Yasir

    Can we say Pakistan’s 62% areas are free from load shedding?

  • Muhammed Ovais Alam

    1878 logoun k survey ka faisla 20 crore awaam pe?