British Pakistani Girl Makes History By Passing Her O-Levels Paper at the Age of 10

Laiba Hussain from Oldham, UK has managed to pass the General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) exams at the age of just 10. The British-Pakistani girl has done successfully what students usually struggle to do at the age of sixteen in Britain.

She gives all the credit for her achievement to her parents.

“All my success is due to my parents whom I would like to thank for their constant support.”

Her advice to other students is also to work hard and they will achieve their goals like she has.

Laiba Wants to Be a Dentist When She Grows up

Aspiring to be a dentist, Laiba took the GSCE exam for mathematics and managed to score a C grade, only narrowly missing a B grade. Her success at this age has overwhelmed her family while also making them immensely proud and happy.

Sajawal Hussain, Laiba’s father, while talking to Geo News said that:

“We should focus on our children’s education [as] that is the only way forward, to prosper in this society” and believes that the best gift to society is an educated child and that is the best thing that humans can do.

Laiba’s mother, too, had something to say to inspire all the other mothers out there:

“If we educate a girl, it will help us build an educated society. Money is not everything our priorities should be an education for our kids, as for integration into the society [here], education and upbringing will play a major role in future.”


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    • Absolutely. I can only imagine how she must’ve been forced by her parents to study like that. This is just so wrong. Children should enjoy and be free in their age group and not bear the stresses of exams at such an early age.

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  • Look at the face of mother, if I had a mother like this I probably would have been born with B.Comm Degree. lolzz

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