Govt to Raise Fuel Price By Rs. 1 Tomorrow

Today, the federal government revealed that prices of petroleum products have been increased Rs. 1 per liter.

Ishaq Dar was addressing a press conference in which he talked about the revised petroleum prices. He said that Petrol and Diesel prices would increase by 1 rupee and prices for kerosene oil will remain the same.

The initial plan was to hike prices of petrol and diesel by Rs. 2.28 and Rs. 2.40 respectively, but after discussions, the government decided on 1 rupee increase.

He added:

The government would absorb an additional burden of Rs.3 billion for the month of April in terms of petroleum prices.

The price change will be applicable from Saturday. Petrol will now be sold at 74 rupees, instead of 73. Diesel was previously sold for 83 rupees and the revised price is 84 rupees.

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  • Ahh, the little correction,

    The government would absorb an additional delight of Rs.1 billion for the month of April and so on, in terms of petroleum prices.

  • Propakistani earlier reported increase of 6, so where you have been now???? Any moral value you have left to show????

    • Rs. 7 was to be increased, as reported by Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Resources.

      This change, however, has actually been implemented.

      We report as the information circulates.

      • Dear, here is para from Geo news online,

        As per details, an increase in price of petrol by Rs2/litre, high speed diesel by Rs2.10/litre has been proposed in the summary.

        Where is written 6 per litre increase suggested?

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