PEMRA Fines Hum TV Rs. 1 Million Over Indecent Scenes in Drama

Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) has fined Hum TV Rs. 1 million for airing objectionable content on a drama serial. Hum TV broadcasted the episode called “Chew Gum” in the drama serial titled “Kitni Girhein Baqi Hein” on 29th January 2017.

The episode invited numerous complaints from the public, prompting the electronic media watchdog to take notice.

Show Cause Notice

PEMRA received numerous complaints from the general public about the content of the previously mentioned episode. The authority issued a show cause notice to M/s Eye Television Network (Pvt.) Ltd. (Hum TV) on 20th February 2017.

Case Hearing

Hum TV was asked to explain its position in 7 days. A personal hearing committee heard the representatives of the channel on 14th March and analyzed the reply sent by them (sent on 23rd February). It was unanimously decided after reviewing the objectionable clips of the episode that the content was in violation of Clauses 3(1)(a). 3(1)(e), 12 and 17 of the Electronic Media (Programmes and Advertisements) Code of Conduct 2015.


Due to violating the above mentioned clauses, Hum TV has been fined Rs. 1 million, which should be paid within 3 weeks of its issuance. PEMRA warned the channel to be vigilant about selecting the themes for its soaps and dramas. They should keep in mind the socio-cultural norms and values of Pakistan and keep in view the provisions of the Electronic Media (Programmes and Advertisements) Code of Conduct 2015.

Furthermore the authority directed Hum TV to appoint an in-house committee under Section 20(f) of PEMRA (Amendment) Act 2007 and report the details to PEMRA within 3 weeks as well.

Previous Bans

Programs from Geo News and Bol News respectively were also banned by the regulatory authority on account of objectionable content and hate speech. “Geo Pakistan” and “Aisay Nahi Chalay Ga” was banned and host of the latter Dr. Amir Liaquat was ordered to apologize for hate speech.

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  • Muhammad Abrar Ali

    Kya dekha dia ab Hum ne bbbbb Dekhna Hai


  • Zafar Abbas Rizvi

    It was a story of two girls (Sania Saeed and Farah Shah) who were engaged in a lesb*an relationship in college hostal days.

    • KMQ

      na karo bhai, yeh dikhaya hai aur just 1 million fine? 1 million is peanut for these channels, all they have to do is show few more ads and they will cover the cost. Inko tu 1 month ke liye ban karna chahiye aisi harkat par.

      • ZAB

        KMQ yeh sub dikhanay ka Maqsad kiya hai inka dramo main?

        • BADAR

          its a reality is liye dikhaya.

          • KMQ

            Bhai agar reality hi dekhni hai tu REALITY TV dekh lo us main sab kuch dikhate hain. Yeh familly channels hain dost. Real main jo jo hota hai zarrori nahi woh TV channels par dikhaya jae.

            • BADAR

              Zarur phir to bomb blasts ko bhi TV per nhi dikhana chahiye, Kyun kay deshatgard deshat poehlana chahte hain, aur media un kay maqsad ko pura krta hai. Bomb blast ki news dena band krde media to 80% blasts ruk jayen

              • KMQ

                Strongly agree with you ke bomb blasts dikhana band kar dena chahiye media ko, yeh media ki wajah se hi tu in terrorists ka maqsad pora hota hai. Agar in blasts ki khabar ko daba dia jae, ya atleast itni hype na create ki jae tu in terrorists ka target hi achieve na ho.

        • KMQ

          Bhai main koi philosopher tu hon nahi but mujhe tu aisa hi lagta hai ke yeh sab logon ko liberalism ke taraf le jane ka pehla qadam hai. Pehle hi itna kuch dikha kar media mashray ko kharab kar chuka hai aur usi ke yeh new tareekey hain.

          I still remeber those days ke Pakistani drama main ‘I LOVE YOU’ is tarah ka koi lafz nahi suna humne, bandey ko agar mohabbat ka izhar karte bhi dikhate they tu mohazzib tareeke se aur dialogues aise ke aapko lage ke waqaeen kisi writer ne likhe hain. I still remember jab yeh lafz “I LOVE YOU” shuro hua in dramas tu shuro main buhat ajeeb lagta tha aur buhat logon ne shor kia jo aahista aahista maand par gaya. Aur aaj aap dekh lo “I LOVE YOU” yeh lafz itna aam hogaya in dramas aur isko itna openly use kia jata hai ke ab kisi ko buda nahi lagta normal hogaya hai sab.

          The above one is just an example aap ko buhat sari examples aaram se mil jaengi jo ke pehle TV par nahi dikhaya ja sakta tha but aaj kal woh norm hai. Yeh sab kuch madar pidar aazad media ka hi tu kia dhara hai.

          • sahi kaha bhai.. yeeh media muashraa kharaab kar raha hai..

          • FuriousNinja

            Exactly sir. They are paving the way for more ‘vulgarity’ in Pakistan. They are ‘grooming’ our so called younger generation which is more open to these kinds of ideas due to their distance from religion and they are also being targeted by the Western Elite who are making them more susceptible to these aspects of a ‘liberal society’. One day, PEMRA wont do anything against them. It hasn’t done anything now too actually. If one looks at this from a bigger perspective, it is all a well thought out plan. HUM TV and other channels are nothing but puppets of a single master.

    • Muhammed Ovais Alam

      What the ….
      Itnay low standards. Women empowerment walay libtards ko aisay khush kia jaega ab?

    • BADAR

      Wel they are showing the reality, Yeah sub kuch kia nhi hota girls hostels mein aaj kal? its a normal now a days in Pakistan. Every single girl in Pakistan prefer to choose same gender to get satisfied because they dont believe in Pakistani men. Pakistani boys ne khud apni respect khodi hai, sub kay sub tharki hain, aur phir agar koi girl lift kara de to sub cipak jatew hain aur hata kay video tak leak kr dete hain.

      • KMQ

        Wah Badar sahab kia describe kia hai aapne, but mazrat ke sath agar aapko buda na lage, sirf samjhane ke liye misal de raha hon. Kia hum log is tarah ka drama apni family ke sath dekh sakte hain? Kia main aur aap aisa kar sakte hain? YES or NO?

        • BADAR

          To kon kehta hai family kay sath dekho, puri dunya mein programs ki rating category bani hui hai, Pakistanbi tv channels ko bhi chahiye na banayen. Bahir har tarah ka mawad chalta hai but rating hai, Koi adults koi PG Koi +16 Koi Pg 14

          • KMQ

            bhai pori duniya main tu buhat kuch chalta hai, buhat sari aisi ratings hain jo aapne mis kardi hain, main yahan likhna nahi chahta aap samajhdar hain samajh gaye honge. Tu kia woh sari ratings wale program bhi humare media par chalne chahiyen?

            • BADAR

              Agar yeah hi haal raha to ayenda zarur chalain gay

      • Zafar Abbas Rizvi

        Mere dost zaruri toh nai jo kuch reality myn ho raha hai usay tv pe b dikhaya jaye? Hyna? Agar aysa hai toh phir censorship aur regulators ki kya zarurat hai. Reality myn toh aur b bohat kuch ho raha hai.

        • BADAR

          You are right but yahan balance nhi hai na , jahan apna mufad hua pabandi laga di jahan na hua wahan sub dikha diya.

  • Lipton choro vital piyo

    Bhai sarray Indian channels cable per wapis start hogaye hain!
    Pemra should take action against them first

    • KMQ

      Bhai soo rahi hai PEMRA un cheezon par har forum par inko update kar ke dekh lia no action, I guess koi muqmuqa hogaya hai behind the scenes.

    • BADAR

      Indian Dramas kay bagair hamara guzara bhi to nhi hai na, Jab se Pakistan bana hai us waqt se kisi na kisi zaraye se indian content Pakistan mein aahi raha hai

  • G.j. Raza

    creativity level of pakistani drama writers and producers is at record shittiest low.No plot , no dialogs not hardwork just saas bahu masala and sensationalism

  • Talal

    I watched that episode. I was just sitting with my family that day and TV was running.
    I understood what was going on. It was all about lesbian relationship between two woman.
    But my mother and sister who are simple women did not understand the story and asked what was it all about. I just kept quite because it was not appropriate to talk about lesbian relationship in front of my whole family.

    I say ban Hum TV for few days. That’s the real punishment. 1 million is nothing for these behemoths

    • Geek At Large

      There’s nothing wrong with discussing and educating people, especially if they are your family.

      • Talal

        I don’t belong to liberal family like yours.
        And i also don’t need guidance from someone who left Islam for money.

        • Shahid Saleem

          Why didn’t you change the channel?

          It’s strange, on one hand you are unhappy that your family was exposed to the show, on other hand you didn’t prevent them from watching it OR educate them on why what was going on was wrong.

          So letting them be ignorant is preferable to facing reality? What were you afraid of?

          I suppose they would wonder how you knew about such relationships. Is that what you were afraid of?

          • BADAR

            You rocked!

            • FuriousNinja

              Jee apka bi comment parhlya hai ooper, zyada rock kr gae aap usme to.

          • FuriousNinja

            Really? You think he was afraid they’ll question him about this? I think most of the sensible people would have kept quiet rather than explain what was effing wrong with that serial. Ofcourse I ll be ashamed myself if someone asked why, what is wrong that drama? As I cannot so openly explain the vulgarity of lesbian relationship to them. Next time I’m sure he would have stopped them from watching it without needing much explaining as to why. He can answer you better I’m sure. @disqus_WWO09HNTmX:disqus

          • Saad Zaidi

            #MyPoint… What Talal was scared about his family may be magically possessed with evil powers of HumTV drama may cause one of his family members to turn gay… :D

      • Khalid Yaldram

        tum logo family hi kanjar ha tu hum khya karay barwah , kanjar dalal in ka meaning tu pata ho ga tumhay…………..that is why you write there is nothing wrong……..

        • Shahid Saleem

          What Geek says should not be used to insult his family.

      • Emmad Mir

        How do you educate your family?

  • Geek At Large

    There are homosexuals in Pakistan who have to live a secret life because of the fear of persecution. I personally know a guy who was gay and turned atheist because of hate for homosexuals in all religions.

    Homosexuality exists everywhere and it’s not a taboo we’ve made it out to be. I’m not sure how HUM TV portrayed the alleged homosexuality but props to them for starting the discussion. PEMRA needs to calm down.

    • Talal

      That gay must be your life partner at night?
      You are an atheist too. And it’s a known fact atheists lack morals.

      • Ali Raza

        @disqus_WWO09HNTmX:disqus bhai i like your responses :D every time you only hit once like Lohaar :D not like sonaar

      • Qw22

        Stop arguing with an idiot. Period.

      • Geek At Large

        Personal attacks don’t make argument stronger.

    • FuriousNinja

      I was impressed by your logics when I saw your comments on some other article here on ProPk. But observing your comments now and especially this one, I think you are here for entirely another purpose. It is also useless to quote Islam on this issue to you, we all know what happened to which ‘quom’ for being homosexuals. Anyways, we are absolutely fine without this vulgar and disgusting practice of homosexuality. If anything, PEMRA needs to step up even further regarding this. Put the damn ‘banhammer’ down on these indecent shows. There was a time when homosexuality was considered a disease, but slowly and gradually the elite has distorted this concept into an ‘orientation’ now. And we see the fruits of their campaign in the likes of you.

      • Geek At Large

        Homosexuality is not a disease. People used to believe that when there was very little science to back up that claim. Now there are dozens of studies that say otherwise.

        And no, I don’t have any agenda. My stances are based on princples, science and rationality instead of religious books.

        • FuriousNinja

          Next thing you’ll say is that bestiality is normal too.

          Anyways, you lose your stance when you are promoting the chaos in the natural order of things. Male-male relationships, female-female relationsships. Lol mate. Anyways goodluck in your newly found life. There is no argument that will actually make you reconsider. Seen the likes of you.

          Edit: Just answer me this, do you believe in our Creator, Allah subhanotalah? And in our last Prophet SAW?

        • Ak Shah

          It may not be a disease but it isn’t natural way of life either. Moreover, what rational purpose does homosexuality serve?

          • Shahid Saleem

            ==> Moreover, what rational purpose does homosexuality serve?

            I have no idea whether it is a disease, natural way of life or whatever. I don’t know the science. I only know that such acts are forbidden in our religion.

            But your above question is very odd. By the same logic, what rational purpose does s*x without procreation serve?

            Man is not rational.

            Secondly, how do you plan to wipe out bacha bazi in our western parts of the country?

  • Fozia_Loves_Abdul_Wahab

    also a similar scene from dram sang e marmar where the wife of tora khan asks for love. These channels are promoting vulgarity and no one to stop them. They just test people with zongs ads, oppo ads and what not.

    • BADAR

      so whats wrong? Kiya sub nhi dekhte yeah sub chjeezain chup chup kay? Chup kay dekho to jaiz public mein dekho to wrong? Kiya Hippocracy hai.

      • Fozia_Loves_Abdul_Wahab

        so u want everything public and u will demand unclothe people public like western countries. Man this is not west and we are Muslims not atheist for whom everything suits. We have laws which we as a Muslims abide by.

      • Dan

        totally agree Badar,
        next time you watch p**n with your family …right ;)

        • BADAR

          Nobody watched it with their family all over the world, but all watched these types of ads with family. P is another thing.

      • FuriousNinja

        ‘Hippo’ to koi ni h idhr wse …. I was about to write a response but the absurdity of your comment just stopped me lol.

      • Shahid

        aj main khuda ka shukar ada kar raha hn k mn nain ghar pe tv cable nhi lagwaya..kbhi sochta tha yar kia paindon wala kam kia hye but now i know my kids are safe from this brain washing..

  • is say be ziada sakht punishment honi chehay, and better is to permanently ban them

  • Saad Zaidi

    Showing reality can cause penalty…. #KillMediaFreedom in Pakistan

  • Eli Ehsan

    inciting Debate over Taboo!! How dare they?! now pay us for disturbing our “PEACE” you softdrinks chugging liberls. #AlBakistan

  • Eli Ehsan

    inciting Debate over Taboo! How dare you! now pay us for disturbing our peace you not-softdrinks chugging liberals. #Al-Bakistania

  • Annika Ishfaq

    Actually jo hum dekhna chahtay hain, media hmein wohi kch dikhaana chahta hai…