ECP Bans Social Media & YouTube Across Offices in Pakistan

A notification has been issued by Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) which bans the use of social media and video streaming websites in its offices across the country.

Following the order, the ECP offices have been banned from using YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

ECP’s Deputy Director Syed A. Rehman sent a letter to the provisional election commissioners of Sindh, Punjab, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Balochistan. The letter stated that blocking the social media sites on ECP networks will decrease the number of malware attacks and ensure the discipline of using electronic resources up to the optimum level.

Moreover, it read:

…the Competent Authority has directed to block social media websites (i.e. Youtube, Facebook, Twitter etc.) on all networks of ECP secretariat as well as PEC offices including field offices with immediate effect,”

The letter was sent to ECP offices nationwide on March 31.

The provincial election commissioners have also been instructed to ensure the blockage of social media and streaming sites immediately through the cooperation of provincial general managers of PTCL and National Telecommunication Corporation (NTC).

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  • We pakistanis spend more time on porn searches rather than porrrn… so ban porrrrn which is impossible…!!

          • Mere Bhai VPN uses encrypted Protocol for communication certain firewalls can learn , allow or block these communications. This is already in practice in some countries like Iran , China etc. I am not sure about UAE but i have heard that VPN usage is banned there.

            • I can confirm that vpn is not banned in UAE. I have been there in last summer. I have been using VPN to use IMO and Skype call.

            • I think 100% ban can only be possible by totally disconnecting from Internet.
              People will always get something to make it work.

              My grand father used to say, “Taaly shareefon k liye hoty hain, Choroon ko taaly nahin rook paaty.”

      • Dear it is available at one click… it is only banned at the system which has no internet connection with no content on storage devices…!!

  • i think everything should be banned in ECP Offices, all the western made websites and applications can track users data and have the ability to sneakly retrieve information whatever the require or need. fact that ECP is will try to use Bio-metric machines in elections, there is a risk of information being hacked or manipulated. Just like what russia did in america. Infact i will say ban everything else in all gov offices as well, aside from their desired applications and run them behind a secure firewall and internal security.

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