You Can Now Get A Mobile Site Certification from Google for Free

In a move to ensure that its latest web advancements are translated to portables as well, Google has initiated a new certification program for Mobile developers.

The certification is the latest in the series of projects Google has undertaken to improve browsing experience on smartphones, with the primary focus being speed and improved browsing experience.

For Web Developers and Tech Professionals

The people targeted in the program include “web developer, webmaster, or technical professional working with agencies or in-house to create mobile sites.” Passing the test gives you a Mobile Sites certification on your Google developer page, which acts as a proof of your “ability to build and optimize high-quality sites.”

Focus on User Experience

However, that’s not the only benefit as clearing the test will also potentially reward developers with higher traffic and reputation. As Google points out, most users leave a site within 3 seconds if the page takes longer to load, even though the average load time is 22 seconds. Good user experience is key here and passing the test ensures that you add it to your expertise.

The certification program consists of an exam that tests your ability to use newly-added features and technologies, alongside mainstream ones.

Test Details

To start you need to sign up for the Google Partners Program. Afterwards you will be able to access Google Analytics, Google Adwords and the Mobile Sites Certification.

Candidates need to get through 65 questions in 90 minutes, while failure means a waiting time of 7 days before the next attempt. Such tests are not uncommon for Google, as they are already in place for attaining certifications in AdWords and Analytics.

Study Guide for The Test

Google has made a study guide available for these exams for your ease which can be accessed here.

Some of the sections in the study guide include basics of mobile sites, user expectations, importance of UX, discover-ability, etc. It also introduces you to tools required to improving the experience, and finally an introduction with advanced web technologies.

While the accreditation may give you some bragging rights as a developer, the greater benefits from the test will be derived from the improvements in user-experience.

    • hi suhaib can u plz tell me that pakistani candidates are also elligible for this test?? amd how u prepared for the test?

  • There are multiple question and isn’t easy to pass until you have AMP experience. Here I found a guide for Mobile Sites Certification exam hope that will help you.

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