Pakistan Adds Over 100,000 Tax Filers in a Month

Federal Bureau of Revenue’s (FBR) update to the Active Taxpayers List (ATL) 2016 on Monday has revealed that the number of annual income tax return filers has increased.

According to the list, the current number of income taxpayers is now 1.11 million.

The list has been updated every week since March 1st, 2017 (when it was first published) and has shown that taxpayers have started to increase rapidly. 100,000 new names were added to the list during the past 6 weeks.

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FBR officials claim that the ongoing crackdown against non-filers has resulted in the significant increase in taxpayers. The government recently started to fine and imprison income tax non-filers.

The government introduced variable withholding tax schemes for filers and non-filers in order to increase the number of taxpayers, forcing them to declare their assets if they were to avoid additional withholding tax on most financials tasks like banking transactions, property transfers, asset acquisition and more.

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Withholding tax is deducted based on the ATL published by the FBR. Prior to March 1st, the old ATL for 2015 was used by organizations to deduct withholding taxes.

Now that the new list for this year is published, people will begin filing returns for the respective year.

The taxpayer count stood at 1.213 million for the year 2015 following a very slow increase in taxpayers since November 2016. FBR officials are hoping that the trend continues and the total number of income tax filers continues to rise.

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  • can FBR dare to declare how many null filers (i.e. no tax paid/payable due to withholding, etc)? and return filer who have filed return and paid tax along with it?

  • khuch log tu aisye bi hai jin ka lucky draw main nam nikla hai or woh file kar kay ab jawab detye phr rahye hian wohi achye hai jinhoo nay nai ki :)

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