As Demand Ramps Up, Pakistan Faces Increased Load Shedding

It is now 2017 and the problem of unannounced load-shedding all over the country persists, despite repeated claims to the contrary by the ruling government.

The demand for electricity has reached 16,300 MW while production is stuck at 10,100 MW, according to the National Transmission and Despatch Company (NTDC).

The increased shortfall has come about due to extremely low levels of stored water in the larger dams of the country. Hydro-power production is at a level of 1400 MW rather than its full capacity of 5500MW. Due to this the burden of electricity production has fallen on thermal power plants or independent power producers (IPPs).

This means that the new power schedule that the government had come up previously, exists only on paper and is not going to be implemented in reality any time soon.

After a system overload, the National Power Control Center has started conducting power outages without any previous notice to the distribution companies with urban areas experiencing blackouts of up to six hours a day and rural areas having to go through eight hours with no electricity.

Furthermore, government sources have also stated that the situation will not alleviate till the production of the hydropower plants increases. It is expected that the situation will persist and power outages will grow.

Furthermore, in October last year, the government had requested civilians to reduce their consumption of electricity so that they would not have to face too many outages. However, even after this year’s constant announcement by the government that they have come up with plans to reduce load-shedding, it has not happened.

  • Hamaari Awaam Prime Minister se bhi Zyada soyi hui hai usay apnay Rights ki koi hosh hi nahi
    Electricity ek aisi Cheez hai jo Ek second ke liye bhi nahi jani chahiye

    • You are right as it is his job to collect bill payment from consumers (from door to door) so bills of Independent Power Producers can be paid on time. Also it is his job to take the blame of previous regimes which didn’t produce even a single watt.

      Number of projects in pipeline or completed in 4 years, have little appreciation for them. Don’t vote for Nawaz but be positive and non-abusive.

  • My Indian colleagues share that they also have load-shedding in urban areas and it is worst in rural areas, same is in Bangladesh and Nepal. These countries don’t have load-shedding anymore in news, or hue and cry of public, they probably have adjusted with it.

    In a country facing severe load-shedding air conditioners’ sale is rising everyday…should it be allowed? Should it not be limited at least for couple of years?

    On the other side should we (as a nation) be more responsible in paying bills, FATA pays 2% of their dues, Karachi has biggest electricity theft record.

    • From where you got these figures? Any prove? Just Hawaii Fire to say that Our Gormant is innocent and has noting to do with all these problems. If PTI has not fulfilled its promises then it does not give others the certificate of innocence. PMLN is in power so automatically all blame comes to this party. They claim “We are the elected govt. of Pakistanis” then why they don’t listen to the problems of Awam and resolve them?
      Do you suggest to be silent and don’t complain about the problems faced by Awam.
      Specially the problem of Load-shedding?

    • Lgta hai aap abhi so kr uthy ho. 2013 mein bhi yeh wada kiya tha, phir 2014, phir, 2015, phir 2016, ab 2017 aur 2018. Kl kis ne dekha hai mery bhai. Inka kal kbhi nahin aana. Waisy hi agr koi karishma ho gya aur kisi ne taras kha kr bijli de di tu Jaldi se hmary Politicians ne credit leny phnch jana hai.

      • Similarly PTI promised 350 dams. Power shortage in 2013 isn’t the same as in 2017. Same is the case of power production, projects in pipeline and completed.

        I am not PMLN voter, I voted for PTI in 2013, I frequently visit Pakistan and always see so much negativity people have about almost everything. Be little positive, appreciate a little with open mind and criticize logically.

        A man standing in the corner of the street and we should have a different perception/talk on this topic…

        • Lol. BHai mein ne tu sb ko eik sa kaha hai lakin aap jis tarah s yeh btany ki koshish kr rahy hain naan k aap ne pehly PTI ko vote diya tha lakin phir aisy waisy kaisy ho gya.

          Bhai aap paky Patwari ho. Ghusa na krna. Lakin mein ne kisi bhi Party ka naam nahin liya. Sb eik jaisy hain. Lakin aap hr post mein khud ko pti ka voter keh kr pmln k liye hamdardi dikhany waly akser Patwari hoty hain.

        • Huzoor aap nay apni dihari abhi tak nahi batai. Kia charge kartay ho apni services ka aap?

  • The article says the biggest reason for this is a low water level in dams and a rising demand. The best solution for this is for the govt is to give birth to rain clouds so the 5500MW dams can produce something, and ban the sale of electronics.

    • You made me laugh :D

      A government which can’t produce rain cloud should die…literally :p

  • What planning commission is doing or they sleeping. Load shedding is increasing because Government fail to increase any production. Since last six months Prime Minister has several times announced that this much MW will be added in the system but physically ultimate result came in minus. Pakistan must shift to Gas turbine power generation technology to over come this vital problem and through this change Govt can rectify his mistakes with a month and if Pakistan WAPDA experts needs any help we are here to resolve this problem. you may contact and get benefit of our life time experience.

  • Is government se kuch nahi hona, ye sirf roads banane mein interested hain, Dams banana inki priority nahi hai

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