Honda Officially Launches the City 2017 in Pakistan

Honda City received noticeable upgrades with its international model for 2017, which led us to believe that the car manufacturer might bring the new model to Pakistan in the face of increasing competition. With City 2017, Honda dashed our hopes and any chances that the current three car manufacturers will change their strategies and ever care about customer satisfaction.

Over the years, City has become the go-to compact sedan in Pakistan. It seems Honda plans on riding the car’s popularity until the company is forced to introduce proper features in the base models.

Last night, Honda Atlas Pakistan unveiled the new City without any prior notice or announcement. The car was introduced at an event at Faletti’s Hotel Lahore which was attended by the company’s employees and Honda’s distributors.

The company was very proud of its achievements over the past year. While unveiling the car, President Honda Atlas, Tochi Ishiyama, said,

We extend extreme gratitude to our customers, as they have stayed loyal to Honda and more specifically appreciated Honda City for the past twenty years. This ceremony does not only highlight the 20-year milestone of Honda City in Pakistan, but it also serves as a testimonial to the success of Honda in Pakistan.

If you want to compare the latest Pakistani Honda City to the international one, please click here.

Let’s take a look at what the new local City variant has to offer and if the public’s disappointment is justified:


Compared to last year’s City, there have only been minor changes in the car’s design. The most noticeable change is the new front grill which comes with a black and chrome color combination.


The rear lights and reflectors have also received a minor design change.

Honda has introduced new door protection moldings which add more character to the car and save it against minor dents.

Compared to last year, extra color options have been offered by the company. The following colors will be available at launch:


City’s interior has largely remained the same except for a few minor changes. The older entertainment system has been replaced with a new capacitive touch-based multimedia infotainment system (Note: It’s not a touchscreen display).

The rest is the same as before. You get the same outdated AC knobs and an analog speedometer with blue accents.

Seats now use a new fabric though it’s a minor change that will go unnoticed.

Engines & Performance

Honda City 2017 will come in 3 variants with both manual and automatic transmission options:

  • 3L Base
  • 3L Aspire
  • 5L Aspire

Just like last year, the 1,339CC car comes with 5 speed manual or automatic transmission. The 16 valve 4-cylinder engine is capable of 73kW of horsepower at 6,000RPM and 128Nm at 4,800RPM.

When using the default 15-inch tires, a turning radius of 5.3 meters can be achieved.

Safety & Security

Honda has introduced an immobilizer option with the City 2017, though it doesn’t came as standard and buyers have to opt for it by paying extra. An immobilizer prevents the car from starting the engine unless the RF immobilizer key is present in the car. The feature was enforced under the Auto Policy 2016-2021.

ABS brakes and crash compatible design come as standard features.

City 2017 comes with a warranty period of 3 years or 70,000km (whichever ends first).

Options & Features

Additional features can be availed through option packs. Pricing and details for such features are listed below:

Price & Availability

Fortunately, Honda hasn’t increased the price of the new model by much. A small hike of Rs. 10,000 brings about the following final prices:

  • City 1.3L Manual Transmission – PKR 1,533,000
  • City 1.3L Automatic Transmission – PKR 1,674,000
  • Aspire 1.3L Manual Transmission – PKR 1,663,000
  • Aspire 1.3L Automatic Transmission – PKR 1,805,000
  • Aspire 1.5L Manual Transmission – PKR 1,683,000
  • Aspire 1.5L Automatic Transmission – PKR 1,825,000

Honda customers who have already booked the City 2016 can pay Rs. 10,000 extra and upgrade to the new model.

Honda City 2017 Specifications:

Photo Credits: Pakwheels

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  • Misleading topic heading. Shouldve been ‘ Honda officially launches Honda city Facelift for the second time’

  • Extremely disappointed news, is this really a change in model? i believe its another way of playing with mindset of this nation & enjoying the monopoly in the market.

  • Is nation ko kabhi Zardari thug raha hai, kabhi Altaf tou Kabhi shareef thug rahay hain rahi sahi kasar bari bari companies nay nikaal di hai. Woh automobile companies hon, K electric ho PTCL ho ya koi bhi. Sirf awam ko hi paplu fit kiya jaraha hai.

  • Existing three companies (Atlas, Indus & PakSuzuki) will continue these dirty tricks & try to be in spot light, till new manufacturers launch their vehicles. Real change will come (technology, quality & price), when they face competition…

  • Honda knows it v well that Pakistanis don’t have many options. I see honda city next suzuki mehran that is not going to be changed but we will get facelift after each three years. we seriously should stop buying cars form these local manufactures and rely more on Japanese cars, so it will give the mafia big hit. Really disappointed. Waited for new model for really so long.

  • The official Statement was actually like this ” we extend extreme gratitude to our customers for not throwing bricks at our factory, as they have stayed loyal to Honda and more specifically appreciated Honda City for the past twenty years and they believe that it will remain the same for the next 20 years. This ceremony does not only highlight the 20-year milestone of Honda City in Pakistan, but it also serves as a testimonial for the success of Honda Management to make the citizens of Pakistan a chutia. Congrats to the success of Honda in Pakistan.

  • This shape of Honda wont be released in Pakistan, for a reason. It comes in only 1.5L variant, and as you all know, Honda uses the same engine all across the world except a few exceptions thou. Honda, if launches this variant, will leave the market open for 1.3L variant for toyota and other competitors. Considering that the entry level variant of the city is the most sold car in Pakistan, its a No-Go then…

  • Dont feel like buying any pakistani car. Raddi ka maal utha kr day daitay hain. No effin security features in 2017. L P C

  • waiting for the day when pakistanis will get rid off pathetic policies and blackmailing attitude of these pakistani, so called, car manufacturers……………………………………………………………………………………kharbozay ko daikh kar kharboza rank pakarta hai……………………honda is alos inspired by suzuki pakistan motors who launched alto/mehran quite 30 years back in 1988……………………this shape of city was launched in pakistan during 2008/2009 and still they are making fool of pakistani ppl……………………………..Allah reham kray hum sab par.. aameen

  • It just shows an element of disrespect by Honda for Pakistani market. Its so because we keep on buying whatever rubbish is thrown our way. About time to boycott Honda City.

  • I love Honda City. It is my dream sedan.but I was disappointed to see new model of City. Its front grill is not according to my wish and India, a fabulous model of Honda City has introduced. But in Pakistan, a CHUTIA model has introduced.
    I am very disappointed.

  • Jo kom Nawaz Sharif ko 3 daffa PM elect karti hai uss ko aisi he thakki huwey “new” models miltay hain! Sher Aya Sher Aya! HA HA HA

  • Agar hamari koi qabil aur ghairat walli govt hoti tou Honda ko faragh kar detay… but sub chor hain sub bikkay huway hain!

  • kaee Japanion ney to apni site per membership mein bhi Pakistan ko Gayeb ker diya hai. Sony per account bana kay dekain. Sarey mulk hain siwaey Pakistan kay. Jago Bhaiyon

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