Viral Video Shows FIA Officials Beating Female Passengers at Islamabad Airport [Updated]

A viral video on social media shows Federal Investigation Agency’s (FIA) officials barbarically beating two women at the Benazir Bhutto International Airport in Islamabad.

Not long ago, a video showing passengers and FIA officials fighting went viral on social media. The new one shows how female staff of FIA physically assaulted women passengers over a disagreement.

In the video, the assaulted women can be heard screaming for help as bystanders do nothing to stop the fight.

Take a look at the video below:

It is being suggested that the new video is of the same incident where FIA officials beat a Norwegian passenger at the airport over some petty issue.

According to the assaulted woman’s mother, Haseena Begum, she and her daughters, Fouzia and Fatima, were scheduled to fly at 12:45pm. After obtaining their boarding cards and handing over their luggage, one of the daughters went to the toilet. On her way back she asked airport staff to provide her with toilet paper.

Noshila, the FIA official who was asked for the toilet paper, felt offended and rudely replied that it wasn’t her job to provide people with tissue papers.

The matter escalated quickly as both women continued to converse in a harsh manner. The FIA official threatened the women that she wouldn’t let them travel to Norway and snatched the victims’ boarding cards and passports. She tore the boarding passes and started beating the women.

More videos that show the female passengers misbehaving with the airport staff have also leaked. The CCTV footage is linked below:

FIA’s immigration department has since then released a statement claiming that the three female passengers had misbehaved with the airport staff which resulted in the fight. How that justifies a public beating in an airport is beyond us though.

Update: FIA has notified that the female constable, who was seen beating the passengers, has been arrested. New videos added which reveal the other side of the story.

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    • if it’s sarcasm then no problem…..but if it’s your real thought than I think when one day when your mom will be beaten you will understand.

      • Well you should go and see the mental doctor for justifying what happened in another country by “Walayti” animals. I think you support PMLN. Don’t you? Just asking.

        • first thing the doctor wasn’t mental .
          second no i dont support noora family
          third why so amaze by seeing these thing like they are specially happening in pakistan these thing happens every where and pakistan is not different

  • 1 thing in pakistan all the airport staff thinks there got authorization of crime and taking bribes

    • Not just airport staff, every person with some authority does the same, including ourselves.

  • Sometimes, these foreigners also behave in a rude manner. We all know, there is a certain class who behaves if they travel with Emirates or some other airline, but behave rudely in PIA or as soon as they are in Pak boundary. But this doesn’t look ok.

      • Have you seen the other video? There is a video that shows the other side. How these women misbehaved.

        • Still can’t beat in public. They should’ve arrested and proceed by law. do you even know how law works?

          Hmm just saw the new videos. Seems like women are misbehaving. But still they should’ve arrested them instead of beating.

          • Yeah. I agree, they should have been arrested. What it seems like is, because they refuse to comply, because the official tried to drag her to a private room, she got angry and beat them.

      • Brother, don’t be amongst the transgressors, for Allah does not like the transgressors. Bring some maturity and respect in your conversations. Think of more intellectual arguments. I can see, you are blindly following the trend that takes place on social media. Move on

        • Bro I can’t understand how am I wrong ? she was beating a innocent girl . Please explain how am i wrong

          • Bro,I replied to your comment, the way you jumped on my mother. When someone uses such arguments, there is not much room to discus things. And the trend I was referring to is also how people very quickly attack you by giving examples of your mother and sister. This does little to help prove a point anyways.

            As far as the actual video and the beating is considered, you are absolutely right. I can’t and am not justifying the beating. Peace bro

  • No matter what they did no one should be treated this way. If they had done any crime they could have be dealt according to law.

  • When entire hiring of FIA is based on bribe ,who cares to bring reforms in it.
    From a peon to ministers, all are kings of their position with rights of doing anything with common citizen.

  • Let me clear what actually happened;
    One day eariler, 2 British girls slapped an official when he asked them to stand in the que just like rest of the passengers. They didn’t like that, because they were BRITISH(Pakistani born). So the staff was quite pissed already. The day this particular incident happened, this Norwegian lady went into the restroom. There were no toilet papers there. An FIA lady was there as wel. This lady started yelling at her, the FIA lady told her that if she has a problem she needs to compalin the concerned authority. But this lady grabbed the FIA lady from her throat, and was being aggressive. What happened next is on the video.

    • Good beating of lady by fia has video evidence and what younare tell is backed by any evidance or its tipical Randi Rona after being caught with pants down and on ur knee?

      • The problem with us is that we always see one side of the picture and make judgements, just like you are saying my friend. Me too, had same thoughts​ but then i met a friend of mine who works there. He told me so many other things as wel which ain’t right to share. But in short, these so called VICTIMS wrote an apology as wel.

        • Let me add you as well, you may be true on this story but I’ve personally experienced how FIA deals .. Which law are you talking about? If you don’t have any strong background then I’m sorry my friend you are on their sympathies ..

          • This particular incident and the thing you are pointing out are two separate matters. I do agree with you, but no one has a right to abuse or to be physical with someone and then play the victim.

  • These FIA guys at airport feel like they are the boss .. I myself has experienced this 2 weeks ago .. They have no idea of what to do and what not to, they just want to show superiority .. At least you should put some positive image to the foreigners despite of doing this non-sense

  • great, that’s what i hate about government employees, leave your akkarpun and arrogant attitude when you come to do your job, you are paid to fullfill your duties according to rules and regulations. you are not doing a Ehsaan on this nation. This situation can be handled respectfully by taking the lady to FIA office or little bit of guidance by the lady official that where she could get the necessary help. no matter what the FIA lady official should be fired or degraded in ranked for such behavior. It is never allowed to hit anyone.

    • Nothing will happen to her except few days of suspension with full pay n that too for media consumption. Nothing else.

      • norwegian lady should file a case against FIA in sc and sue them for 100 million dollars :P

  • Jahalat aur baadshahi.
    Chowk pe latka kar maarna chahiay jaahiloun ko phir chahay woh koi bhi ho.

  • These FIA goons don’t even say Walaikum Assalam if you greet them, give order as if you are begging them to give entry or exit out of Pakistan.

  • yhe agar fia ky kisi officer ke maa beti hoti tooo us nyy is fia female officer ko aaggggg lga dni the

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