PTCL Signs Afiniti’s to Use its Artificial Intelligence Solution in Pakistan

Pakistan Telecommunications Company Limited (PTCL) signed a partnership agreement with Afiniti today, an applied artificial intelligence company that transforms the way humans interact.

While Afiniti works with customers in Americas and Europe, PTCL becomes the first company to “Go-Live” at scale, not only in Pakistan, but also in Asia.


The partnership will bring new innovations to the customer services and contact center operations of PTCL.

Before signing the partnership agreement, there was a period of six months during which a pilot project was undertaken to gauge the effectiveness of the Afiniti solution. Within the first two months of the pilot, Afiniti’s technology resulted in substantial improvements in PTCL’s contact center operations through intelligent pairing of agents and callers.

Afiniti is now live across PTCL’s sales platform, optimizing metrics such as new customers, cross-sales, upgrades and downgrades for queues of about 600 agents.

Over the next three months, this count will increase to around 1,000 agents. With the new artificial intelligence based system of Afiniti, PTCL will be able to connect the callers on its contact center intelligently with relevant and suitable agents. Thus, improving the quality and speed of service offered to its customers.

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Adnan Shahid, Chief Commercial Officer, PTCL expressed excitement in partnering with a global company with Pakistani roots and said, “It is really heartening to note that a company with its development team based out of Pakistan has made giant strides in the field of artificial intelligence. We are very impressed with the initial results and believe this technology will help us improve our contact center operations. PTCL is very proud of the fact that it has become first customer of Afiniti’s artificial intelligence solution in Asia.”

Expressing his views about the partnership, Sundar Bharadwaj, Managing Director, Afiniti said that their company was delighted to make its first foray in Asia through PTCL. He added, “Afiniti works with top telecom operators in Europe and North America. We are excited to be working with PTCL on this project. Big data and artificial intelligence are next gen solutions and PTCL is clearly at the forefront of embracing new technologies. We are looking forward to supporting and being part of PTCL’s journey as they help lead innovation in the country.”

  • Bhai itna paisa apnay current staff ko educate karnay main aur new technology ko adapt karnay main laga do tu internet acha ho jaye ga, Apna fiber aur submarine cable honay k bawajood ye haal hai internet service ka that means you guys lack in your infrastructure. Plus abhi tak baba-e-adam k zamanay ka system chal raha hai offices main line disconnect karwanay jao tu banday say dada k death certificate ki attested copy bhi maang lay.

  • I am an old user of PTCL but previous year I disconnected my connection due to extra taxes on bills. I switched to zong 4g, its service was good but its data package was not unlimited and due to no coverage of 4g in my area I again switched. This time I purchased mobilink 3g device. Again the same problem occured the data was less and coverage in my area was not good. Now I am rethinking to connect my PTCL connection. So I need some advice should I reconnect PTCL or should I go for another option.

    • No GPON/FTTH in your area? Or any cable internet? The only reason I’m reluctant to say to you to go with PTCL is that their service is highly unreliable.

      • No GPON/FTTH in my area is available and no cable internet. That’s why I have the last option only PTCL.

  • What about the fact that even after receiving the complaint the local exchange marks it resolved and no one ever visits or does anything about your complain?

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    • Chacha Affiniti owner is a Pakistani, Zia Chisti. Stop being another Zaid Hamid and Mubashar Luqman

      • Bhateje Who is Sunder Bhardwaj? If, you want further satisfaction I can unaskAdnan Shahid who has been appointed to please his father as a reward for the meritorious services rendered by his father being a judge of Sind High Court in favor of Etisalat. So you do not try to be Mr. Know It all by posing like a paid observer

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  • this is not location based routing. and its not that simple.correct your knowledge. If you go to their website and check their clients you would realize that the world is quite literate and doesn’t need to rely on your plugins..

    • chacha …. I am a telecom engineer having around a decade’s experience on asterisk, Avaya and CIsco voice. Jab aapko aik baat bata raha hun tau apni qabliyat ka suboot na dein. afiniti integrates with all those switches that is what ever the switch you are using in your call center afiniti can integrate with it and can do intelligent routing. If you have seen the video, aifiniti works for 15 minutes on and 15 minutes off and than they calculate the difference of revenue when afiniti was on or off.Avaya Cisco Genesys and ININ are not open source btw

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