The All New Suzuki Cultus 2017 Officially Launched in Pakistan

The wait is finally over and Suzuki has officially unveiled its latest family car for Pakistan. The already popular Cultus has received its first major upgrade in over 15 years and it comes on the heels of increasing competition in the market.

The car sports a new design, improved engine, extended interior space, passenger safety features, superior security and much more. The price, has received a slight hike too.

Pak-Suzuki’s Managing Director, Hirofumi Nagao, says;

This car has been manufactured considering the growth and demand by Pakistani consumers. From development and production, I would like to thank PS vendors, workers and Suzuki Motors Japan in making Cultus dream a reality.

“The company is proud of its 50 percent market share in Pakistan and its 35 year history with the country”, said Suzuki’s Global Managing Officier, Kinji Saito while making it clear the Pakistan holds great value for the Japanese car manufacturer.

Let’s get down to what the car offers and whether the New Cultus will be able to fill the shoes of its predecessor which managed to sell 244,000 units until now. Suzuki says the car will be available in two versions; one called the Cultus VXR while the other is the top-of-the-line VXL.


From the first glance, it’s clear that the new model bears no resemblance to the Cultus of old. In fact, the new Cultus is actually a renamed Celerio.

The new car has a much bolder design and looks like a modern city car. However, the hatchback has plenty to offer and looks vastly superior to its aged predecessor. The new design is a welcome change.

Cultus 2017 sports fog lights and alloy rims. To top it all of the car comes in seven color options:

  • Pearl Red
  • Cerulean Blue
  • Sand Beige
  • Graphite Gray
  • Silky Silver
  • Super Pearl Black
  • White


The interior is completely different from the older Cultus. Despite lesser width, the new model offers 254 litees of boot space.


Central door locking, adjustable side mirrors, built-in multimedia Bluetooth connectivity are some of the new features.

The backlit speedometer is nice addition as well. The higher end VXL edition gets all the top end features for some extra cash.

Engine & Performance

Brand new Cultus comes with a K Series K10B 12 valve 3 cylinder 1,000CC engine and 5 speed manual transmission with front wheel drive. Power steering is a standard feature available across both variants.

With the new engine, Suzuki aims to offer better fuel efficiency and improved torque delivery. New transmission should also aid in fuel economy, easier gear shifts and reduced noise in the car cabin.

Expect 50kW of output at 6,000RPM and 90Nm of torque at 3,500RPM.

Safety & Security

Suzuki Cultus 2017 comes with keyless entry and an immobilizer as a standard in both versions. However, VXL gets 2 SRS airbags and ABS brakes by default whereas VXR offers them as optional upgrades.

Seatbelts and rear seat child locks are standard as well.

Price & Availability

The 5-seater family car isn’t exactly cheap but considering how much a Mehran costs, the new Cultus isn’t the worst in terms of price for performance ratio. The two variants will come with the following price tags while optional features will cost extra:

  • Cultus 2017 VXR – Rs. 1,250,000
  • Cultus 2017 VXL – Rs. 1,391,000

By default, all vehicles will come with the standard 3 year or 60,000km warranty (whichever expires first).

Suzuki’s latest family car will be available at all of its dealerships immediately. Those who want to test drive the car can do so by visiting any of Suzuki’s 3S dealerships.

With this car, Suzuki is hoping to weather the onslaught of imported cars that have taken over the Pakistani market. Has it done enough? Let us know in the comments below!

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    • People still buy yeah, people who only believe on the lable and not the product are still going to buy this!

      • I bought the FAW V2 2.5 years ago when the total sale of it was 250 cars. Now they are approaching 5000 sale. I have to say, I have made a great decision. The car has given me no issues expect minor hiccups here and there. Driven it 30,000KM so far and haven’t noticed any of the pathetic issues that come with locally manufactured/ assembled cars. The only downside perhaps is resale but since I am going to keep the car for at least 5 years, I am not really worried about it. In short here are the goodies:

        Total Cost 1.1 million including registrations
        Comes with AC, Audio, Airbag, Safety Beams, Child Lock, Immobilizer, auto lock
        Comes with Electronic power steering, power windows, ABS, EBD
        Comes with alloy rims and original hankook tyres which are amazing even after 30k mil
        Mileage is around 14km/l without AC and 12.5km/l with AC and around 18km/l on long
        Top speed(I dont drive fast) was 160km/h which I hit on the motorway


        There is a whistling sound at high speeds, something to do with gaps in door design
        In case of spare parts, you have to wait since they are imported from China
        Resale of the car is still building up
        Only available in Manual(doesn’t matter to me though, I prefer manuals)

        • It’s delightful whenever I meet a fellow owner of this brilliant car.. Great to know that you are enjoying the ride as much as I do..

  • Too little.. too late.. Suzuki is dying a slow and painful death because of its policies and rightly so..1,391,000.. I wonder who who would spend 1.4 million on a Suzuki.. With the same old AC Buttons like 15 years ago..

    • It is offering EBD, SRS airbags, alloy rims pre installed in VXL.. These are not offered by Honda CIty

      • Honda life is offering ABS Alloy rims SMS Airbags too.. Not sure about EBD.. 660 cc engine.. And 18 km avg.. Costs 9 to 10 Lacs… For apples to apples comparison.. This car is not even comparable to Honda city

    • You ll be surprised at the number of people who would buy this car. If our people can get brand new Mehran, then why not this ;)

  • koi pagal he hoga jo toyota passo ko chor kr ye cultus le ga even k 1.4M me achi bhali city mil jani hai , pagal ho gaye hain suzuki wale bc

    • 10 lac is enough for vxl if a parson afford 1.4 lac he can afford 1.6 for honda city

  • How does this have Bluetooth and Alloy Rims when even the 20 lakh Ciaz doesn’t have it?

  • Everything’s gud abt this car… But Suzuki needs to learn that safety remains a basic and essential feature which shudnt be variant specific. Life of all passengers are worth taking care of. Shud have launched just one variant vxl with all features at vxr price and it wud still have earned Suzuki the deal they are looking for in market.

    • You are absolutely right. The company that thinks that safety feature in a car should only be added at additional cost to the customer is not even worth bothering spending your hard earned money on! Piece of junk Cultus continues to be overpriced death trap!

  • Pakistan Local Car Standrad
    “Seatbelts and rear seat child locks are standard as well”

  • Suzuki profit is going down, so take less margin and increase sales by reducing price

  • CULTUS VXL 1391000 Price is too high. I think better options are available in the market.

  • Suzuki will keep cheating & making more profit (by selling Celerio under Cultus brand), till they face real challenge from new car manufacturers, than they will reduce prices. Hope to see Datsun Go / Go+, Renault, Kia…soon on our roads

  • close