uTorrent is Coming to Your Web Browser

The hugely popular Bitorrent client uTorrent boasts 150 million active monthly users. It is preferred for downloading large files over the internet with efficient peer-to-peer networks.

Now a web-only version of the popular downloading utility is in the works and will be released with a bunch of new features.

In a recent interview with TorrentFreak, BitTorrent creator and owner Bram Cohen said promised updates for the company and uTorrent.

Tried and Tested Products Only

Former Bitorrent CTO Ro Choy has come back to the company and has been reinstated as its CEO. The company will be focusing on products that have worked in the past (like uTorrent). Cohen said,

The plan is to consolidate the business and focus on revenues. We have actually a fair amount of expertise in client application advertising, which is kind of a pain to do. So leverage that and bring that to other applications as well. We’re also taking the opportunity here to actually clean up our client experience. So, from a product standpoint, the new revision of uTorrent is going to run in the user’s default browser. That’s just a nicer experience.

The Death of Maelstrom

Reminiscent of another one of BitTorrent Inc’s project (Maelstrom), the new uTorrent will be able to stream torrents directly from the browser. The Maelstrom browser showed promise but was killed off by the company.

Explaining the details behind this Cohen mentioned that,

What came of Maelstrom is that Jeremy just decided not to ship Maelstrom because he thought he had some genius idea that would be so much better. And he is so utterly incompetent at doing product he couldn’t even put together an actual product out of it and just killed the whole project.

It might work like a browser extension as the BitTorrent owner said that uTorrent will work with your own browser instead of shipping with a new one.

Slow and Steady

BitTorrent Inc. is also being cautious about updating the client. Bram adds,

We’re very, very sensitive. We know people have been using uTorrent for a very long time and love it. So we’re very, very sensitive to that and gonna be sure to make sure that people feel that it’s an upgrade that’s happening. Not that we’ve just destroyed the experience.

They are going to roll out the new version for beta users and get feedback on that. Once they feel like the feedback is good enough, they will release the new version publicly.

Via TorrentFreak

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