Stay Healthy: Natural Ways of Boosting Your Immune System

The immune system in our bodies is often underestimated by common people. It is like a goalkeeper in a soccer match. When every player in a football match fails to stop the opponent, it is up to the goalkeeper to stop them.

A good immune system will abolish the need to use medication and treatment in cases of mild to intermediate diseases, infections, and allergies.

Although there are tons of practices through which one can boost their immune system, but very few sources inform you about the natural ways by which you can achieve this objective. If you are in search for those natural methods, this article is for you.

The Immune System

Instead of having a centralized headquarters in a human body, the immune system is a collection of multiple organs, including thymus gland, bone marrow, tonsils, spleen, and lymphatic system. The effectiveness of this network depends highly on cells produced by the bone marrow and thymus gland, called lymphocytes, and antibodies.

The immune system has different functions at different stages of human life. Starting from the beginning, the natural immune system is boosted by breastfeeding the baby. This immunity then ages and turns into acquired immunity.

Acquired immunity is when the immune system starts covering more-and-more organs of your body and protects them. A bonus boost of immunity is called vaccine-induced immunity. Vaccine-induced immunity is caused by injecting augmentation chemicals to the body which makes the immune system capable of fighting specific infections.

It is an established fact that consumption of drugs results in a decline of the effectiveness of the immune system as a side effect. With each decline, your body’s immune system will be less capable, and you will have to rely on drugs more than ever. Some common illnesses are over exaggerated by people and are taken care of instantly, without knowing the disastrous side effect.

The good news is that you can boost your immune system with easy, natural remedies.

For instances, think high temperature. The high temperature is the indication that immune system is churning its mill very effectively. Ingesting drugs to cool down the temperature will suppress this effectiveness of the immune system and you will be more prone to falling ill in the future.

Another instance is when someone tries to eliminate a runny nose. You should know all the toxic waste is thrown out through the nose. Using drugs to dry up a running nose before the toxic waste is completely dumped will have serious effects for your immune system.

What kind of viruses and allergies are you permitting to enter your body without resistance once you cause the decline of your immune system? The list is quite huge: back-to-back cold, urinary tract infections, unexplained stress buildup, weariness, illness due to weather change, these are only the highlighted items.

Got the lesson? Now, there are three very easy to follow steps, which can boost your immune system. The three steps involve basic factors of how you live your life, including your thinking, your diet, how you nurture your body, and what medications you prefer.

1. Improve your Nutrition with Natural Foods

Talking about nutrition, the first step you should take is getting as close to natural food as possible. Whole-wheat products, brown rice, fruits right from the orchard, home-cooked vegetable are all natural and should do well to increase your health. The problem with processed and refined food is that synthetic preservatives are introduced to it in order to keep them consumable for longer periods of time.

These preservatives eliminate the natural composition of healthy minerals in those foods and might even add a dangerous mix of nutrients that are unwanted in our body. Refined white flour loses its true nutritional potential because the wheat germ and husk are cast aside during its refining.

Same goes for refined sugar (large deposits found in caffeinated beverages), diets involving high amounts of refined sugar will inevitably lead to obesity and then to heart diseases, diabetes and much more. Drinking green tea with pure honey as a sweetener is an amazingly healthy package which regularly boosts your immune system and helps burning process of your body’s fats.

Fruits and Vegetables work wonders for your immune system. Processed food items and refined sugar don’t help.

Eating fruits is a great way to boost health with absolutely no side-effects. Citrus, berries, kiwi fruit, tomatoes, and oranges for instance, have plenty of vitamin C. Choose your favorite and eat one or two every day.

Tomatoes, watermelons, guavas, and grapefruit are popular fruits containing lycopene. Lycopene is a special nutrient whose direct effect is that it boosts the immune system. Lycopene’s effect can sometimes be strong enough to protect the body against cancer. Quercetin and resveratrol, important phytochemicals are great fighters against cancer and are found in grapes (more in red grapes than white grapes).

On the other hand, colon cancer, breast cancer, and intestinal polyps are fought off by cruciferous vegetables like cabbage, cauliflower, and watercress. These vegetables are known to pack an effective phytochemical that can deactivate cancer cells and let the immune system flush them out from the roots.

Eating garlic products is also quite good for your immune system. Garlic makes your immune system capable of fighting off fungi and viral infections. Your immune system will also be able to minimize inflammations and your blood circulation will also be boosted, all thanks to garlic.

2. Move Around Often

Food is not the only thing that can boost your immunity. The lymphatic system is a very important part of the immune system which collects toxins and dead cells from your body and processes them inside lymph nodes. The lymph nodes also filter out the lymphatic fluid from chunks of toxin and dead cells so that the fluid doesn’t damage the bloodstream when it goes back.

Now that you have understood how lymph network works, you should know what affects operation of the lymph network. Leading a sedentary life causes means you don’t move as much as you need to. This is a recipe for disaster because the stationary state of muscles motivates buildup of toxin and dead cells around them. This stagnation remains even when the lymphatic fluids arrive to sweep the area.

To avoid having a body full of toxins that damage everything around them, it’s important to at least have two hobbies that have you moving around pretty often. Moving requires a lot of processing power. Your brain has to keep track of direction, balance, the road ahead, and a lot of such things.

Hence, generally the body become more active and its systems become more effective when you’re exercising or doing an activity where your muscles are constantly expanding and contracting. The effect will be noticeable and you will end up feeling lively and happy overall.

3. Banish Things That Cause You Stress

So, by this time you have an idea that in something as complex as a human body, everything has got something to do with everything. If you still doubt that fact, you will be surprised to hear that emotional and physical stress also impacts the effectiveness of the immune system.

So if you are experiencing a negative emotion like stress or anger or sadness, it has a detrimental effect on your immune system. On the flip side, positive emotions like joy, contentment and happiness are good for your immune system.

Have you ever heard that one smile increases one hour of your total lifetime? Well the numbers may be a little off but it is true in essence; being happy helps your immune system by increasing the number of antibodies in your blood.

    • sadly, fruits and vegetables arent strong enough to keep body safe like before, there r ppl who you try lots of remedies, but only antibiotics works. n yes, they are terrible but only solution to many.

  • WTH? This isnt a news article. Its health related and only qualified medical professionals should be allowed.

      • My bad. Either I didnt see DR. in your name or you edited later. Problem is there’s a lot of medical info online thats either incorrect or half correct. Nice article btw.

  • Sadly these days people of urban areas are leading a totally unnatural way of life.
    They prefer driving to walk even for a short distance.
    Their life have become dangerously sedentary and out of nature.
    Not to mention the adulterated and unhygienic food.

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