Faisal Motors Launches Premium Business Bus Service at Same Price

After the introduction of Premium Bus Service on the Islamabad-Lahore route, Faisal Movers has announced the launch of yet another service that is geared towards offering more comfort and luxury – Business Class Bus Service.

There are a lot of resemblance between both but the latter focus more on the comfort of the passengers and has some additional features.

The new service doesn’t come with enhanced charges, we have confirmed with After confirming with Faisal Movers. Departure of each bus is scheduled after every half an hour and the fare is exactly the same – Rs. 900.

The launch of the Business Service is essential, seeing how Faisal Movers moves in to enhance its reputation as a premium transportation services provider. The move is widely aimed at addressing its repution, which has been deteriorating in recent years.


Moving towards the specifications of the Business Class service, the sources claim that the bus is much more comfortable and has some additional features which include:

  • Bigger Bus
  • Recliner Seats
  • Phone Charging Facility
  • High-Speed Internet Connection
  • Dedicated Screens with VOD
  • Economical Fare

Here is a comprehensive look at the Business Class Bus:

Image Credits: Ahmad Raza

Zarar is the Editor of Sports and Auto section and heads the Branded Content as well.

  • Armaghan

    really??? only 900

  • Haider Ali


  • akhtar ali haider

    very good service looking in pic.

  • Hassan Zaib

    what are its routes?
    means location from where it will go?

  • Saif

    Do they have phone reservation? Or better, online booking and e-ticketing?

  • saleem shaikh

    seats look comfortable & relaxing, does they go on GT road as well??? serious shortage of decent buses on GT route Rawalpindi to lahore

  • Haider

    It’s “Faisal Movers” not “Faisal Motors”. PP Please proof read the article before publishing.

    • Masumi


  • Correction (In Title): Faisal Movers not Faisal Motors :) . It confused me after seeing thumbnail view and title.

  • Pls correct title “Faisal Motors” …. :P

  • Mustansar Altaf

    Text Faisal Mover is Photoshoped .

    • FuriousNinja

      You are right lol.

  • Faisal Ashfaq

    Not launched yet! They are saying it will be launched in 2,3 days.

  • Mohsin Mahesar

    why no service for sukkur to karachi i mean for sindh. kya pakistan sirf panjab me hi hai

    • Talal

      پہلے تم لوگ بھٹو سے جان چھڑا لو جو ابھی تک زندہ ہے

      • Tahreem Jatoi

        And u people should get rid of that panama too I reckon…
        Warna buses hi aaengi nothing else.

    • Tahreem Jatoi

      There will be such services for sindh as well but for feudals only and unfortunately will be active for an year or so.
      Phir tou un buses k tyres bhi sale kardain gay yeh log…sobs

    • NoOne

      Businessmen invest for Profit, not for Charity, if they see profit in a route they will invest in it.

    • @mohsinmahesar:disqus No one is stopping businessmen of Sindh and Balochistan to start their similar services. A businessman is under no obligation to serve more than what it deems suitable to sustain its business. This is not GOVERNMENT OF PAKISTAN that every blame and senseless comments start pouring in from all corners. This is ridiculous. Faisal Movers doesn’t operate beyond Bahawalpur so it doesn’t cover entire Punjab and it doesn’t have to until it deems the routes fit and of course, they secure license/NOCs for those regions.

      I would have loved similar service for Karachi to anywhere so we could try this as well but the fact remains that when Daewoo started operations in Sindh, it had male stewards just after Sadiqabad to Karachi. Roads are pretty bad, there is no decent service areas in Sindh. This is not responsibility of the Govt. of Noora league or anyone else. If a businessman from the same region doesn’t care about its own people to start offering good service, you have little to object to others based on racism and ethnicity.

      • NoOne

        Fully agree with you!

  • Nizar Mecklai

    An excellent development. Passengers should be educated to use the facility with care and ensure avoidance of Paan chewing and spitting, writing on the furniture, bringing food and eating and/or spilling on the bus.

  • Farah Khan

    Only panjab????

    • NoOne

      No its not Only in Punjab, its between Federal Capital Islamabad and Provincial Capital Lahore. Which is the most busy and profitable route.

      Businessmen invest for Profit, not for Charity, if they see profit in a route they will invest in it.

  • Farah Khan

    Avelible in peshawar or not??

  • Fahad J

    its Faisal Movers, not Moters , please update article headline.

    • Haha, nicely pointed out.. That was 4 days ago and title is still the same..
      Seems they do not care to read comments.

  • Uzair Asim

    Awesome.<3 Hope they launch it for other cities as well.

  • Muhammad Sharif Cheema

    OMG!…I can’t believe, outstanding bus with great material…same price…?

  • Ali

    addressing its repution

    *addressing its reputation

  • Timka

    pure crap.. when called they claim not having any schedule of the ‘new bus that leaves every 1/2 hr’. They want you to buy regular bus ticket and wish your luck to find this bus mentioned in the misleading article.

  • Hussan Raza

    Fare is 1300/- PKR

  • Zain Nauman

    This is cheating. The Fare is 1300 not 900. Please revise.