PEMRA Bans Cartoon Aired on Nickelodeon Over Questionable Material

On 27th April, Nickelodeon broadcast a cartoon series based on the popular folk tale ‘The Emperor Has No Clothes’ which had questionable material in it.

According to PEMRA, they received complaints from parents due to which the prompt action was taken against the cartoon. Parents were shocked at the content which aired in the show and complained to the electronic media watchdog, after which an action was taken after investigation.

PEMRA also stated that viewing of such content is against the religion and the ethical code. Moreover, it can have a devastating effect on younger minds in the longer run.

This isn’t the first instance of its kind though. Last time PEMRA were faced with such a situation, the questionable cartoon show was banned for an entire year.

The channel has been asked to respond to PEMRA and may need to adhere to one of the following penalties:

  • According to Section 29, pay a fine of Rs. 1 million
  • According to Section 30, landing right issues will be suspended or revoked

Here is the notice which was released by PEMRA:

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  • Khawaja Saad Rafique jaisy cartoon bgair kisi ban k on air ho jaty hai emperor pa padandi lg jati hai….

    • Man come with your real name. Why you invite abuses from others for this person ? Can you accept abuses for your father ?

    • Tahir uncle ap aram karo aur Red bull piyo aur theek ho kar Pakistan aao election aane wale hain next year, formality poori kar k wapis Canada ja kar aaram karen ?

    • I strongly protest to propk admin for using this name as someone’s id. And I will continue to protest until the use of this name as someone’s id is stopped.

    • One of the worst and stupid movies ever made. It has nothing but euphemisms about sex. And that stupid actor who americans praise IDK for what. His script is always meh. Not a single laugh. Remember This Is The End? Another stupid movie.

  • Similar cartoons and movies are playing on Iflix and are against the values of Islam. Please ban Iflix completely.

  • Imagine living in a time when authorities ban underwear for not having pants on…… Oh wait.. :)

  • An Incompetent authority. It looks like its been meant only to ban stuff not to devise any good policies, amendments and decisions. A bad penny always turns up.

  • puhleease … people watch all sorts of screwed up X X X categories and you’re banning cartoons

    stop being figurative muslims and try to grasp the grass roots of this imbecilic moral dilemma plaguing your unremarkable skulls !

  • The guy who sees Prophet Muhammad SAW in his dreams and states weird things happening in the said dream, ‘acha mje ticket lado falan sheher Janay k liay’ nauzbillah, I don’t think that guy is necessarily ‘honorable’. Allah knows best.

    • Allah nay andha or behra to paida ni kya na? Anyways it is useless to argue with you but these are not baseless objections. Just search on youtube and you ll find countless videos of him saying some very questionable things especially the dreams about Holy Prophet SAW. If someone does this in public then I don’t really care about his countless translations and whatnot. Andhi tkleed achi ni hoti. You seem like a follower of him so you wont understand because you wouldn’t even dare to get out of the box.

      • Dude don’t argue with him. He is brainwashed puppet. Qadri followers are known to be high class idiots. Qadri created new group in brelvi sect and have links with international shady politicans. Qadri wants to become Khalifa like that Iran khomeini.

      • And don’t even get me started on his dreams and his retarded followers doing “sajda” to him. You can only do sajda to ALLAH alone, no one else. Its blasphemy.

      • What ever he is , you mean this puedo-id is justified ?
        You should visit links above . All the youtube edited videos are answered there including dreams . You have not bothered to even open those links. My whole point is his name should not be used by someone as his psuedo-id who don’t like him . He wants to invite abuses for Dr Qadri . For that purpose he should use any of his elder’s name .

        • I actually opened that link and upon reading the so called justification about his so called dreams, I closed it. The absurdity of those dreams … Have you even watched any video? Does your heart actually agrees that he might have seen those dreams? Anyway, let us leave this matter between him and Allah and if he’s lying, Allah will deal with him.

          On the other hand, I didn’t say I promote or justify the use of any ‘pseudo-id’ for any personality whatsoever. Nobody should use somebody else’s name to defame him or anything. It was the word ‘honorable’ which you used that I didn’t like, subjectively.

          To each to his own, but we should keep an open mind about our so called scholars because the one sign of End Times is also this that they ll misguide the Ummah. Some people can twist the words so beautifully and with utmost skill that mostly anyone can believe them, if you know what I mean. Anyways may Allah guide all of us.

  • our neighbour countey has its own local version cartoon. motu patlu. jo k indian nick py on air hota h. we should also make our lo al content.

    • Phle to shak tha ab to wakai me akal s paidal lgte ho. Phle dhk to lo k ks ksm k cartoons the.

      • Yar Badar, Salman Haider & eli ehsan, these three are unofficial retards of this PP comments area. So TBH don’t bother with these three “maskaray”.

  • لگتا ہے مذہب ہمارے پاکستانیوں کو رفتہ رفتہ 14 سو سال پرانے دور میں منتقل کرکے ہی چھوڑے گا.
    دنیا کہاں تک پہنچ گئی اور ہمارے لوگوں کی سوچ مسلسل پستی کا شکار ہے

  • PEMRA Should make Clear Cut Policies and Implement them Strictly on every type of Media rather than taking Action based on Pro Government Channels Group or Anti Government Channels Group type of Policies.

  • Why shame? All of TV is shame. Either watch it completely and don’t try to tell others that you are innocent, or stop watching it completely.

    • Apki hi kami thi bs. What the hell has happened to our youth’s mentality now a days. Either watch it completely or don’t watch altogether? Wah.

      • Zionist Hollywood use symbolism and special frequencies in its music, tvshows, movies cartoons, video games etc to attack subconscious mind of young children, to brainwash them and even hiring hypnotist as school teacher to hypnotize them and feed them that there is nothing wrong with the world and LGBT is normal and teach sex education to small kids.

      • Wth is your mentality flying?

        Bikni in cartoons is not ok for kids but pregnancy, semi nude tv contents in ads and dramas, hair removal cream ads, bath soap ads, love relationship talks, “I love you, let’s leave home”, how not to study in college but find new tricks for love relationships things are ok for your kids?

        • First of all, don’t assume things about others, ever. It will help you in the long run. Second of all, did I just say anywhere I’m alright with all of those things you mentioned? No I’m not. I equally hate all those stupid things and nobody in my home especially the little ones are allowed to watch these idiotic dramas/cartoons. Surely there are some good shows but they are in minority. The only problem I had was with your statement, ya to sb dhklo, ya kch na dhko. Are you high? Definitely not me.

          • I am still sticking to my statement. All of TV is either bad, or all of TV is not bad.
            You either watch it, or you don’t watch it.

            You can’t always control your kids what they don’t watch.

  • He’s right, matlab level tu hain banday ka, jab bhi sardi zada parti hai canada mein, tu pakistan ajata hai pasay kamanay kay liye, you need to be learned to be that. Theek hai ghatiya insan hai, theek hai religion kay naam par khoob paisa kamata hai, theek hai logo ko pagal banata hai, theek hai laal topi phen lay tu bilkol aik laal topi wala bander aka zaid hamid ke lagay ga, where was i again?

      • Acha Manzoor bhai mujhe eik baat ap sachi sachi bataye ke agar Dr. Qadri saheb ache insan hai aur Pakistan ke fiker hai toh phir wapas canada kiyon gaye? apne stand se peeche kiyon hatte?

        • Wo international level k scholar hain aur un ki islamic tanzeemaat 90 se zaid mamalik main hain . unhain doosray mamalil main bhi international conferences aur tanzeemi programs main shirkat karni parti hay . 9/11 k baad Pakistan main rehtay huway saal main kai baar doosray mamalik ka visa khas tor par western countries say lena bohot mushkil hota hay is liay west main rehtay huway visa lena ziada asaan hay.
          Canada main rehtay huway unhon ne 30 volumes par mushtamil Ahadees ka majmooa “Minhaj as Sawi ” smait sainkron kitabain tarteeb di hain ( ) , Is liay beroon e mulk rehna research work k lihaz se bhi ziada suitable hay . Kion k andoon e mulk unhain rozana ki bunyad par itni ziada mulaqatain karni parti hain aur programs ki dawat milti hay k yaksuwee k saath research work nahin kia ja sakta . pakistan main inqilabi jiddojahad to 2012 se shuru ki hay . Wo canada main 2005 se research work kar rahay hain aur international visits aur conferences main shirkat kar rahay hain .

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