Honda Launches the CB 150F Motorcycle in Pakistan

At an event held at Emporium Mall, Lahore, Atlas Honda revealed its latest 150cc motorcycle, the Honda CB 150F.

The CB 150F combines a sleek design, numerous security features and more for those who are looking for a bike that balances performance and looks.

The Honda CB 150F motorbike is available from today and will cost around Rs. 159,000.

New features in the CB 150F include:

  • Turbo Engine Technology
  • High-Performance Self Start System
  • 5-speed constant mesh, noncyclic transmission
  • Maintenance-free powerful backup battery
  • Die casted Z Section Spokes alloy rims

There are a number of security features included in the bike as well:

  • Magnetic ignition protection (ensures that only the original key works)
  • Front disc brake
  • Car type speedometer visibility
  • Strong tail protection
  • Protective chain guide system

Here’s a list of specifications for the CB 150F:

At the event, General Manager of Plants at Atlas Honda, Afaq Ahmed said that after Honda’s recent plant expansion, the company’s factory can churn out 1.35 million units annually. Previously, the company could only produce 920,640 units annually.

Mr. Ahmed also added,

Atlas Honda has always pioneered the efforts to bring technology and employment to the country as a part of Atlas Group’s philosophy. Our claim is amply supported with localization of complex components like clutch, CDI unit, Regulator Rectifier, Ignition coil and many others.

Continuing the tradition we have started project for localization of carburetor assembly as well. Within a year’s time Insha Allah we are hopeful to achieve the goal. Our aim is to bring top notch technology to the country with a resolve to pass on its benefit finally to Pakistani customer.

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    • No buddy, Yamaha YBR 125 is not comparable with 150 Bikes, its like comparing apples with oranges. you have to compare 125 with 125 bikes.

        • Kaha Gaya Yamaha ka 150?yamaha really lost the chance to come up with first brand new design 150 cc .honda will beat them really bad now .

      • Comparing apples with bigger apples. That’s the only difference in those two segments.

      • I think competition will be between YBR125 and CB150F. As they both are Sporty looking. GS150 is crap now a days. Very poor quality with very high price tag.

          • It is looking really nice brother.

            Apart from topic I think elders were right when they used to say, “Eik Jagah baar jaany se izat km hoti hai”. Many people are disrespecting for this reason.

      • Really? I didn’t know that 125cc bikes are mules while 150cc bikes are rocket-ships…!
        It’s just a 25cc engine displacement difference, brother… I don’t know what you’re talking about…
        The 150 will have ‘slightly’ better torque characteristics, nothing more, nothing less…

        • yea, that slightly difference make a huge impact.
          just like you can’t compare 100cc bikes with 125cc.

          • Brother you are giving wrong examples. It is not Orange vs Apple. Both YBR125 and Honda CB150F have more in common than PS 150 or CG125. Yeah they may be different in cc but rest is all comparable.

            Infact Comparison of CB150 F and Suzuku 150 is like comparing Orange and Apple. I don’t which one is apple and which one is orange. But they only have one thing common that they both are fruit or bikes but nothing else.

            And again we talking about sporty bikes in Pakistan with good looks and better tech. So we should stop here.

    • Thank you YBR for opening eyes of AHL. :) their this CB150F is inspired by YBR125.

    • Brother now you are Expecting too much. Thank God that AHL has launched something new. Otherwise with current AHL trend I was expecting some 150 cc dream type bike. Due to Yamaha they have come ti their senses. I wish now Yamaha Launch 150cc Bike soon. They have already launched anti CG bike. It makes competition good for Poor people of Pakistan whom AHL have been looting for decades with same old Obsolete CG/CD Crap.

      • Suzuki Gd110 and new Yamaha 125z are competing well with decades old Honda 125 series. Honda is feeling the heat and will soon improve or ditch 125 deluxe model.

        • Yes Yamaha is competing with deluxe and CG125 but Suzuki? No boye. Suzuki GD110 is highly over prices.

            • May be you are talking about international model. In Pakistan Suzuki has reduced the quality. When it is launched in the beginning, it was a good bike in like 98k. RIght? Yehi qeemat thi naan tb? But then they decided to screw things up by upping the price and reducing the quality. Now the same model costs 120k with reduced quality. Of course you will first think of YBR125 or Deluxe before buying this bike. Mostly people buy suzuki due to their installment policy is easy. I think. It is all my point of view. it is not a decision just a point of view. I am looking forward to you to give me some good things about gd110/gs110s. Youtube reviews are not good enough.

              • Well, I have bought this bike in 130,500 through bank financing. Quality is great just like previous imported model GD110HU. Traveling with family on this bike doesn’t looks “odd”. The most liked things for me are great electronics, dipper switch, headlight is comparable to corolla and modern carrier which can be used as seat extension (if family is sizable), alloy rims, extremely low vibrations and noise and surely the electric start option.

                • YBR125 has all these qualities but only one thing Pillion riding is really odd with females.
                  And again 130K? is it GD110s? Don’t you think it is overpriced for a 110cc? Oh it is HU… Brother You have paid a lot for this bike. But considering you bought it on installments I think Suzuki was the only option for you. Like already told suzuki gives easy installment.

                  • Its GD110s on bank finance (not Suzuki finance). Bought it since YBR was not suitable for family and CG125 Deluxe is too old.

    • No mono shock no digital meter no gear indicator no rear disc thin
      tyre 9.1:1 compression ratio 160,000 price tag etc but thanks to yamaha
      something is better then nothing at lest they r on right path nano
      meter by nano meter they will achieve ours expectation :)
      and I ain’t buying it either. “mere pass itne paise hi nhe hain” :(

    • Criticizing for the sake of criticism is not good thing. Will you pay for that? Even if you are able to pay for such bikes then you should know that most of Pakistani Awam can not pay for such bikes.

      • True but if your budget is above hundred thousand then you have lot of good options to pick now. For us CG125 is not end of world now.

            • Then buy what you like. Leave this cheap bike for poor people of Pakistan. I am happy at least they have started caring about people of Pakistan after decades.

              • are you really that dumb enough to think they actully give a fuck?

                Well, They don’t!
                From last 3 Decades there were only 3 4 companies and they were/are looting people.1980’s model’s for shitload of money but you know when the game changed?

                It was when the policies were changed and taxes to new coming companies were waved to get them to be in Pakistan! they did come to pakistan and started giving better quality stuff but for same price and when the market is being flooded with Suzuki’s bikes, Yamaha coming directly rather than giving its partnership is what made Honda get to fucking rethink about it, I am buying this bike in a week or so even now they are pathetic as fuck but i want to see if they really are giving what they are being paid for.

                Thanks to the Internet and people being educated they are not going to keep looting us because this is the year when they will have to keep their product on low price while high quality,

                Now if you agree good for you if you don’t, Well I don’t give a fuck xD :D ;)

  • local assembled hai ya manufactured hai ? itni menghi yaar.. itnka dimagh kharab hai ..

    • I think it is highly reasonable price considering the prices of other bikes. YBR125 costs 130K. So 160k for 1500c and almost same specs, looks and quality (Hopefully) is reasonable. On Alibaba same Bike is availble to 125k PKR in china. then this sounds ok. It could have been a little more affordable but yet it seems ok. Not as costly to get such reaction. I think k Local Assembled hi ho gi. I am not sure though.

  • Roads to proper hain nahi chalanay k liye 120 kmp… inko launch karnay se accidents he increase honge

  • old technology, no digital meters, no EFI, no hydraulic shocks , no back disc breaks, skinny tyres, good job honda, keep looting this stupid Nation as you have been since 1947

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