Scorching Heat Expected in Pakistan This Week

A report by the national weather forecast authority has stated that most areas of the country, especially the southern region, will face scorching heat tomorrow. These areas will particularly include Sindh, South and East Punjab.

The Pakistan Meteorological Department has said that increasingly higher temperatures are to be expected all over Pakistan during this week except for a few areas such as Makran, Kalat, Larkana, Rawalpinda, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Gilgit-Baltistan, Sargodha divisions, Kashmir, and FATA which will have some light showers.

Karachi will still have much lower temperatures at 35-37 degrees Celsius as compared to Lahore which will experience a maximum of 43 degrees Celsius.

The relevant department has taken to warning the people to take measures to successfully combat the onslaught of heat and dry weather.

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The highest temperatures in the southern region of the country were recorded at:

  • Dadu at 49 degrees,
  • Jacobabad at 48 degrees,
  • Sukkur at 48 degrees,
  • Larkana at 48 degrees,
  • Rahim Yar Khan at 48 degrees,
  • Bahawalnagar at 47 degrees
  • Khanpur at 47 degrees.

Note: All temperatures are measured in Celsius.

  • And we are solving load shedding with coal power plants. I wish we as nation could understand the situation we are in regarding carbon emission and effects it would have on our climate and economy.

    • Even if Pakistan shift to 100% cleaner energy the temperature will still rise due to our two neighbors India and China being the leading Coal Consumers in the world with 2.5 billion population combined.With India fulfilling 70% of its Energy needs with Thermal Plants.And China 80% respectively,Now thats a HUGE SHARE in world total consumption.Also World Coal Consumption is expected to increase till 2040s.
      For Pakistan it is compulsory to build Gas and Coal Power plants as we don’t have the funds to produce all of our Energy Shortfall(about 6000+MW) with Renewable Energy Sources.
      For the time being we could build and operate these Thermal power plants and if in the future our Economic conditions improve we could the phase them out with Solar and Wind plants
      Also the thermal power plants being built by China in Pakistan are the most Efficient Ones in the entire region, they fully comply with International Regulations and Safety and much cleaner than the old ones in the region

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