Following Backlash,’s Facebook Page Has Been Restored, a popular platform for local political news and discussions, had its Facebook page removed recently. The social media giant did not give a reason for the page’s removal according to Siasat PK administration.

The move resulted in a huge campaign over various social media platforms. imploring Facebook to restore the official page of Siasat PK at the earliest. Many famous personalities as well as social media users chimed in, expressing their support for free speech and requested Facebook to reverse its decision. Many people voiced suspicions that the government was behind the move.

However, better sense has prevailed and earlier today, Facebook restored the page. Siasat PK administration thanked its fans and supporters for standing behind it with the #WeSupportSiasatPK campaign.

Its still not clear if the pressure from social media users worked towards the restoration of the page or if it was an error on part of Facebook. Whatever might have been the case, in this era of fake news and rehashed content, platforms that focus on political developments (such as Siasat PK) face more challenges in disseminating their information.

Siasat PK has been known to be opposed to the current ruling party in Pakistan, leading many people to theorize that its anti-government position might have contributed to its suspension from Facebook in the first place.

All’s well that ends well though right?

  • Sorry to say, there is ZERO PER CENT chance that Facebook was pressured by anyone to allow Siasat posts.

    They simply do not have the power.

    This is a low quality fake news.

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