Webx Brings Cloud E-Commerce to Pakistan

In the growing E-Commerce market of Pakistan, businesses require a reliable technology, a robust solution, dedicated backend support and a presentable front-end where E-Commerce operations can be carried out securely and easily.

When a retail store owner plans to launch an online store, he looks for experienced developers – which can prove to be extremely costly depending on the experience and quality of the developer. Even if money is not a constraint, screening through CVs and keeping checks on developer’s progress is a tedious process.

This highlights the need for an automated system which can fully integrate and host websites without any hassle.

That is where Webx comes in with a complete managed solution, from online storefront to backend admin panel; everything gets in one place, affordable and ready-to-use for everyone.

What Is Webx?

Webx is a product of Decimalz; one of the first cloud E-Commerce platform in Pakistan, which is empowering businesses and individuals to start their own professional online retail stores with minimum effort required.

Currently, more than 300 businesses in Pakistan are using Webx to run their successful online stores, which includes popular tech stores like Computer Zone and Shing Point.

For businesses of all sizes, Webx offers a complete package of tools required to run a retail ecommerce business, which includes an online storefront (E-Commerce website), a backend admin panel, secure E-Commerce hosting, unlimited website themes and hundreds of powerful features; all available under one single platform.

According to Sheikh Imran, The Leather Factory:

Webx.pk is one of its kind in Pakistan. They have an exceptional ability to transform your online business plan into reality. Their online module is very user friendly and equipped with the latest features.

Moreover the customer support has been very responsive and helpful. I strongly recommend Webx.pk if you are looking to build an E-Commerce platform for yourself.

Waleed Masood and Imran Akbar, the founders of Decimalz, are very confident about their technology and they believe that this platform is playing a significant part in the growth of E-Commerce in Pakistan. With the rapid growth in E-Commerce and their continuous improving product, they are aiming to bring 5000+ businesses on board by the end of 2020.


A well designed storefront is crucial to online sales since it is the first thing which customers see. On Webx, the products are streamlined in such a manner that they don’t overwhelm the shopper with information.

Webx offers free and modern-looking themes in 22 different categories, which lends a huge help to people starting unique ventures and setting up their online stores. Similarly, when talking about the layout, Webx has various options the store owner can choose from.

Compared to other outlet stores, Webx provides a much simpler interface which is easy to access.

Features & Integration

Webx provides a very flexible platform not only to store owners, but web designers and developers as well, who can create E-Commerce websites for their clients, hence creating more business opportunities and cuts down development time and cost for freelancers and web agencies.

Here are few of the Webx’s features and highlights, which places it on top of other E-Commerce solutions available in market.

    • Free online setup and trial
    • On click activation & configuration
    • Securely hosted
    • Automated data backups
    • Design flexibility
    • Feature rich admin panel
    • Integrated payment solutions
    • Technical maintenance & 24/7 support
    • Affordable monthly pricing
    • Easier than WordPress

Since an online store is much more than just order forms and inventory pages, Webx enables the admins to set up Zopim live chat on the website to respond to customer queries.

Moreover, it also comes with Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics integration out of the box.

Ease of Use

Webx makes it easy for users to get their online store up and running. The process is simple and it takes about 2 minutes to complete. Depending on the store name users select, a customized URL is created, which can further be mapped on any custom domain owned by the store owner.

Once the store URL is created, the users are redirected to the Admin page where they have various options such as:

  • Configure store settings
  • Choose website theme
  • Add categories & products
  • Choose payment options for customers
  • Configure shipping methods

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Payment Methods & Shipping Calculator

Various local and international payment methods are available in Webx and can be activated through a single click. Integrated payment methods include Easy Pay, Keenu, Amazon Payment, 2CheckOut, CCNow, Moneris, and PayPal.

For shipping price setup, a Shipping Calculator is available which enables store owners to configure and manage shipping prices for any region in the world, against multiple courier services.

Customer Experience & Payments

The shopping cart software is seemingly worthless if the customers find it difficult to find products and pay for them.

The experience with Webx is much similar to what you may have experienced with Daraz.pk or other top-of the-line online stores in Pakistan; clean and straightforward.

Pricing & Packages

Webx offers a 14-day free trial, which enables the small businesses to set up an actual store and test their sales and transactions before committing to the software.

Starting from as low as Rs. 950/month, the company offers four packages as part of their standard offering:

  1. Basic                  Rs. 950 / month
  2. Professional     Rs. 1,950 / month
  3. Business           Rs. 2,950 / month
  4. Ultimate           Rs. 4,950 / month

Note: Web Hosting is included in each package and there are no hidden charges. 

Webx is something that will be truly appreciated by people who understand how tough it is to set up an E-Commerce store. It’s an all-in-one E-Commerce solution for your online store which doesn’t even require extensive technical know-how.

Webx is a paid solution but compared with how it can streamline your business and take out a lot of the hassle, it just might turn out to be a bargain for you.

The article was commissioned by Webx under our Editorial Sponsorship program

  • sounds promising… such solutions are needed to support small and medium sized businesses to go online with minimum investment

  • Cloud ecommerce is already popular in us, uk with platforms like shopify and bigcommrce. Good to see a platform developed by a pakistani company.

  • Rs. 950/month for an online store is a quite reasonable deal, hope there is no hidden charges.

  • Micro businesses and self employment are one of the major contributors to the economic growth and stability of the country. Platforms like Web-X can empower individual entrepreneurs and break the barrier of huge capital expenditures in order to start a business.

  • They should at least make their website secure, no SSL. I wouldn’t be using until data is transmitted securely.

  • Now a days where entrepreneurship is encouraged in our society. Webx bring something in budget. An online business solution which is as economical as a Student can became a entrepreneur.
    Good product with budgeted price !
    Good work Webx, Keep it up !

  • Seems like a affordable solution to any new comer or existing business. Should be better compared to other online store builders rather than hosting providers.

  • So happy to see such development being made in the IT sector, which should ultimately contribute in the economic growth in Pakistan.
    Good luck guys!

  • I just signed up and got my website on a subdomain of webx.pk, which is fine. Can I use my own domain on my website on webx?

    • @ayaz yes your own domain can be configured for your site on webx, with a simple dns setting. I hope webx support team could help.

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