HinoPak Motors Nets Rs. 1.11 Billion Profit in Current Fiscal Year

Hinopak Motors – the country’s largest truck and bus-maker – has posted a net profit of Rs1.11 billion for the year ended against Rs1.11 billion in the corresponding period the previous year. It has reported no variance at all.

Earnings per share (EPS) of the company improved to Rs 90.31 against Rs 89.78 in the same period.

Volumes of trucks and buses in 10 months of FY17 grew by 42% and 19% YoY respectively. HINO’s trucks sales increased by 25% YoY whereas buses sales dropped by 5% YoY during the same period.

Overall revenue earned by the company was Rs 22,477,498 with a net profit of 1.11 billion.

The company has announced a final cash dividend of 677.73 % (Rs67.73 per share) for the year ended March 31, 2017.

After the announcement of the financial result, resultantly the script lost -5% on the intraday trading and now it is currently being traded at Rs 1592 in KSE 100 index.

Hinopak Motors Limited assembles, manufactures and markets world renowned Hino diesel trucks and buses in Pakistan. The Company has held the top position in the domestic market for medium and heavy-duty vehicles

It is a listed company on the Karachi bourse with 89% majority shareholding of Hino Japan. With over 60,000 vehicles on the road, Hinopak has gained a 48% market share, making it the largest manufacturer in the medium and heavy-duty truck and bus industry in Pakistan.

  • I’m a shareholder and frankly speaking while every other auto maker is either getting into a joint venture with other auto makers or enhancing their production Hinopak sits pretty doing nothing. The media cell is pathetic, the shareholders get to know nothing, there are no top customers list or any company news to reassure the shareholders that the company is doing fine. Moreover with each day the competitors in truck segment sell more trucks such as Isuzu GHNI, the sales have sky rocketed. In Bahria i see FAW trucks. The bus segment is pathetic. The buses sale mix have dwindled the sales by 5%. The board is stupid enough not to hedge the exposure to Yen when the whole world knows that Yen is getting stronger, if not for the third quarter forex gain the profit would have shown a 300 million decline… Dividend this year has gone down by 23 Rs, shame on you when the whole corporate sector has improved upon their payout history… Not happy and i am sure the company has not disclosed sharholding pattern that might be substantial as the number of shares traded have more or less dried down…

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