Import, Export Go on Halt as Transporters Continue with Strike

Goods Transporters’ strike entered into the 7th day, impacting the economy severely as country’s imports and exports are at a halt. Moreover, transportation of essential daily life goods, fruits and vegetable are also facing difficulties.

Business community has appealed the government to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

Goods Transporters’ protest came after a ban was imposed by Sindh Government on April 26, 2017 in the compliance of Supreme Court decision. According to the notification, heavy transport was banned to enter in the city limits of Karachi except 11.00 pm till 6 am.

Passenger buses, vehicles transporting edible oil, oxygen, medical gases and life-saving medicines are exempt from the restriction.

United Transport Alliance (that includes all heavy transport associations) jointly demanded lifting the ban on heavy vehicles entering and moving into the city. “If government is not able to lift the ban, it must provide alternate routes for the movement of heavy traffic in city”, said the transporters.

Decision from government triggered heavy transport owners to protest as they called strike on April 9th for indefinite period.

Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry intervened and called a joint meeting with Sindh’s Minister of Transport Mr. Nasir Hussain Shah along with the transporters.

During the meeting, however, the minister and transporters exchanged harsh word and nothing was concluded

The spokesperson of United Transport Alliance Imdad Hussain told PorPakistani the government has failed to give heavy traffic the access to the commercial area of the city. And this causes notable delay in supply of food commodities, fabric & clothing and other common and daily use products to the city.

Thousands of containers are outside Karachi to unload the supply.

“Court must review its decision regarding the ban of heavy traffic in the city. Otherwise industries in Karachi will shut down and daily wages labor will become jobless. City will face huge shortage of essential goods.” Imdad Hussain said.

Transports Strike hurt the activity on the ports of the city as well. Import and Export shipments are not able to deliver due to non availability of transport.

Pakistan Apparel Forum Chairman and a exporter Mr. Javad Bilwani told ProPakistani that more than 3,000 containers are transported to sea ports everyday, but that’s on halt due to the strike.

“Our products are ready for the shipment but we are unable to dispatch our export consignments to the ports, because there is no transport available. “ Javad Bilwani said.

The All Pakistan Fruit & Vegetable Exporters, Importers & Merchants Association (PFVA) chairman Mr. Waheed Ahmed also showed his concerns over the strick.

Mr. Waheed explained that Garlic and potato season is currently peak at and mango harvesting will start with-in just few days; but if strike isn’t ended then everyone will bear the brunt.

“It is high time for the government to intervene to find a resolution for ending the strike without any further loss of time while keeping the supreme national interest in mind”, Waheed Ahmed said.

  • railway system? why ruin roads? why are you giving us only the point of view of mafia? paid article? goahead & get stay from court rather pressurizing government for your illegal demands

  • Dear Government,
    CPEC K Zaryeh Goods Transportation k Lie :
    Gawadar to Karachi Port, Karachi Port to Port Qasim (Single Bridge Bana K Diya Jaye)
    No Traffic, No Violence, No Strike

  • Inka Right Banta Hai :
    SITE Area Jaise Road Pe Traffic Police Ne Banners Laga K Rakhe hai : No Heavy Traffic Allow :
    Ab Jo Yaha Ki Factories Hai Un K Liye Kaisay Goods Ayengi ?
    Shahre E Faisal Pe Ja Nahi Sakte :
    Korangi Road Pe Rat Pe Allow Hai :
    Pura Traffic Nizam Bekaar Rakha Gaya hai

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