Nestle’s Water Supply Suffers as Staff Go On Strike

Consumers of Nestle water are facing a hard time this summer. Nestle’s water supply has been disrupted due to a strike called by its labor force who are demanding an increase in salary and benefits.

In Karachi, Nestle water supply unit is non-functional and in many areas, Nestle water bottles are not being delivered. Bulk consumers in particular are facing this issue.

One source, who works as Nestlé, told ProPakistani that the prices for Nestle bottles are increasing every day. An 18.9 liters bottle price has increased from Rs. 100 to Rs 200. This is despite the fact that during the last 2 years, fuel prices have been at their lowest level. But the salary of staff has not increased by even one rupee.

“The company is minting money and our children aren’t able to drink clean water. I am working as an outdoor cashier and my salary is 14,000 rupees. This is only one thousand higher than the minimum salary set by the federal government”, said a Nestle staff member.

In Karachi, hundreds of vehicles and staff are working to supply bottled water to every part of the city.

Despite the strike in the company, Nestle has not even bothered to inform the consumers of possible delays. Sana Imran, a Nestle water consumer, termed the situation ‘terrible’. She added that customer service representative were not being helpful through the company’s help line.

“Every Monday Nestle supplies water at home. Due to hot summer, water intake has increased but each time I call the help line for water supply, they respond that the water will be delivered in a few hours but it never arrives.”

Sana further said that changing water companies is tough as Nestle takes a deposit of Rs. 500 for each bottle. To go with another brand, customers have to pay Rs.700 (500 deposit and 200 for water).

On the strike issue, Nestle is remaining tight-lipped. Neither the company officials nor its PR agency were available to comment on the matter.

  • Nestle is an International Brand :
    Apni Ads Main 150 Years Ka Kehte hai :
    They should be increase salary & benefits (Pani Sub Se Mehanga Nestle Ka He Hai)

  • Pakistani market is best for international looters. We buy water on the rate of Milk here. What else a company want?

  • It is sad reality that big corporations like Nestle spend billions on marketing but in reality they exploit poor staff and workers.

  • Nestle CEO & Chairman Peter Brabeck

    ” Waster Is Not A Human Right, Should Be Privatized “

  • Why not go for local certified brands. Don’t know why only Pakistani are brand conscious. You ll find most of Arabs are using their local company purified water.

    • Your are right, international brand is not everything, local brands bottled water are equally good at lower prices.

  • Writer went all the way to pose Nestle as the bad guy here without even checking for the facts. Labor might be on strike but that’s because supreme court is not allowing 5% dividend. Company is willing but has to get permission from court.
    And for that outdoor cashier, he is not Nestle’s employee. He is distributor’s employee.
    DC Water is responsible for delivering to distributors. If distributors have supply issues that is another case.

  • I am think k ye Sana Imran ka interview kis ne or kb liya? Did the Blvd g writer himself interviewed her?

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