Suzuki Cultus 2017 is All About Setting Standards in Passenger Safety

The eagerly awaited Suzuki Cultus 2017 was finally launched a couple of weeks ago amid a fair bit of hype. Building on the original Cultus, which has been one of the most successful cars in Pakistan for Suzuki, the new model brings major improvements which catapult it among the top of the hatchbacks available here.

Ever since Pak Suzuki launched its cars in Pakistan, hatchbacks have been its most popular segment. The Cultus has sold over 240,000 units since its launch in 2000.

Now the new Cultus 2017 is hoping to carry on the tradition and Suzuki claim it has got the feature set to do so. It comes with an overhauled design, upgraded performance and has places a special emphasis on passenger safety.

With the new model, Pak Suzuki wants to set high standards for locally manufactured cars in Pakistan.

Focus on Passenger Safety

Pak Suzuki’s Cultus 2017 comes with a host of security features that make it among the safest locally manufactured cars in Pakistan. In a first for local assembled cars, it comes with Dual Front SRS Airbags and Anti-Lock Braking System.

Standard safety features like seat belts, child locks, etc. are also available.

Pak Suzuki made sure to employ the latest car security features in the industry, therefore, the new Cultus also brings keyless entry with immobilizer feature. This new option is available across both Cultus variants.

Features & Pricing

The new model comes with a modernized interior and is fully equipped to cater to the requirements of the Pakistani car owners’ needs in the 1,000CC segment. Cultus 2017 is more spacious, easier to drive, more comfortable and has more boot space.

Aerodynamic design, rigid frame, low weight body, upgraded transmission and the latest K series engine optimize the vehicle’s performance and fuel efficiency.

Electronic Power Steering, Power Windows, Power Mirrors and more are also a first for the Cultus line.

The new Cultus is available in two variants with the following price tags:

  • Cultus VXR: Rs. 1,250,000
  • Cultus VXL: Rs. 1,391,000

Available at 110 Pak Suzuki Dealerships in 48 cities, customers can learn more about it and test drive the vehicle. Pak Suzuki offers 3 years (or 60,000kms) as standard warranty with the Cultus 2017.

Public Response

In general, the Cultus 2017 has received a positive response. T he public awareness has increased over the years and customers understand their requirements better than ever. Modern features and detailed performance insights are now common knowledge among potential customers.

Faisal Mehboob, a car enthusiast and Suzuki fan, had this to say about Cultus 2017,
“Suzuki has really managed hit the sweet spot this time around. Just when people started thinking that Cultus needs an upgrade, the company has launched the new model with big upgrades. The looks and internals have been completely refreshed. Suzuki did a great job bringing the latest international model to Pakistan.”
A car mechanic in Islamabad, Muhammad Ahmed, said

“By the looks of it, the new Cultus has a new design and engine but considering how Suzuki goes about their cars, it should have cheaper parts and repair costs. So far, we haven’t seen a Cultus coming in due to any issue.”

Ali Hasnain, a branch manager at a private bank, also saw potential in Suzuki’s new family car
“People are often looking for relatively cheap family cars which have the latest features, are easy to maintain and can be sold off readily. We often see people coming in trying to get such cars on lease. The flexibility to sell off such cars when required is a big plus. Suzuki is a popular brand and Cultus is a well-known car with a lot of demand.”

These are just some of the examples. Social media is full of positive remarks from people who have either seen the car up close or have taken it for a test drive.

Final Remarks

Pak Suzuki considers Pakistan as one its most important international markets. With a 50 percent market share and 35 year history, the car maker has big plans for Pakistani car lovers. The new Cultus just goes on to show passenger safety and car security are taken seriously at Pak Suzuki.

The auto maker is setting standards by offering the first locally manufactured car in the 1,000CC segment and this price range to sport the latest safety and security features.

  • Please compare it with FAW V2, they are looting with the price tag of 1.25million and 1.31 million, Suzuki parts are cheaper of only older cars due to 1st copy 2nd copy available in market, geniuine parts are not cheaper……….FAW V2 is far far better than this low weight no road grip BOX for long term user (as V2 is new and needs time to make its resale value), take a trial of V2 which is in just 1.07 million PKR

    • Agreed. I personally inspected it at a showroom. Poor quality plastic inside with a lot of smell.
      We opened the diggy & a screw fell of it……C’mon it wasnt on the road & pieces are falling of it..Pathetic Build quality…PakSuzuki must be banned here …they are literally ripping the public….

      I think its the people’s fault also…Even accidental Japanese cars are way better than any of the new cars in Pakistan. But still people buy these crappy cars.
      As far as spares for JDMs are concerned, they are available with a bit of effort. Its not that u cant get them from anywhere in the world, in worst case scenario they can be imported.

  • FAW V2 is actually better than this overpriced Suzuki! They are just ripping Pakistani Public as usual.

  • Just spend PKR 156,000/- more and go for 1300CC Honda city basic model. What a crap in such high price.

  • worst investment of 1.4 millions rupees, in 1.53 million you get honda city 1300 manual

  • I followed propakistani while hoping that they would be the only ones giving unbiased articles about the country. Sponsored content has become rampant just like the usual news channels. It’s just sad that we sell our values and morals just for materialistic things. It’s either that or pakistanis are extremely stupid and selfish.

    • Ahmed, this is a global phenomenon. We, to maintain transparency, disclose if content is sponsored or not.

  • Suzuki is cheating, vehicle launched os Celerio, which is much smaller variant than outgoing Cultus. Suzuki decided to use Cultus name & added features to justify high price for a smaller car. They know that people currently have limited options & can make good money, before new car manufacturers starts production & seriously challenging PakSuxuki

  • For that price, its a piece of junk.
    Even japanese 2nd hand cars have better built quality and more features in lesser price.
    And FAW V2 is way above the pathetic Suzuki Cultus with lesser price, one cannot even think of comparing the two. FAW V2 Winner.
    Felt like Im watching PTV News, Suzuki feeding us bull crap.

  • Faw V2 might be better then new cultus , but as a buyer you can not take risk have such a car that have Wickedest resale value.

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