Ramzan Relief Package 2017 to Offer Subsidies Worth Rs. 1.6 Billion

The Economic Coordination Committee (ECC) of the Cabinet approved the Ramzan Relief Package 2017 with subsidies worth Rs. 1,602 million on 19 commodities to provide relief to the general public during the upcoming holy month of Ramzan.

The ECC considered and approved proposals submitted by different ministries, in its meeting held on Tuesday at the Prime Minister’s Office, chaired by Finance Minister, Senator Mohammad Ishaq Dar.

These commodities include wheat flour (atta), sugar, ghee, oil, pulses (channa, masoor, moong washed and mash washed), white grams, baisen, dates, rice, squashes, black tea, milk, and spices. The commodities will be sold at subsidized rates across Pakistan through outlets of Utility Stores Corporation (USC).

In addition to the relief provided by the Ramzan Package, USC will also reduce prices on over 2,400 other items under different brands from 5% to 10% by obtaining special discount from vendors/suppliers and reducing its own profit margins.

The ECC decided to increase the quantity of urea approved for exports from the existing 0.3 million metric tons to 0.6 million metric tons. ECC also extended the deadline for export of urea from 28th April 2017 to 31st October 2017.

These decisions were made by the ECC after considering the proposal of the Ministry of Commerce, based on the recommendations of the Fertilizer Review Committee. The ECC was informed that sufficient production and inventory of urea of domestic consumption is anticipated during Kharif 2017 for allowing export.

On a proposal by the Finance Division, the ECC approved the restoration of import duty and sales tax on import of cotton with effect from 15th July 2017. The decision has been made to boost the confidence of domestic cotton growers during the upcoming sowing season.

  • total Jhooot bakwas, munafiq hain yeh sab kyu k yeh jub boltay hain jhooot boltay hain

  • Utilities Store Pe Jao :
    To Bahar Line Lagao : Andar Ane Ki Ejazat Nahi :
    Staff Per Person CNIC K Sath Fixed Cheze La K Dega Ap Apni Marzi Se Kuch Nahi Le Sakte :
    Utilities Store K Baje Awami Market Main Price Decrease Hona Chahayeh :

  • Ramadan relief package…?!
    I don’t know what to add to that… I mean, its nothing more than a political joke, nowadays…!
    Instead of giving us the so called “relief package” that always fails to provide us any relief, why not deal with ‘goods hoarders’ with iron hands who either store goods in their “safe houses” (and not ‘warehouses’…!) or deliberately diminish the supply to force prices to skyrocket…?
    And while you are at it:
    Why not deal with organizations who force their workers to work full-time even in the Holy Month of Ramadan…?
    Soon, this article will be filled with opinions of people who would be screaming and yelling about the ‘corrupt’ government and system but…
    Well, I’ve a word of advice for all such individuals…
    To change Pakistan, we first have to change our thinking, our lifestyle and our society…
    All our “Awam” does at the moment is compare political parties in their drawing rooms over a cup of tea… We talk about inflation, poverty, corruption and injustice while our neighbors sleep in hunger and our sons bribe in exams and drive cars without a license…
    Want to change Pakistan…? No “X” political party or “Y” political party could do that for you… They don’t have a magic wand of a fairy or perhaps Harry Potter’s…!
    CHANGE YOURSELF… Simple as that…
    Good Day!

  • Be advised that the Cooking oil / Ghee by utlity corporation was deemed as not fit for human consumption via Supreme court findings a short time back.

  • kamai ka dhandha he low quality products milegi utility store par hamesha ki trah—or price comaprision 1 no quality se hogi…. food department wale or utility wale suppliers se speed money jama karenge — awam ko chutya bane ge relief k name par…..Ham bhi karachi wale hen– -ye kameene samjhte hen jese ye shikar pur ki inki pedaish he– -sari awam bhi wahi ki peda he.——————–yaqeen na ae to kisi utility k regional office per jakar– kisi supplier se malum karo—— meri buhat suppliers se bat hui he— utility stores walon ka kya game hota he….

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