Instant Drinks like Tang, Limopani & Sunsip Are Bad for Your Kids: PFA

Punjab Food Authority (PFA) is fairly active these days. Other than banning certain food items in school canteens, the authority is also campaigning actively against food items which either cause harm or do not contain any nutritional value, especially for children.

In its most recent public awareness message, PFA informs that a recent government survey shows that 44 percent children in Pakistan suffer from lack of proper nutrition. In its campaign to inform parents about adequate diet and healthy food items for kids, PFA said that instant drinks are bad for growing children.

Instant drinks are those which come in powdered form and are mixed with water. According to PFA, Tang, Mixer Star, Sunsip Limupani, Fruitly and any other similar drinks are completely artificial.

Such drinks make use of artificial flavors and colors. One can only obtain calories from such food items as they lack “Original Fruit Content” and any other nutritional content.

The authority recommends that parents should avoid such drinks which have no nutritional value and instead choose fruit juices, flavored milk, milk shakes, etc. for better physical and mental health of their children.

Announcement Against Fizzy Drinks

Yesterday, it was reported that the authority is considering to ban fizzy (carbonated) drinks for all underage children across the whole province. Previously, fizzy drinks had been banned in school canteens only.

Implementation will probably begin after the summer holidays and anyone under 18 years of age will not be served carbonated drinks in school cafeterias.

PFA has also approved a set of guidelines where food items are divided into three categories – green, yellow and red – based on their nutritional values and importance. More information regarding that is available here.

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    • They are up and working, probably only food control authority in country which is working.

      Appreciate good things.

    • Shukar he inhe bhi Khyaal Aaaya k Aata cheeni aur daalein kis bhao bikti hai aur her Shop ka pna rate he.?
      There should be a price controle system in this regard too

      • Bhai @maisam005:disqus,
        Ye Qanoon to Punjab Foods Authority Ka Hai Na ?
        Hum to Karachi Wale Hai :
        Jab tak Sindh Food Authority Nahi Kahi Gi Hum to Nahi Manegy :p

        • @AbdulWAHABAlam:disqus The only thing I got out of this article is you are a complete Jackass. I’m from Karachi too, instead of takings constructively, you just gave a lame ass reason. I seriously believe that you are the HOD of BS

            • @Sarosh Lif mein kabi twist kia hai
              Agar nahi to tujhy kabhi b samjh ni aa sakti
              K Jokes kya hoty hain
              Dumb Ass Foolllllllleeeeeeeeeeddddddddd Man.?

        • Bhai kyon Karachi ka zikar kar kar k bayzti karwarahay ho. Waisay yeh PFA ke tarha kaash koye SFA bhi hoti. Yahan walay to apni salaries barhanay main masroof hain aur un k bachay apni garion say banday uranay main.

      • Same situation with packed juices. They contain artificial flavors, food colors and preservatives.

      • Nestle is not pure fruit juice too.. they also use artificial flavors… :-) try to buy fresh fruits and use those for juices.. It can cost high but not high when we compare with healthy benefits.

    • Bachoun k liay mana kia gya hai BAN nahi kia gya.
      Aur bhai har jagah chawal maarni zaroori hai?

      • Abdul Wahab ko dekh k Hum Paanch program ki sweetie yaad aa jati hai , jab bhi koi door bell bajata tha to wo khushi k maare phudak phudak k darwaza kholti thi, Abdul wahab ki bhi wohi misaal hai koi article aye propk par tou bass…. Excitement dekhne wali hoti hai bhai ki ?

  • I am from Karachi, but I am really fond of the small step Punjab government has taken on similar issues. If this can be implemented throughout the country, these would be actually very good for everyone.

    • You & Me belong to SIndh instead of Punjab :
      Brother, Jab Education & Law Main Punjab Ki Policies Sindh Main Chal Sakti so PFA Sindh Main Chalega :
      Stay Order Le Lo Ap Court Se : Sindh K Liye

      • This is where you are wrong. I belong to Pakistan not Sindh. If something is working for 1 part of the nation, same should be implemented throughout.

    • i second your thought. but i still confused why PFA unable to recognize the meat of donkey/Dog which is freely sell on his province. ……………

  • WoW. This reminds me to drink some tang or limopani :D It’s been YEARS since i have had a sip of any of these.

    • they are investing heavily to spoil the nation. might bought authorities to don’t take any action against them.

  • great steps from PFA, when these types of authorities will established in others province too and work honestly? where the carbonated drink price is same as mineral water…..

  • Drinks banned… Juices na piyein… Le de ke fir JAAM E SHIRIN hi reh jata hai peechay… Humara Qaumi Mashroob! :P

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