PTA Notifies Jazz as the Winner of 4G Spectrum Auction

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has notified that Jazz is the successful winner of 4G spectrum auction, we have checked with sources.

It may be recalled that Jazz was the only operator to have participated in 4G spectrum auction and hence was qualified as the winner by default and without any bidding.

According to details shared with ProPakistani, PTA has now officially notified Jazz that it has won the spectrum and that the operator should start preparing to submit the spectrum fee within the next 30 days.

Sources told ProPakistani that Jazz will pay 50% of USD 324 million (USD 295 million spectrum fee + USD 29.5 million tax) within the next 30 days while remaining 50% of the payment will be made by January 2018.

According to IM, Jazz had two options for payment i.e to clear all dues (USD 324.5 Million) upfront, or pay 50 percent payment upfront and clear remaining 50 percent in 5 equal annual installments with one year LIBOR plus 3%.

Sources confirmed with ProPakistani that Jazz’s 4G spectrum will be assigned within the 1762.3-1785 / 1857.3-1880 range. Not to mention, Jazz can opt for any specific frequency within the assigned band.

Jazz will be officially awarded the spectrum – in a short ceremony – after the spectrum fee is paid. It will then be able to use the 4G spectrum.

It must be mentioned here that Jazz operates 4G – that it acquired through Warid – in more than 50 cities with more than 1600 cell sites. Jazz’s investment in 4G spectrum indicates that its 4G coverage is likely to grow rapidly during 2017 and beyond.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • Hunzala Ahmad

    Now its jazz 4g vs Zong 4g

    • Sherry

      Telenor 4G bhi tou hai. Bhool gye? :P

      • Arif Hussain

        Telenor 4g to 3g se b kam speed data hy. I personally tested almost all networks 3g and who providing 4g . Jazz vs Zong would be both competitors.

        • Sherry

          Well it depends on the tower location of 4G and 3G and how far it is from your place. I have checked personally telenor, mobilink and zong. Zong best hai. Telenor 2nd hai aur mobilink (abhi tak) 3rd pay hai in speed in my area.

          But also one more thing. Telenor won 10Mhz in 850Mhz block. They are using 5Mhz for 4G and 5Mhz (850 band) for 3G + 5Mhz (2100 band) for 3G. Also they are testing 3 to 4 Mhz from 1800 band for 4G in Islamabad and Karachi. They are refarming the bandwidth from 2G to 4G. Telenor abhi aur tez ho jai ga.

  • Adeel Ahmad

    Jazz actually zong ko market se bahir karna chahta hai, is ka behtr Hal to yahi hai jazz prices Kam kr dy ya phir volume barha de

    • DJ

      Zong ka tu Pata nai UFONE kay liye Fatihaa Parh lo :)

      • Furqan

        moujuda halaat ke mutabik ufone ziada se ziada 3-4 saal market mein reh sakta hai!!uske baad wohi hoga jo warid ke saath hua !!

        • Zafar Abbas Rizvi

          3-4 saal ziada hyn bhai maximum 2 saal

      • Nawaz Rajput

        Ufone ka abb Allah Hafiz!

        • AbdulB1

          no,ufone is saved by arabs. Arabs r sucking money from ufone.

      • Alpha Bravo

        Ufone soon is going to be acquired by Zong.

        • Shariq Ansari

          achy pese bhi nahi milain gy Ufone ko deal main, warid management was smart, inki ARPU achi thi, customers high class thy, aur 4G bhi tha.

      • Umar Awan

        Inna Lilla wa inna ilehe raajon . Allah ufone ki rooh ki maghfirat kare

        • Uski Rooh Ko Pakistan Se Bahar Sift Kara de

        • Haxxan Raja


    • Furqan

      agar jazz ne price kam ki tou zong zarror apni prices kam kare ga !!kyon ke 2 saal se zong yehi kar raha hai !!abhi bhi zong hi ki price sub operators se kam hai !!

      • Bilal

        Jazz zong ke braber hi hai almost prices me. jazz ka 6gb internet package 500 ka hai aur zong ka 600 ka (with free 1 gb per night)

        • Chaudhry Khalid

          Zong weekly pakge pa Rs. 100 main 2GB dy raha or jazz Rs. 110 main 1GB..

          • faithful

            Zong good night offer 2gb for 12 Rs

  • Mian Zahid

    ufone tum hi to ho (sab se peeche).

    • Hassan Raza


  • Bilal Iqbal

    Ufone has won. Hain G…ha ha ha

  • Truth b told

    Need 100gb package in 2000 now

    • Furqan

      zong is close to this offering 75 GB/ 2500 PKR !

      • TERABAAP

        its 50 gb in 2500, n 65gb in 3 month offer

    • Sapna Sapna Rahega

  • ahmed

    That what i said in April Jazz will get this spectrum, this part of merger approval plan.

  • arshad

    jazz warid ko purchase kr k LTE (4G) le chukka tha phir aur 4G for what?
    ufon ka 4G me intry na dena samjh se bahir hai.ya ufon ko onay ponay me zong le lega

    • Askarian

      Ufone has deliberately positioned itself to be acquired. Many companies do this if they see no way to regaining lost revenues and customers. No adverts, no acquisitions, no new jobs etc. show a company has accepted its fate and is running in maintenance mode :D

      • AbdulB1

        arabs have made enough money from ufone now they will leave it when it is not worth being in Pakistani market.

      • KaKa

        Askarian bhai have just unearthed the reality. Not like Abdul Wahab jiska kam hai fazool comments karna.

    • Zafar Abbas Rizvi

      Jazz ko Warid ka license taqreeban itnay hi paison myn renew karwana parrna tha 2019 myn. Jazz ne tab spectrum renew karwane ki bajaye new spectrum le liya hai.
      Es ka ek faida toh yeh k ab Jazz ko Warid ka spectrum renew nahin karwana parray ga 2019 myn. Doosra Jazz apne naam k sath 4G use kar sakay ga matlab Jazz 4G. Pehle Jazz Warid ki tarah 4G word use nai kar sakta tha bas LTE hi use kar sakta tha. Ab Jazz b Zong aur Telenor ki tarah naam k aagay 4G lagaye ga.

      • BADAR

        woh kyun 4G nhi use kr sakta hai in detail me biyan kren?

        • Zafar Abbas Rizvi

          Bhai jab PTA ne sabhi companies ko license diye thy to 15 saal k liye diye thy aur tab ki terms ke mutabiq jitne paison myn license liya tha 15 saal baad uai qeemat myn dobara 15 saal k liye renew karwana parrna tha usi company ko. Warid aur Telenor ne jab 2004 myn license liya tha toh PTA unhyn technology neutral 8.8 MHz ka 1800 MHz block myn aur 4.8 MHz ka 900 MHz block myn spectrum diya tha. Yeh license/spectrum 15 saal baad matlab 2019 myn expire ho jana hai aur warid aur Telenor ko usi qeemat myn renew karwana parray ga.woh spectrum further use karnay k liye aur us waqt warid aur Jazz ne license $291 million myn liya tha. Jazz ko Warid ka spectrum use kartay rehne k liye 2019 myn Spectrum renew karwana parrna tha laikon Jazz ne tab renew karwanay ki bjaye ab 1800 MHz ka 10 MHz spectrum le liya hai. Aur ab 2019 myn Jazz warid ka spectrum diapose off kar de ga matlab renew nahin karwaye ga.

          Eska ek faida toh yeh ho ga k Jazz ko warid ka spectrum refarm nahin karna parray ga aur woh spectrum miltay hi har jagah 4G launch kar sakay ga. Doosra Jazz ne ab proper 4G license le liya hai es liye Zong aur Telenor ki tarah apne naam k saath 4G use kar sakay ga jo k Warid nahin kar sakta tha aur Warid khareedne k baad Jazz b nahin kar sakta tha. Warid apne naam k sath LTE likhta tha jab k dono ek hi technology k naam hyn. Laikin awaam ko bas 4G hi samjh aata hai es liye ab Jazz b Jazz 4G ho jaye ga.
          Farq yeh parra hai k Jazz ne jo paisay 2 saal baad kharch karne thy woh ab kar liye hyn. Aur Jazz ka spectrum b Zong k braber ho jaye ga 2019 k baad.

          • BADAR

            mtlb 2019 tak jazz zong se fast chale ga. Dair aye darust aye yeah kaam 2013 me krna chahiye tha jazz ko.

            • Sherry

              Badar bhai, is ka matlab ye hai kai zong aur jazz dono kay paas barabar ki frequency bandwidth ho gi. speed main 19 20 ka faraq ho ga laiken speed donon ki achi ho gi compared to ufone (jo waisai hee apni aakhri sansain la raha hai). Telenor ki strategy different hai. Lambhi kahani hai laiken telenor bhi race main rahay ga

              • Umar Awan

                Badar bhai sahi keh rhe hn . 2019 tak jazz k pass zong se zada spectrum hogi aur speed bhi behter hogi . 2019 mn agar jazz warid ki spectrum ko renew nhn karata to zong aur jazz barabr ho jaye ge . Par 2019 ko abhi 2 years hn tab pata nhn kya situation hoti ha . May be us waqt jazz wo lisence bhi renew kara liya . Abhi to sab andaza hn . Jo confirm ha wo yeh k abhi jazz k pass zada spectrum hogi aur speed bhi zada .

            • Umar Awan

              U r right . 2019 tak jazz k pass zong se zada spectrum hogi aur speed bhi behter hogi . 2019 mn agar jazz warid ki spectrum ko renew nhn karata to zong aur jazz barabr ho jaye ge . Par 2019 ko abhi 2 years hn tab pata nhn kya situation hoti ha . May be us waqt jazz wo lisence bhi renew kara liya . Abhi to sab andaza hn . Jo confirm ha wo yeh k abhi jazz k pass zada spectrum hogi aur speed bhi zada

  • Umar Awan

    Welldone Jazz . Right decision at right time . Now jazz can provide 4G on 20Mhz , 10 Mhz from old spectrum and 10mhz from new spectrum . It will provide better speed than zong which is proving 4g on 15mhz in some areas and on 10mhz in some areas . Best of luck Jazz

    • Sherry

      It cannot provide 4G on 20 Mhz, Jazz never had a 10Mhz block of 4G to begin with. They were offering 4G when they bought waird. Jazz/Warid 4G is operating on 3Mhz. Now with 10 additional Mhz, it will become 13Mhz till 2019 when Jazz will sell Warid spectrum.

      • Arsalan Shah

        Jazz/Warid was operating on 8.8 MHz, not 3 MHz. Now it will have 18.8 MHz 4G spectrum until 2019.

        • YARaza

          Agree 8.8 Mhz

        • YARaza

          Now 18.8 MHz

        • Sherry

          Warid was using 3Mhz out of 8.8Mhz as per a source who is is a telecom engineer. They refarmed 3Mhz from total 8.8 for 4G in 1800Mhz. Rest 5.8Mhz of 1800 band was used for 2G along with 900Mhz band. After merger, i’m not sure how they refarmed the spectrum but pre-merger, 3Mhz wala scene tha.

      • Umar Awan

        No jazz/warid has 14.8mhz in 1800mhz spectrum in aggregate. And 14.8+10= 24.8

        • Sherry

          Umer Bhai, U r right. But its not in straight block.. 24.8Mhz bata hua hai teen hisay main.. For full speed, a spectrum block should be continous. Also, companies like telenor, zong mobilink are not using full 1800Mhz for 4g. 2G do frequencies main chal raha hai. 900Mhz aur 1800Mhz.

          Is tarah tou ufone kay pass bhi 1800Mhz spectrum hai. Laiken its contracted for 2G technology not 4G.

  • why PTA is charging London Interbank Offered Rate why not
    karachi Interbank Offered Rate ? confused :S

    • Zafar Abbas Rizvi

      Because Telecos maintain their Balance sheet in $ instead off PKR.

  • Umar Awan

    Ufona ka Allah hi hafiz , ufone made a big mistake .No good future of ufone. Ufone aur zong k merger ki baten chal rhi hn , ye hamari khawahish ya prediction to ho sakti ha but in actual its very ddifficult . Bcoz too many legal hurdles involved china mobile , ptcl , etisalat, govt of pakistan many stake holders . Ufone and zong merger would not be as easy as jazz warid merger bcoz it will not be one to one deal between two parties like jazz warid

  • Umar Awan

    My prediction , Ufone is not going anywhere ,it will remain intact whether in loss it can bear loss due to strong backbone of etisalat . Aur Zong ka khawab sirf Khawab hi rahe ga

    • YARaza

      Ufone waly to dono hathon say sale krty ha company Bhai
      Lekin sath mein PTCL b dety hein jo Zong nhi lena chahta , aor akaili ufone sale kr k PTCL buhat ziada loss mein jati ha , aik aor baat , PTCL ny Eti ko khoob khaya ha ab uy chahty hein k CM ko b khaien so deal final nhi hoti , wesy Ufone ka future zong he ha q k na sale krein gy to zong ke sehat pay koi asar nhi parry ga , lekin customer buhat kam reh jaein gy with in this year ufone k pas buhat kam customer reh jaein gy q k jb dosri companies 4G offer krein ge mifi and usb low rates pay to ufone survive nhi kr pay ge

    • AbdulB1

      backbone nahe hai … arabs are sucking ptcl/ufone dry.

  • abobobilly

    So Ufone is left behind. The hell?

  • Owaiis

    So Jazz v/s Zong about to begin ?

  • Yasir Mahmood

    R.I.P Ufone
    It would be necessary for Jazz to offer cheap Data Bundles and improve services in order to compete Zong

  • UFONE :
    Ab Mazeed 3G Ki Behtar Services k Sath Sub Se Aghe !
    Ab Puray Pakistan Ki 3G K Liye Ufone tum he to Ho :p

  • Tight Competition Between telenor 4G, Zong 4G & JAZZ 4G

    • Umar Awan

      Telenor 4G lolz . Telenor wale bhi khush honge k hamare 4G ka kahin nam aaya . Telenor noooo way . Only Zong vs Jazz

      • telenor K Pas at least 4G License to hai na ? :p
        Appreciated it

        • Umar Awan

          Ase to ufone k pas atleast 3G lisence to ha na ?? Appreciate it :p

    • Haxxan Raja

      Jazz warid merger kb complete hoga

      • Umar Awan

        Jab dth aye ga :p

      • Muhammad Faheem

        Yr i heard in a month probably

  • Mohammadee

    Anyone Please let me know what is the scenario of Jazz and Warid Merger???

    • WARID Ka Diwaliya Ho Gaya tha :

      • Mohammadee

        Now poor signal quality of Warid in my area.

  • Haxxan Raja

    Hmary gaon ma zong 4g aik saal say chal rhe ha,pkg b sasty hen or speed b ala ha or signal b full hoty hen,jazz 4g anay ma 2sal lag jain gain.kehny ka maksad yeh ha k zong 3g 4g extend krny ma bot bot bot agay ha,jic gaon ma jao jic city ma jao zong 4g chlti ha,tnx zong,we love zong

    • YARaza

      Mithai banti ha wesy Pai
      Mazaq ni

  • Mateen Hayee

    ufone & ptcl will merge. PTCL chaar jee will be 4G spectrum for ufone in future

    • Umar Awan

      Agreed ye bat koi samjh aati ha mera bhi asa hi khayal ha . Zong se mangni aur nikkah mushkil lagta ha ufone ka

      • Muhammad Abrar Ali

        HAhahahahaah Yes
        Ufone and PTCL wil DO
        Dual Things CDMA & WCDMA
        like wise


    • Adnan

      agar aisa hota to ufone kub ka kar chuka hota

    • Zafar Abbas Rizvi

      PTCL has WLL spectrum which can not be used for Mobile services. Agar aysa hota toh Mobilink k paas b wateen aur ki soorat myn 60 MHz ka WLL spectrum mojood tha.

    • Adonis

      ZONG going to buy ufone

  • Adeel

    Congratulations Jazz
    Ufone ko is time dekh kar wo gadha yaad aata hai jo sari life apne maalik ka bojh uthata hai aur kama k deta hai aur badle mein har waqt apni diggi pe zulm sehta rehta hai aur jab wo gadha marne wala hota hai to us ka maalik usey nikaal deta hai, ufone ka bhi suraj anqareeb doobne wala hai kyun k ufone is time ek gadha he hai ?

    • YARaza

      Muaaf kr do yar unko

      • Adeel


    • Furqan

      bhai ajj se 14 saal pehle ka waqt yaad karo jab ufone ke baghair guzaara nahi tha!

      • YARaza

        Jb other networks k call charges 5 rupy plus tax per minute thy aor ufone ny 2 rupy 50 pesy per minute ke offer dy de the

      • YARaza

        Bus kro yar ab rulao gy kia ;)

      • Adeel

        Mera pehla network us time jazz tha aur aj zong hai ?

        • Muhammad Abrar Ali

          I am Still Call User of Ufone with Backbone of Warid :d

  • Khalid Shahzad

    Congratulations to Jazz. Now 4G users can avail more attractive packages due to more competition between 4G Operators.

  • Usman Ahmed

    News is about Jazz, and comments are about Ufone.