KPK is Going to Regulate Private Schools

The government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa had previously revealed its plans to curb the private school mafia which was looting the general public with exorbitant fees. Now, the KPK assembly has passed a law to regulate the functioning of private schools in the whole province.

The Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa Private School Regulatory Authority Bill-2017 received a lot of opposition but with its approval, all private schools in the province will have to be registered and adhere to government regulations.

The Composition of the Authority

According to the new law, the provincial government has to establish a regulatory authority in the province within the next 180 days.

The private schools regulatory authority will be headed by the Minister for Elementary and Secondary (E&S) Education. Some government officials will serve as its members. Four members from private schools and two representatives of school children’s parents will also be a part of the authority.

Policy for Fee and Teacher Salary

The authority will formulate policy, guiding principles and criteria which shall be met in order to establish and register a private school in the province. The minimum qualification, training, service and pay structure of teachers will also be determined by the authority.

Schools will be categorized and a minimum standard of education and facilities will be set for each category. The authority will devise and implement the criteria for the aforementioned categories. Maximum fees for students and minimum remuneration payable to a teacher will be set.

Punishments for Violations

The government will no longer allow private schools to increase fees randomly and without any limits. Schools will be sanctioned to increase fees by up to 10 percent once a year.

Any school, college or equivalent institution opened in the province without registration from the authority will be punished with a fine of Rs. 200,000. Any unauthorized Montessori, Kindergarten, tuition academy, primary schools or equivalent institutions will receive a fine of up to Rs. 50,000, six months in jail, or both.

Medical Institutions & Other Bills

The provincial assembly also passed the K-P Medical Teaching Intuitions Reforms (Amendment) Act-2017, allowing the government to remove members from the board of governors of a medical teaching institution.

Some opposition members criticized the move saying that this was an act against the autonomy of teaching hospitals.

The House approved the K-P Minerals Sector Governance (Amendment) Bill-2017, the K-P Health Foundation Bill-2017 and the K-P Consumer Protection (Amendment) Bill-2017.

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  • Good move, other provinces should also follow. Private schools are fleecing the general public.

    • what?
      they already are regulated.
      not following the rules is the issue.
      why they don’t follow is what parent don’t get. fix those issues ​and see private school doing much much better.

      also parent should use head, mixing a private school that charges 2000 to one who charge 18000 is what making those 2000 fee school’s saying to hell with parent and forcing them to go as high as they can.

  • It is same old story again. No one is willing to fix Public Schools, which is what they are mandated to do. However, they are ready to fix Private schools, which they are not mandated to do.

    • They are fixing Public Schools but Private School Mafia needs to be tackled and this looting needs to be stopped since it is affecting ordinary Pakistani parents. This is also the responsibility of gov.

      • Exactly, they are still trying to fix ‘Public Schools’. They should wait before moving to Private Schools. Private Schools are for profit, and if there is no profit, there will be no private schools. I know in 80s, with exception of few Elite institutions, private schools were never the first choice of any parent for their children. With little effort and energy, we can bring back the same level of Excellence in Public Schools. Until that is done, killing an already working system (though expensive) is not going to help. Private Schools are already paying their teachers less than minimum wage. Even you can find the security guards getting more money then the teachers inside. Any more taxes or restrictions is not going to get you better Private schools. To be honest, those who cannot afford, shouldn’t enroll their kids in Private Schools. Take some time, develop a new generation of children who want to become good teachers. Everyone wan’t his kid to become Doctor, Engineer but is not willing to pay his dues to those hard working teachers at these private schools. Investors and Management of these schools is not in for Charity, they want profit, and will make profit one way or another. Either we can accept it, pay fees, and get good education, or become cry baby, force them to cut costs and corners, and then suffer.

        You have to understand, we have 3 major parties, leader of neither one has their kids in Pakistani Schools, Private or Public. Killing Private School system is going to bite us all, who can’t afford to send their kids abroad.

  • Kpk kpk kpk kpk kpk kpk — propk sold out to Imran khan… Great– isn’t it????? It is my very last comment here… Nonsense people, nonsense blog!! RIP.

  • Private School Mafia is looting parents from the whole of Pakistan. All provinces including Fed gov should stop this loot by legislation and strict punishment. This cannot go on!

  • Ideally it sounds good but practically it is not possible. If govt try to limit the fees they will reduce teachers’ salaries and then they are not gonna like it.
    Actually it goes parallel, teachers want more pays and parents want less fess so it is not possible to cut down the fees and give the same salaries and schools are status symbol now so nothing really can’t be done because no one would appreciate decrease in their salary

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