No One Can be Chacha or Mama of Social Media: Nisar

Interior Minister, Chaudhry Nisar has clarified that no restriction has been imposed on social media. However, the government will not allow uncontrolled use of the same.

He was speaking at a press conference that he called regarding the arrests and release of social media activists who were picked up by the FIA over allegations that they posted anti-army comments online.

Chaudhry Nisar told the press conference “We all realize the importance of social media. There are rules for every institution, organisation and government, but, unfortunately no such rules exist for social media.”

He reminded the media that posts against national institutions began to surface during the past two weeks.

The minister informed that 27 social media accounts have already been identified for posting offensive material and six people have been interviewed for the same reason.

All persons under investigation were asked to bring their lawyers with them during the questioning, added Chaudhry Nisar. Their electronic devices will be forensically tested and if evidence is found, the accused will be arrested.

In addition to that he said that the constitution of Pakistan, institutions and values of the country were under attack by a certain segment of the social media.

“It is not my personal issue, or that of the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N), rather it is an issue of society. Our cultural and religious values are under attack from a section of social media.”

The minister told that the FIA crackdown against blasphemous material had resulted in a sharp decline in offensive content being posted on social media.

Future Steps Against Such Issues

He was of the view that Standard operating procedures (SOPs) should be made for social media and as a guide for future generations to protect them against ‘trash’ on social media. Nisar confirmed he had ordered the FIA to take “indiscriminate action be initiated against all those involved, even if someone was from the PML-N.”

Interior minister informed that the government does not want to block social media but it needs to be regulated to prevent illegal content in the name of freedom of expression. “We want social media to grow but it must come under some law or code of conduct,” he added.

Internet Service Providers (ISPs) might also have to adhere to certain SOPs to prevent misuse of social media. Chaudhry Nisar told that efforts are being made to track internet users’ activities and easily hunt down undesirable ‘elements.’

He mentioned that he had a detailed meeting with all representative bodies of media including APNS, CPNE and PBA. The agenda of the meetings was to evolve a consensus to safeguard national security interests and the recommendations of the members will be implemented and code of conduct will be developed regarding national security. Media bodies will work together on the matter.

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  • Politicians are still finding it hard to understand how every person suddenly has a voice on an invisible platform that can be accessed through the phone lines.

    • Government is scared of the people. It’s the truth.

      Any avenue of communication, especially mass communication, which the government does not control, it will try to block or ban or co-opt in some way.

      I just do not understand why people cheer on the government when it takes steps like this. The term “useful idiots” is meant for them.

    • yeh seedhi seedhi chawal ha Abdul WAHAB……………………………….Mr naswari bean ko apna pata nahi ha yeh ab aa ka btain karay ga…………

  • It makes me laugh when I used to think Pakistan was a democratic country that believed in letting people have a voice. As long as your views line up somewhat with what the majority feels it’s cool. Otherwise, you going to jail. I wanna have a civilized discussion, what’s the worst that could happen with people letting their voices be heard? Be honest and share.

  • rightly said, no one can be the chacha or mama of the Social Media…Yet the government wants to act as either the chacha or the mama of social media…..Criticism of politician, government institutions is just criticism, no one is sabotaging them. Hence arresting some one who criticizes an act by a certain institution is a way to silence the voice and curtail the freedom of speech.

    • don’t mix hate and criticism. and if you want to criticize it doesn’t mean we have to see it on social media, where most wolves are hidden as sheep, why don’t you go to the Secretariat or institute and try to raise your voice there.

      • You are missing the point here, the issue is not to criticize or not, and why to use the social media for that, the issue is that in this pretext any one could be labeled a criminal.

        • not anyone, those who are involved in misleading the people and showing extreme stereotypical behavior against the Govt, Pak Army and it’s national institutes must be punished.
          Otherwise if these is no punishment the people will misuse the social media and create fuss between national institutes. The literacy rate we have in Pakistan doesn’t allow use to give freehand to “anyone”.

          • Yea…Punish them…..that’s the only thing that’s missing….but it should be across the board and should start with monstrous crimes, not petty crimes such as saying something on social media. If people who have committed monstrous crimes can get away for free…. these kids should also be permitted to go free…..

                • i am not saying that but you have to be “doodh ka dhula” before you point fingers to the my Army.
                  We don’t pay tax and then we say “Govt. kuch nahi kar rahi aur Army pesay kha gai”

                  • If you dont pay taxes then dont blame others. I am a filer and still have to pay bhatta tax aka withholding on everything. Army needs to be doodh ki dhuli if they dont want any finger raised at them. I have every right to criticize anyone who gets paid from my tax money!!!

                    • You need glasses and education as you cant read. I never called myself a doodh ka dhula unlike some military tout living on my tax money. You need some serious education

                    • Its good that you have realized your “jahalat”. Now get admission in primary school chotu

                    • Han buhat aag lag rahi Hai, roza wesay bhi gunaho ko jala deta Hai, chal shabash Allah ka Ghar saf karo, dudu kai dhulay

                    • Kiya howa chotu? Foji uncle toffee nahi day rahay kiya? Awww chul aaja main daita hoon tujhay toffee. Aa tu sahi khushbu laga kay zara ?

                    • I won’t go down to your level, jitni mazi koshish kar le abcd Khan, toffee apnay Ghar Mai Meri taraf sai khila du, dudh wali

                    • Haan tu kahin nahi ja sakta foji uncle kay siwa. Chotu jab argument na hoon tu baroon ki batoon main nahi boltay. Filhaal tu khushbu laga kay rakh

                    • Awww mera chotu. Yahi kehtay thay na uncle wardi walay? Chul jaldi say khusbu laga lay chootay. Hahaha

                    • Chotu kiyon behki behki batain kar raha hay. Uncle nay lollipop nahi diya kiya? Chul thori khushbu zayada laga lay aaj zayada lollipops mil jayien gay. ?

  • Bilkul sahi move hai. Agar baat politics ya pmln ke khilaaf hoti to ye freedom of speech ke khilaaf hota. Dimagh kharab hogaya hai logon ka. Memes or jokes ke naam pe aise ghatia jokes karte hain, 90% se ziada awaam unse relate bhi nahi karti. Regulate karna boht zaroori hai.

  • If you think they’re offensive then just leave social media , why block something if you wont have to see it everyday if you’re that sensitive ? How long are you gonna keep censoring the opinion of the world like that ?

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