PM to Inaugurate 1,320 MW Sahiwal Power Plant Today

The Sahiwal Power Plant is going to be officially inaugurated by the Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif today. The plant was already operational since 13th May, confirmed Federal Minister for Water and Power, Khawaja Asif.

The plant is said to produce 1,320 megawatts. However, initially only one unit of the power project in Sahiwal will supply 660 megawatts to the national grid.

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It is one of CPEC’s priority power projects and makes use of imported coal which is shipped to Sahiwal over railway tracks. While still coal-based, it will be one of the most expensive power plants in Pakistan.

Work began on the project in May 2014, with a completion time of two years. Located 15 kilometers from central Sahiwal city, it is also the first supercritical coal power plant which has become fully functional (others are partly functional). Via its two units, the plant can produce 890,000hp of power.

It is said that once the project is completed and starts producing 1,320 MW, the second phase will begin where two 1,000 MW plants will be added to the existing setup.

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The government is claiming that with this project, a world record for the fastest completion of a coal power project has been set.

The Chinese company behind this project has requested a change of name for the power plant. An NOC is expected to be issued soon.

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Environment Protection Department (EPD) issued an NOC six months ago however, the department is still to receive a compliance report – a report declaring all instructions issued by EPD have been implemented – on the instructions it had issued regarding the project. The report is mandatory for all such projects before they become operational.

The second unit of the Sahiwal Power Project will start producing electricity soon as well.

Via: Radio Pakistan

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  • National Gird Stations Se K-Electirc Ka KoI Connection Hai ???
    Aj K Jang News Main K-Electric Ne Kaha Hai 600 MW Kam Hai Bus Warna Shotfall na ho :
    To Kiya Ye 600 MW K-Electric Ko Die Ja Sakte Hai ?

  • Good : Pakistan First CPEC Energy Project :

    First Unit Starting withing 22 Month It’s World Records because Indian launch same project within 4 Years & China Launch witin 24 Month : (As Per Jang News Paper 25/MAY/2017 Page 22)

  • There is only two hours load shedding in Faisalabad. Electricity remain available 22 out of 24 hours. Good going PMLN

  • “While still coal-based, it will be one of the most expensive power plants in Pakistan.” is it the production cost? or expensive just because they waned a record completion time.. i mean. W T H.

  • Brazil has almost same as our population (about 200 mil). its power generation 123100MW / y
    Pity our leaders & AWAM didn’t think about it few decades back & now each & everyone of us suffering for that shortsightedness.
    #4thMostintelligentNation :)

    • Our planners do not have a broader vision, remember the start of extreme load shedding, reason, extra sale of refrigerators and air conditioners via installment sales. This lead to extra immediate demand which our planners had not predicted. Then it was downhill all the way till today.

    • 123,100 /Year ?

      If a dam produces 3,500 MW then its yearly production would be 11,000 GWh. So your quoted power generation figure doesn’t seem to be right.

      • that’s not my figure. a simple google search will lead to the total Generation capacity of Brazil (biggest Electricity exporter of South America).

  • I think from last month the load shedding has gone down from 1 hour to none.
    MashaAllah PMLN is really doing good job.

        • Karachi Se Bohat Se Areas Hai Jaha Bijlee Jana Kiya Hota Unhe NAHI Pata
          Or 80% Areas Main Bijlee Jati Hai :
          Check Orangi, Korangi, Buffer Zone, Lyari, Metovile Etc Areas anokho dekha haal hai

          • You can’t compare areas where kunda culture is common and everyone considers it their born right …with those areas having good recovery rate.

            600 MW for K-Electric, rest they have to produce which they don’t. So blame K-Electric for this.

    • getting ready for elections maybe, because they’ve powered some areas by darkening out other areas with immense loadshedding. So, no its not a good job at all, it is only an eyewash for the naive fools, who most certainly are going to fall for it. This is the real tragedy.

  • Another waste of money like solar park project :) in DHA Lahore 30 Mins electricity after 2 hours load-shedding since last 3 days

    • I think you are in “Bijli Choor” area. Areas with less recovery face load shedding more.

  • bus sirf Inaugrate kerta hai yeh Paya khao, complete kuch nahi kerta, sub jhoot hai , he is going to sell paksitan to chinese bit by bit

    • I live in Okara Cantt and this Power Station is at a drive of about 5 mins and max 6-7 km and its Severe Weather here we can’t sit without an AC. Our whole body starts sweating in fans due to warmth of the air……………..!

      • It was 48 today in lahore. So weather is already hot.

        Most villagers in punjab use wood for cooking purposes and that should produce more heat than this plant.

        So cut your bullsh*t.

          • Your leader imran khan also said they won’t let anyone build Kala bagh. So live with the cons of coal fired power plants.

            • LOL. Imran has to get votes of KPK after all. Earlier ANP was using Kala Bagh dam card, they got badly exposed but were successful in not letting Kala Bagh dam becoming a reality. Even senior engineers from KPK always favored Kala Bagh dam but those knowing nothing about engineering always had an agenda against this dam or became part of the propaganda.

            • I am not IK Supporter but you should also think about Poor, Labourers and other society. This place was not suitable for Coal Power Plant. Rather It should have been in Thar Desert type area………..!
              Coal is being imported and transported from Karachi to Sahiwal i mean WTF……!
              Then it is producing heat and unbearable temperature………!
              What about that ……..?

  • intehai ghatia governance hy, just inaugurate kro, 2 4 news chla do or wohi topi drama continue rkho k mulk taraqi kr rha hy. ghanta taraqi horhi hy bs election aye to in murda logon ko fikar shuru hgai power shortage ki.

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