Pakistan’s First AI Advisory & Incubator Launched

Biiled as Pakistan’s first Artificial Intelligence Advisory and Incubator, ADDO AI Pakistan, has been launched. Based in Singapore, this is the advisory and incubator’s first entry into Pakistan.

It will be using artificial intelligence (AI) to improve infrastructure and conventional services for various government sectors.

The launch of the AI incubator will also connect Pakistan with Singapore’s AI startups. The upcoming phases will connect it with Dubai and Mumbai based AI centers.

The incubator and advisory platform has a team of experts from the industry and the academia including top AI professors from Pakistan like Dr. Asim Karim, Dr. Faisal Kamran, Dr. Mohsen Ali and Dr. Adnan Noon Mian.

ADDO is Latin for the word “Add”. It aims to tackle huge challenges and create a batter and smarter world by combining creative skills with powerful artificial intelligence algorithms to assist organisations, governments and startups. Its target is to develop data-driven platforms which can improve final outcomes.

Expert in data science, machine learning, social media analytics and sentiment analysis, Data Science Lab Director Dr Faisal Kamran said:

“We are going to connect this incubator with Dubai and Mumbai so we can have one of the most influential Artificial Intelligent incubators in Asia.”

He added that this incubator will create more jobs for Pakistanis who will eventually be working for foreign companies while sitting in their office in Lahore.

“Students in this field will get an opportunity to work on industry-based problems. Let’s say we could do research and predict when and why users leave/switch to other networks in Pakistan’s telecommunication industry. Such issues can be resolved through AI,” added Dr Faisal.

Quoting another example, he said that AI has a lot of potential in the healthcare sector and “assuming we receive a task to find out which diseases are more prominent in Multan or southern Punjab, we can build a system using existing data and predict solutions to counter the diseases before they get out of hand.”

Currently, ADDO AI serves as an advisor to foreign clients like SMRT – Singapore’s largest public transportation company. It helps SMRT in building smarter cities.

An ADDO official confirmed:

“We are building a system so that people can enjoy their journeys with maximum comfort at cheaper rates with an app that can predict safer, cost effective and environment friendly routes connected via trains, rails, bikes and cars. It even works with driverless cars.”

The project will be launched in Singapore’s top 10 universities as a pilot project before it is launched across Singapore’s transport system.

Dr Asim Karim, a PhD scholar from Ohio State University and expert in data mining and social aspects of data analytics, said “With this Artificial Intelligent (AI) incubator we will be using data to build projects for our customers that are user-oriented and make lives easier. We will be playing advisory role in these projects.”

“We are also working on our first local micro-insurance system for farmers. We are expecting more local projects and that will bring significant change in Pakistan as AI is a widely popular science across the globe,” he added.

Via: The Nation

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