PTA & FIA Starts Crackdown Against Non-Type Approved Smartphones

In its proactive efforts to curb illegal telecom activities in the country, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) is continuously monitoring and carrying out raids in collaboration with Federal Investigation Agency (FIA).

Recently, PTA and FIA Cyber Crime circle teams raided the mobile market at Bahadurabad, Karachi and confiscated 216 non-type approved mobile handsets of different models.

An FIR has been registered by FIA for the same. Non-type approved mobile handsets from major brands such as Samsung, HTC, LG, Apple, Motorola, Lenovo, Hisense and more have been confiscated during the raid.

The telecommunication authority (PTA) is taking steps to deter cheaters who are fleecing the Government with grey channel import of mobile devices and avoiding taxes.

The general public is encouraged to report any such activity to PTA at [email protected]

It is pertinent to mention here that every model of mobile handset as well as tablet PC is required to be type approved from PTA prior to its sale in the open market.

  • PTA itna hi proactive hai tou pehley PTCL ko tou handle karay jis ney awam k saath khilwaar machaya huwa hai.

  • apne hamsya mulk se kuch seekh lo jis ki currency itni high ho gayi ha FIA pehle currupt log ko to pakre ya jo gareeb ha un ka he hisab ho ga han. pta wale pehle news reposter k sir pe dopata to raha nai ske a gye yahan drame krne. mobile pe to extra tax laga howa ha us ka notice hmara chor wazir e azam mian nawaz sharif len ge. zalimo uper b hisab dena ha kuch to khuda ka khuf kro

  • approved phones wo hain jin k boxes pe sticker laga hai PTA approved , or is trha iPhone sary band ho jain gey :D almost all

  • Oh no, how will all the spoilt brats and children of these corrupt politicians get their brand new iPhone 7 plus now?

    PTA should focus on more important things like dealing with the dickheads at PTCL and enforce some real standards for 3G/4G rather than running after people who are selling non-type approved smartphone, which in my opinion is the dumbest thing ever.

  • What about those people who are using such phones? How would they be caught?

  • Encouraging enforcements of Revenue, Telecom., Regulation, and consumer protection. This is encouraging, but late. The type approval by regulator is re-inventing the wheel. This would create conusion, chaos, corruption, and irregulation of the regulation. The GSMA and ITU has worked on this and there should be a line drawn by the financial regulator, customs regulator which should take the WCO World Customs Organisation lines on what custom should do, and the FBR.
    Please see what the world is doing. On the Digitalisation of Economy, on Enabling the Disabled, AIT and several others are doing increasing the penetration of Mobile to Enable the Population. India has more phones than the toilets in India. China has progressed because enablement of the population which the Governments cannot deliver. I suggest to please take advise of Dr. Ahsan Iqbal for the guideline and Urdu program on the initiative of the government for opinion. Do not over regulate, the technology, and finance. The Government has enough think tanks. Its not to bring tablet also in the regulatory. We are still in the 2nd generation of processors in Pakisan where the world is looking towards 9th processor in use and look for better and above.

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