This Man Just Won a Mercedes Benz in a Ramzan Transmission Show

BOL TV has launched a special Ramadan game show, “Aese Chalay Ga”, where viewers and participants get a chance to win premium prizes. During its first show on 28th May, a man named Jawad Khan won a Mercedes Benz car.

Speaking of the other outlandishly expensive prizes on offer, promos for ‘Aesa Chalay Ga’ show that BOL  will be offering a private jet for three viewers, while daily prizes include lavish items like a Mercedes Benz and other cars.

Aamir Liaquat, the show’s host, announced Jawad Khan as the mega prize winner during the first show. The winner was contacted live during the show and was asked about his feelings after he learned of his new Mercedes Benz car.

You can take a look at the video below (starts at 4:20):

However, immediately after the news, media reports have claimed that the prize was pre-planned. According to one allegation by a person named Syed Talha Ahmed Hashmi, the winner of the prize -Jawad Khan – is actually the brother of a BOL employee, Daniyal Khan.

According to reports, Jawad Khan has personal relations with BOL employees and it’s possible that he might be an employee as well.

However, there’s no strong evidence to support media outlets’ claims and it’s entirely possible that these are just rumors. Whatever the case, the truth is bound to become public knowledge within the next few days. Is it legitimate or is it just a big publicity stunt by a channel that was recently under fire over airing hate speech? You be the judge.

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  • I would request to you people that plz inform your loved ones and others that all this type of shows r just entertainment saga, and this thing has ruined the real charm of Ramazan…i condemn these shows. These shoes must be shut down immediately.

  • From the price of a Mercedes Benz, how many poor children can be accommodated with Eid Shopping, how many maids working at your home can enjoy the same brands which her employer enjoys…
    We need to change perception here .. Win is not a wining of a one person .. Wining is wining as a whole …

  • How much money you people have to waste. Even in US we only dream of having such luxuries.
    after doing two jobs in various shifts, I think twice to buy a smartphone, and you people gift expensive items, plane as gift,cars as gifts !

    • To tension kyun le rahe ho bhai tum bhi a jao Pakistan. Hum to US ko bhi loan detay hain. ;)

    • Which US are you living in? 2 jobs and thinking twice to buy a smartphone? Are you living in a village in Pakistan? Mr. John Doe.

        • Bhai, Pakistan main ghareeb earns Rs. 15,000/month (After this budget), in the US a ghareeb earns $1,256 (Around Rs. 1 lac 30 thousand) and this is the LEAST with a 40 hour week. Most people I know work at least 60 hours a week ($7.25 per hour x 12 hours x 5 days) making it at least $1,885 per month, and that’s the federal rate, whereas most states offer better rates than this. $1,885 is around 2 lac rupees. Average price of a new high-end smartphone is around Rs. 80,000. A Pakistani ghareeb earns Rs 15,000 per month in which he has to afford rent, feed himself and utilities, same with a US ghareeb earning Rs. 2,00,000. A Pakistani ghareeb can’t afford one high-end smartphone in 10 years! Plus the Mr. above said he’s working 2 jobs. Either he’s living illegally and is being paid below the minimum wage of $ 7.25/hr or he isn’t in the US, other than that, there’s no way he can’t afford a smartphone.

    • Well we have made a habit of finding a conspiracy in every thing. Couple of screenshots don’t prove anything and as far as Daily Pakistan goes they are known to publish fraudulent stuff to get clicks.

  • They told to send the correct answer as e.g 1A, and when i send the answer on the whatsapp number there is only single tick till now. And when he balleted the numbers on screen. There was a selfie of jawaad with his name. How the picture and number came on balloting screen.

  • It’s confirm that Jawad khan is brother of Daniyal khan, Jawad khan is also the employee of BOL news and he was designated to the car, according to Axact employment policy but they dramatized it by giving the car in Amir Liaquat show just for a publicity stunt, Fake Channel, Fake Doctor, Fake Aalim and Fake Show :)

  • BTW Jawad khan has blocked Syed Taha Ahmed Hashmi, Instead of denying the claim of Taha, Jawad has blocked him which makes Taha claim very strong.

  • Its a fake show , the car shown was used and an older model car also the guy Jawad Khan works for BOL tv network his elder brother is also employed there . Even the contestants in show winning big cars are pre decided just to fool the masses and increase ratings.
    Also it has nothing Islamic to it what kind of Ramzan show is this? Its all fake with stupid questions , questions which are often non ethical and for mere entertainment only.

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