Jazz to Soon Enable VoLTE Across its Network

Jazz has successfully tested Voice over LTE (VoLTE) in Pakistan with its collaboration partners – Huawei and Nokia, a press statement claimed.

In line with the Telco’s digital agenda and strategy of leading innovation across the industry, subscribers will be able to enjoy this service in the near future, once more handset manufacturers join the ecosystem.

“Providing impeccable voice and data experience to Jazz customers is our continuous endeavor and we are humbled to be the first in Pakistan to conduct successful VoLTE trial using the latest technology. Once we move towards the commercial launch, VoLTE shall enable our valuable customers to enjoy premium voice services with more than 80% reduction in call setup time, and on top of it they can cherish the true essence of data session during call,” said Khalid Shehzad, Chief Technology Officer – Jazz.

VoLTE carries voice calls over a 4G LTE “data network” instead of currently used “circuit switched” 2G or 3G networks. VoLTE therefore allows “voice” to become just another app that rides on a LTE data network.

Jazz has become the first player in the local market to ready its network for the launch of VoLTE in the near future.

  • Great news. Looking forward to Jazz’s upcoming network improvements.

    We will either see them using 10 MHz of their newly awarded spectrum for LTE internet access and use the old 5 MHz Warid chunk for VoLTE, or they could refarm 900 MHz for VoLTE, even a 3 MHz chunk would be sufficient since the number of VoLTE compatible phones is still less.

    • That’s not how it works. It’s either on, or off. It’s not dependent on the spectrum.

      It’s basically a feature that the network needs to support, and the phone as well. In this case, assuming your phone supports VoLTE (most do from the past few years, unless you use Q Mobile and the sort), all that’s required is a network toggle.

      Doesn’t matter what frequency band or spectrum you’re on.

      • Yeah it is. Look at operators abroad, they all have a reserved chunk of spectrum they use for VoLTE. Usually in small amounts of 5 MHz because there are still many phones that don’t support it. Only high end phones support it, mid range and budget phones usually don’t support it.

        As for the network toggle in settings, that too is dependent on the manufacturers to comply with, for example iPhones would require a Jazz carrier update to support HD Voice and Samsung phones will require a CSC update for compatibility and for the Enhanced Voice toggle to actually appear in the settings app since it isn’t present at the moment.

        Example is that du (EITC) in the UAE uses 1800 MHz (Band 3) for LTE and 800 MHz (Band 20) for VoLTE, same situation with Hutchison Three in the UK. Check online if you don’t believe me.

        • Bhai agr ham apny mobile ka data on na krein aor na net package lein to ham volte use kr sakein gy jesy ham 2G pay call msg mms krty hein bina internet k ???

        • The reason they use a lower frequency lte band for VoLTE is because it has greater penetration of walls and also the radio waves travel further. The major problem carriers face is getting the signals indoors and in basements as 2G is being phased out and 3G is mostly used in the 1900Mhz and 2100Mhz band world wide. However 900Mhz is also used for 3G which has better coverage but for 4G/LTE, carriers use higher frequency band for data and a lower frequency with small bandwidth for VoLTE.

    • VoLTE works on same LTE on which data works. It does not require spare spectrum. So either Jazz use 5 MHz, 10 MHz or dual Carrier 20 MHz LTE, VoLTE will work on all of it.

    • Yes, most devices don’t support it, but some brands like Samsung, Sony and LG have VoLTE support in their higher end models.

    • You need an LTE device, even if it doesn’t have VoLTE function. VoLTE can be activated by third party calling app as well like Reliance Jio is doing in India.

    • Why RIP naveed bhai? Jazz still need to expand coverage which is limited to 80 cities only. For proper VoLTE experience they need to expand coverage which Zong has already done. If they activate VoLTE even after 2 months of Jazz, they will have better VoLTE experience than Jazz. But still credit goes to Jazz for being first operator to test VoLTE.

      • Cities dont count , Jazz has 80 cities only but with fully covered cities.. I really doubt on ZONG as my issue has not been resolved yet and I am also having issues with their 4G now . Its same as Telenor for me now. :) Covering more cities doesn’t matter , its like you need to cover the city fully first.

  • Another Reason to Ditch Ufone…..

    Btw I dont know what in the world the Ufone is doing !

  • Now it’s time for Zong to wake up! Since they already have the coverage and it’s just the switch to turn on VoLTE.

  • Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 has VoLTE. This handset is available in Pakistan and at reasonable price.

  • Best news which I heard in 2017 in telecom sector. Allah karay true 4G VoLTE milay. Ufone ki tarhan 3G keh kar 2G ki service na de jazz b

  • Yes its working on jazz. I made a few calls today while being on 4G mode.. Probably in testing phase

  • This is one of the best initiatives of the reglator, and the Frequeny Allocation Board to surrender the resources for the betterment use of technology. The digital initiatives of ITU for the digitalisation of of TV which would give full control of the regulator and the governments for any misuse, and censorship. The regulator has done an excellent for the TV to be available on LTE with Netflix and other world inititiatives will be available depend on the Government and the pople. Several dreams are now true today.

    • -high quality voice.
      -improved battery life (pehlay jab koi 4g pay hota tha tao call aur sms nahi receive kar skata tha ya us ka network 3g/2g pay switch hota tha to receive calls and sms. because of this switching, mobile ki battery par zor parta tha aur battery zada use hoti thi. Now it wont happen. Calls and sms will work on 4G network)
      -Also improved coverage

  • Pehle 4G to pura karlo. mere area me sep 2015 se Jazz/Warid 4G hai 80& coverage but 100% 2 saal hone ko hai abhi tak nhi ki, aur 80% load parene ki waja se 30% reh gayi hai.

  • Warid LTE is not working on Xiaomi Mi5s in Lahore, what could be possible reason?

    Warid: we cannot commit LTE services for any of Xiaomi mobile.

  • One of the Warid’s franchise representative holding cell no. 03225858587 has converted my mobile number from prepaid to postpaid some 15 days back without her approval and security deposit, since than I am complaining them to revert their activation on immediate basis but no one is taking it seriously, I have complained the same issue to 321 and have also talked to that lady and her manager on phone on 22/5/17 and she said that it will be reverted in four days but still the number is on postpaid. Last night I again made a complaint on 321 at 11:30 pm and the representative said that his senior will call me in an hour but no contact has made yet, It is requested to you to please take an action on it urgently because we are already suffering since long.

    The overall service is very pathetic you just want to win the race to No.1 operator in Pakistan but this is not the right way. They are cheaters.

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