Exclusive: Sindh’s Rs. 1,000 Billion Budget For FY17-18 Finalized

Sindh Government has almost finalized the budget proposal for the fiscal year 2017-18. The total budget layout will be Rs. 1 Trillion, we have checked with sources.

Before the general elections in 2018, the Sindh govt, in its last budget has focused on providing jobs, increased welfare and proposed other popular measures. Karachi has not been given proper attention in this budget though, observers said.

A source in Sindh Government told ProPakistani that the budget is almost final and is currently being reviewed by PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari and senior leadership of the party.

The budget is expected to be presented in the first week of June in the provincial assembly.

Pakistan People’s Party-led provincial government focused on providing government jobs to gain popularity. About 50,000 new jobs will be provided in different departments of provincial government during the current fiscal year.

So far, Karachi has been ignored in the upcoming provincial budget. No new mega project will be part of the budget, with allocations made just for the water supply project K4 and sanitation project S-3.

Provincial budget total outlay will be Rs. 1,000 billion, out of which total income is estimated to be Rs. 730 billion.

Provincial government estimates that Rs. 615 billion will be transferred from the federal government under the National Finance Commission Award (NFC), and that the provincial government will collect Rs. 293 billion revenue with its own sources.

Provincial Government of Sindh is still reluctant to introduce a tax on agriculture. Most of revenue collection is based on urban areas, especially in the services and industries sector. Sindh Revenue Board has set a target to collect Rs. 80 billion or more.

Additionally, property tax will be increased by 1 percent. Excise, Motor Vehicle tax rate will also be increased in the upcoming budget.

Non-developmental expenditure will be increased by 18 percent. The total allocation for non-developmental expenditure will be Rs. 616 billion.

Government employees salaries will increase by 15% and pension will be increased by 10%

Sindh government in its last budget before election in 2018 focused on public welfare and was planning to introduced many schemes in this regard. In its budget proposal 2017-18, the government is likely to announce the distribution of land to landless farmers, especially women.

The Provincial government is also planning to introduce health insurance, subsidy on agriculture, special loan schemes for women. Development budget for women will also increased by 175 percent

For Social welfare, special education, and sports, budget allocation will be increased by 65 pc. For minorities, budget allocation will be increased by 200 percent.

The total development budget will be Rs 240 billion out of which districts will be provided Rs. 25 billion. For local governments Rs. 50 billion will be allocated while municipalities will be allocated Rs. 50 billion.

  • And how much of that budget will PPP eat away in corruption ? All of it ? Okay As Expected.

  • PPP will eat all this themselves, again the major contributor Karachi’s budget is excluded in this mega corruption pool, again there will be no jobs for urban peoples and no major project for urban areas, totally wasting money in giving job to Jiyalas only to increase the vote bank………..Allah awam ke aamaal ki saza bure hukumraan ki soorat main deta hai hame

  • “So far, Karachi has been ignored in the upcoming provincial budget.”
    Koye naye baat nahi, waisay baqi sindh ko bhi kuch nahi milnay wala. yahan paper par colleges, hospitals, roads etc ban jatay hain.

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