Zong Offers Unbeatable Discounts in Zong 4G Flash Sale

Zong 4G has announced unbeatable discounts for a limited time on its 4G devices. Zong is giving discounts of up to PKR 500 on purchase of new device from its Customer Service Centers across Pakistan.

ZONG 4G Devices

Customers can avail the discounts on the following products:

  • Zong 4G Bolt+
  • Zong 4G Bolt

Online Shop

Zong also offers an e-commerce platform called ‘Online Shop’ which allows users to learn about the available bundles and allows users to subscribe to them simply by entering their numbers.

Recharge Online

Users can also recharge online in a matter of minutes by visiting the Recharge Online page and filling out their details. On recharge of PKR 500 and PKR 1,000 users will be eligible to get unlimited Zong to Zong minutes, up to 500 SMS or upto 100 internet MBs.

This offer is in line with Zong’s commitment of creating a complete 4G ecosystem in Pakistan. Zong’s objective, as expressed through the brand promise of “A New Dream” is to leverage the technological edge in 4G LTE to digitally transform the lifestyle of Pakistani people and this remarkable offer is in line with Zong’s ambition to lead Pakistan into a new digitized age.

Zong, is the leading 4G operator of Pakistan with a 75% 4G market share and 4G coverage in over 300 cities nationwide. The company recently announced its plans to upgrade 100% of its network to 4G by year end. Zong will upgrade all 2G sites to 3G and 4G with the overall tally of 4G sites to reach 10,500 by end of 2017.

The company has also announced plans to invest over $200 Million in Pakistan in 2017.

  • Article ki heading parrhtay hi pata chal gaya tha Zong ne koi chawal hi mari ho gi. 3000 ki mifi already market se 2500 ki mill rahi hai.

    • Never buy Zong….. It has been admitted (I have emails) by zong customer care that they are unable to improve their service quality also they have no policy to refund even upon failure to provide proper internet services.

    ژونگ = چ

  • Very Good :
    Ek to Discount Price Nahi : Upper Se Press Release : Upper Se Itne Mehange Packages & Devices Upper Se Articles Upper pe 3 Miniute Waste

      • Telenor has improved a lot since last few months. 3G speed remains constant between 3-5 Mbps during peak hours and 6-12 Mbps during off-peak hours. As far as 4G is concerned, I’ve achieved maximum speed around 37Mbps which isn’t bad IMO. I’d recommend Telenor over Zong anyday because of their vast 2G/3G coverage footprints.
        I have travelled almost every corner and their (telenor’s) EDGE service works fine as well, which is plus point for me as 3G/4G is available everywhere. Zong on the other hand doesn’t work at most of the places.

        *Personal Experience*

    • Yes currently the cheapest 4g but they cannot beat zong in terms of coverage.

    • Operators need to give some incentives to existing customers. Their only target is to get NEW customers while ignoring the entire existing base.

  • واٹس ایپIMOکےذریعےانگلش سیکھیں.ماہانہ فیس3000ایڈوانس جتناچاہےدیں۔ہرعمرکےلوگ صرف3ماہ میں انگلش پڑھنالکھناوبولناسیکھیں​IMO, WhatsAp 00923453737391

  • Can anybody refer someone from Zong. Our company is looking for porting all of it’s employees’ official numbers to Zong if a competitive package is offered

  • zong is a total fraud company.chawal company download aur upload dono ko count kar rahi hai.isi liye inn kay packages aik daam se he urr jatay hain.jahan 1 mb count hona chahiyee wahan 2 mb count kia ja raha hai.they are looting the pakistani awam with both hands and the regulatory authorities are just watching doing nothing……..

  • Zong has never even given proper internet, yet they are calling themselves the best data network of Pakistan. WOW !

  • Why even bother Zong??? V all know its not gonna be available in my area and 95% of Pakistan

  • Zong, you have been giving misleading statements about your services being superb, whereas your services only leave your consumers in distress as you fail to keep your word! your 4G devices are a hoax!

  • Zong people yew are stoopid guyx. i hv waisted 1 year wid yew people, neva suggextin 2 any1 again. Bhaag jao guyx. Faxool netwrk.

  • Your internet is too disruptive, I have to carry multiple transactions a day and i can’t rely on it anymore.

  • People getting break ups becuz ov Zong but they still dont care. Bad services.

    *Hangs himself* kthnksbye

  • Extremely pathetic provider of service, My internet disconnects more times than Samuel L Jackson says **** in his movies!

  • Ao bachon sair karai tumko Pakistan ki Jis mein sab se buri service hai hamaray ZONG KI!

  • hahahaha , Zong waalon ko sahi english hi nai aati, zara dekho to first line k andar hi ghalat likha huwa hai loosers. hahahahaha
    ajeeb hai sab offers per ofers laga rahe hain and un logon jinho ne yeh comment parh k ghalti dhoondne ki koshish ki hai samajh jaen k ZONG ko choose krna hi ghalat hai :D hahahaha

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