Petrol, Diesel Will Be Available At Reduced Prices Starting Today

Federal Minister for Finance, Senator Mohammad Ishaq Dar, today announced the prices of petroleum products for the period starting from 1st June 2017 until midnight on 30th June 2017.

He said that Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Resources and OGRA have recommended an increase of Rs. 13.54/Litre in the price of Kerosene Oil, increase of Rs. 9.28/Litre in the price of Light Diesel Oil (LDO), decrease of Rs. 2.43/Litre in the price of MS 92 RON Petrol, and decrease of Rs. 3.31/Litre in the price of High Speed Diesel (HSD), with effect from 1st June 2017.

The Minister stated that, in line with the Prime Minister’s instructions to provide maximum relief to the common man, and keeping in view that Kerosene Oil and LDO is used by the low income segments of the country’s population, it has been decided to maintain the prices of Kerosene Oil and LDO at the current level till 30th June 2017.

This decision has been taken also keeping in view the fact that Kerosene Oil caters to the energy needs of the poor.

The Minister further announced that the Prime Minister has directed to reduce the prices of MS 92 RON Petrol and HSD by Rs. 1.20 / Litre and Rs. 1.60 / Litre, respectively, with effect from 1st June 2017 until 30th June 2017. The new prices for Diesel will be Rs 81.40/Litre and for Petrol Rs 72.80/Litre.

The Finance Minister highlighted that the government has absorbed significant impact of price increases since April 2016 and has suffered considerable loss of revenue. During this period only partial increases have been passed on since December 2016

    • Then the bike waalay should stop putting Altron X and Hi-Octane in their bikes thinking it will transform their phat phatee CD70 into a Harley Davidson.
      Go put mitti ka tail in your bike and pay 50 per liter for that.
      Why should rates be different for bike and cars?

      You should’ve remained banned, I don’t know who unbanned you but it was a terrible decision.

      • Bhai, I’ve NEVER EVER seen a CD70 waala put Hi-Octane, Altron X or V-Power in their bikes. It kills the engine. Please do your research before posting. I actually did that for a friend, as a thank you gesture when he gave me his bike in an emergency, that I tried to repay him with the most expensive fuel available with a full tank, and honestly the engine fried. No joke!

        And waisey, when I’m usually refuelling my Suzuki 350 with around Rs. 1,200 of petrol, i’ve 90% of the times seen CD70s waala ask for Rs. 50 and 80 – going all the way upto Rs. 100 max for refuelling. CD70 people generally never afford over Rs. 200 worth of fuel – at least 95% of them!

        • Says he’s never seen anyone put Hi-Octane in a bike, yet does it himself.

          Come to Rawalpindi, there is the Shell panj sarki pump and the company operated PSO pumps near the Airport and AFIC that sell Hi-Octane and Altron X, every time I go to refuel the car, there are always bikes (and even rickshaws) standing in the Hi-Octane line getting their bikes filled thinking it’s good for the engine, clearly it hasn’t fried theirs yet, but it does have a lot of negative effects that these phat phatee riders are unaware of.

  • Very bad over import/use will drain our foreign exchange wrong policy fuel is expensive on in other countries

  • OGRA proposed more decrease in prices as per international market but Launderer Dollar has declined and only passed on tiny benefit to people.

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