PTCL Brings AD-Free Champions Trophy Cricket Matches

Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited today announced that it is bringing back its unique solution for the cricket lovers, the ad-free transmission of cricket matches during this Champions Trophy.

Like any other Pakistani, if you are looking for ad-free live stream of cricket matches, PTCL is offering its customers to enjoy ad-free cricket matches on its Smart TV and Smart TV App.

Cricket on PTCL Smart TV

Just in case if you are wondering, PTCL’s Smart TV is company’s flagship digital TV service that anyone can avail along side DSL broadband service. So if you are with-in PTCL’s coverage area, you can simply call 0800-80800 and request for Smart TV installation.

PTCL Smart TV currently offers 100+ live TV channels and over 2,000 hours of entertainment content through its Video on Demand service.

PTCL Smart TV is available in 150 cities across the country.

Not to mention, you can request for PTCL Smart TV service without the broadband or DSL service as well.

AD-Free Cricket on Smart TV App

And those who are in hurry and want to get to live cricket feeds straight away — without any hardware requirement — they can start using PTCL Smart TV App to watch cricket matches on their smartphones or laptops.

PTCL Smart App is offered as a standalone app — available for android, iOS and web platforms — that streams 100+ live TV channels and video on demand. With PTCL’s Smart TV app, users can also watch the proprietary ad-free livestream cricket matches for the ongoing champions trophy.

Smart TV App is free for CharJi or 4Mbps and above internet package users. Those who are on non-PTCL internet or those who do not fall under free package can use Smart TV app for just Rs. 100 per month.

You can download Smart TV app here for Android and here for iOS.

You can check FAQs for PTCL’s Smart TV App here.

  • PTCL smart tv is just passable, though i could understand the requirements for very low quality on TV box, their app should have been able to do much much better for faster internet users.

    on other hand, my line man asked me to buy a 500 rupee box from market that he himself bought for me, after that my attainable speed went from 9mbps to 24mbps, and I’m a very happy user on 12mbps.
    occasionally it went slow, rest of the time its perfect, yes its never a stable 12 but it fluctuates between 8 to 12 enough to stream 1080p movies upto 3gb without hiccups.
    download on other hand, always do round 900 to 1.1mbps.

      • can post pictures in the morning, it’s some ciruit that i think cleans the copper line from interference and noise.
        infact something similar has been put by ptcl themselves too now in Bahria Town.
        I’m from Bahria Town Rawalpindi.

  • App works fine, you get assigned this mdn and you pay 99 rupees to get a month of the app, pause and rewind feature is cool , it’s got all channels and best bit is it even works will cellular 3G and not just PTCL internet so perfect for watching icc if you’re out and about

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