Buyer Goes to Court Over Rs. 400 Charger in Pakistan

It is a fact that most Pakistani consumers are not aware of their legal rights, and that sellers or manufacturers generally get away with everything. Be it selling inferior, defective products, it seems the concept of consumer rights has still not taken root in Pakistan.

It’s not uncommon to see that brand new appliance, gadget or vehicle that you just got for yourself, isn’t exactly as tip-top as can be. To make matters worse, even the customer support staff refuses to assist you once you’ve been sold a defective product.

For most of us, we resign to our fate and give up. Very few buyers consider legal action but recently, a man named Nawaz from Lahore made headlines. He is all set to take a shop owner to court over a faulty phone charger.

The Story

Nawaz bought a charger worth Rs. 400 from Mall Road, Lahore. The shop owner offered Nawaz a 2-year guarantee for the “Genuine Samsung Charger” that he just sold. However, the charger lasted barely 15 days.

This prompted Nawaz to go back to the shop owner, asking for a replacement. The shopkeeper refused to entertain him despite the promised 2 year warranty.

Sensing how he had been defrauded, Nawaz sent a legal notice to the seller, asking him to pay for his losses. Afterwards, the seller contacted Nawaz over telephone assuring him that he will be paid back. Additionally, a lawyer from the High Court and the Vice President of the Trader’s union also contacted Nawaz and promised him that his losses will be recovered from the seller.

Report: Narrator mentions the value of the charger as Rs. 200 whereas documents state it to be Rs. 400 

However, nothing changed and the buyer did not receive a refund even after waiting for over two months.

Nawaz has now filed a complaint in the consumer court asking for compensation over the mental stress and the loss of time he suffered due to the hands of the shop owner.

He is now asking for Rs. 20,400 as the total compensation amount. He claims that he should be paid back for the charger and receive Rs. 10,000 each for the loss of time and mental agony caused to him as part of the damages.

Nawaz’s lawyer, Syed Shabbir Bukhari, says

“We have an organization by the name of Pakistan Justice Forum to spread awareness on citizens’ rights. There is a need to let people know that they can go to consumer courts and seek justice.”

The shop owner has been served a notice to appear before court within one week.

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  • a notice than what another notice than notice….. Bro this is good initiative but soon you will get tired by this corrupt judiciary system.

    • i think u r not aware of ur rights. consumer court is very straight forward. even if the shopkeeper does not appear before court, police will go there and may ask for their share (u know what i mean). the shopkeeper will think its better to pay the customer then paying police.

  • Not the first of its kind. I filed many cases like this when I was working with my uncle ‘ a lawyer to compensate the damages as per consumer act…

  • How can I file a case against a big giant? I am facing same issue with one online store in Pakistan.

    • No online store is a giant. you just start a campaign on social media and request all of your friends to share the posts again and again and that giant will be looking for you to resolve the issue :P

    • I also faced a similar issue with I bought an Audionic headset and they sent a damaged piece. I asked for replacement or return, and they never agreed. I posted on Facebook, the commented that I’ll receive a call from them within a day which is still not received despite 3-4 months.

    • I want to sue Cheez Mall. I want my 2500 Rs back. they are fraud, i need 2500 Rs but they send me 600 Rs after 6 months non stop complaints.

  • Being on consumer end we should appreciate nawaz and join hands for him. its not about 400 rupees or 400 million, its about consumer rights. its a norm here in pakistan to give false claims at the time of selling and then getting away with profits without delivering the promises…………….welldone nawaz

  • Great example set by the buyer to go to court – most Pakistanis expect justice delivered to them in their couch but little do they know that everywhere even in developed countries the consumers have to knock the right doors to get justice – now it needs to be seen whether, like in developed countries, the buyer gets justice or not.

  • Great awareness,citizen must know of their right.Whenever you buy, get a receipt and the guarantee in your hand.If the fault occurs,you go to the consumer court.If we as people do this once or twice the seller will be cautious.

  • Epic stand against malfunctioned, third-class but still expensive electronics. No offense to our best friend China, but I’m really tired of these “Made in China” products. They don’t last long at all. I wish they would be able to raise their standards in the future.

  • I wish him luck, you have to be extraordinarily fortunate to extract justice from our legal system. The shopkeeper should be fined another 100,000 for lying and not keeping his promise.

  • 400 RS main mental stress hogaya isay… Shadi honay do pher father in law pe case karega

  • I am Shop Keeper Too
    But Agar Sop Keeper ne Warranty de k Claim ni ki to ye ee hona chahiay
    I am Totally

    with Him

  • Wel done Nawaz. Ap jaise insanon ki zarurat hai is mulk ko, warna yeah jahilon ka mulk hai koi apne haqooq kay liye awaz buland nhi krta.

  • bhai “genius” baat suno meri, ye jo hall road aur hafeez center main phutta laga kar bethe hotey hain, in k paas koi battery, charger genuine nhi hota. sab copies sale kar rahe hote hain ya phir used (abused actually). 3000 rupaey karaey par betha phuttey wala tumhen genuine chargers beche ga?

  • Bhai Samsung original chargers are not cheap, only Samsung sells them. Another thing is that even Chinese dont sell you original chargers because Samsung shifted their production lines to Vietnam. And it is very hard to get out original chargers from Samsung factories. This dude could have just gone to Aliexpress and bought a qualcomm quick charger instead. He is a fool trying to make a fuss of this small thing.

  • Appreciated…. If really it was Manufacturer’s fault. May be this can help elimination of pirated Products.

  • WOW…so good to read that some one has taken the step in right direction. Even for 40 rupee matter its our right to seek justice

  • our media will most certainly paint it to be a very pointless and laughable act, because those sellouts only lick the feet of the rich and the powerful instead of fighting for truth. Its people’s right, nothing and no one should stop them from availing it.

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