US and UK Had Access to NADRA Database: Wikileaks

The US and UK stole data of Pakistani citizens as they had direct access to NADRA database, according to Wikileaks.

The US and MI6 (British Intelligence) stole voter data by setting up a front company called International Identity Service in the UK. The company was hired in a consultant role for NADRA.

It is yet  unclear if the access was full and how deep they could penetrate into NADRA system.

It merits mentioning here that NSA used to infect systems through front companies and then had tools to gain access to deeper networks across the world.

A Wikileaks tweet said:

Even more bizarre, the leaked cable from US Embassy to Islamabad suggests that the then PM Yusuf Raza Gillani and Interior Minister Rehman Malik actually went to the embassy and offered to share NADRA’s database, which includes all sorts of data of Pakistani citizens.

In a call between Julian Assange and Imran Khan, Assange referenced cable code [09ISLAMABAD1642] and said:

We discovered a cable in 2009 from the Islamabad Embassy. Prime Minister Gilani and Interior Minister Malik went into the embassy and offered to share NADRA – and NADRA is the national data and registration agency database.

The system is currently connected through passport data but the government of Pakistan is adding voice and facial recognition capability and has installed a pilot biometric system as the Chennai border crossing, where 30,000 to 35,000 people cross each day. This NADRA system, that is the voting record system for all voters in Pakistan, and a front company was set up in the United Kingdom – International Identity Services, which was hired as the consultants for NADRA to squirrel out the NADRA data for all of Pakistan.

It seems to me that that is a theft of some national treasure of Pakistan, the entire Pakistani database registry of its people.

  • its a know fact .. what is new? when you get free technology and services in aid what do you expect?

  • I was damn sure about it years back that this must be happening. If this is true that we got scammed by both intelligence agencies, interior ministry should immediately launch a full fledge inquiry.

  • I can 100% endorse this.
    One of my friends applied for student visa to usa last year and when he went for the interview in US embassy they refused bcz he failed to mention abt one of his close relatives who live in the usa.
    The US embassy could only already know abt it if they had access to nadra database.

    • Don’t know about embassy in Pakistan but otherwise they inform you at the end of the interview if your application is accepted.

      • They do obviously inform abt the decision but they provide you a pre-printed letter and never give you a reason.
        BTW I am sure that they know each and everything abt us Pakistanis

  • Imran Khan has exposed each and every institution of this country. Every one of them was hiding behind a cloak of competency but now we all know how our PM and Interior Minister offered to sell us to their foreign masters. PMLN wont be different either and i wont be surprised if they sold the same data to Qataris and Chinese!

    • Now you have Qatari and Chinese phobia just because you hate Nawaz?
      Dude he can’t dare to “expose” one institution which is damaging Pakistan is the long run.
      You don’t gather corrupt and lottas around you if you are out for a real change. Eyes are on Islamabad, rest it is just a mask everyone is wearing.

  • We should be ashamed. This is tantamount to stealing our national identities.

  • Yousaf Raza Gilani willingly went to the us embassy and offered the national records of all of our citizens to foreign intelligence agencies. Think about this for a second.

  • Baseless, actually its all about writing new baseless articles for the sake of minting garbage traffic to the blog.

  • was already expected from Government whether PPP/PML-N.One party look 10% in every deal, second party is merchant of Steel/Concrete/Cement.Hopefully, Govt especially Ch. Nisar react to this to deny this allegation,as to accept means to sign on suicide note.
    UK/US already have access to our data, such news i guess is just a useless whistle blower.

  • biometric system as the “Chennai border crossing, where 30,000 to 35,000 people cross each day”
    no immigration point in Pakistan has such capacity seems doctored. However it is true that Rehman Malik is instrumental in this case for sharing PISCES & NADRA data to his Pay masters during Gillani Regime

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