Heroin Recovered from Pakistani Couple Traveling for Umra

The Airport Security Force (ASF) claims to have arrested a couple attempting to smuggle heroin to Saudi Arabia.

According to ASF officials present at the Lahore International Airport, a couple of passengers were found in possession of illegal contraband. Muhammad Anwar and his spouse were about to board a flight to Jeddah for Umrah when they were intercepted by the airport security. During the search, the officers found six kilograms of heroin in the couple’s luggage.

An official told the media:

“The drugs were recovered during a search prior to Muhammad Anwar and his wife boarded a foreign airline to travel to Jeddah to perform Umrah.”

The suspected smugglers have been taken into custody and will be handed over to the Anti-Narcotics Force (ANF), said the officials. A First Investigation Report (FIR) will be filed against the duo under the anti-narcotics laws.

Following the FIR, both suspects will be presented before a judicial magistrate for a physical remand to further investigate the matter.

A few weeks ago, the ANF recovered 20 kgs of heroin from a PIA flight at the Benazir Bhutto International airport.  The flight was headed to London, UK. ANF had recovered the drugs before the flight it took off towards its destination.

Of late, several heroin smuggling scandals have made the news. PIA staff was also investigated in the UK after British law enforcement agencies found heroin on board a flight.

via ARY News

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    • jis shehar ka wazeer e azam raseedain nahi dikha sakta us shehr k basi kese hongy…

      • Please ask your elders if they have receipts of payments made in 80s.
        Nobody hold such old records. As per SBP requirements even banks hold manual record of 5 years only. No wonder why NS & IK are failing to produce old records.

        Further if I generalize your statement then since PM is Pakistani so all Pakistani’s are corrupt. Since he is a Muslim therefore all Muslims are corrupt. Since he is human so all humans are corrupt. Do you agree?

        • A correction. Banks are required to hold records for 10 years, not 5. Also, banks do not destroy records – they are archived in one form or another (digital media, physical documents, microfilm or microfiche).

          • As per SBP PRs for banks, record must be held for minimum of 5 years (Ref: Regulation M3 titled RECORD RETENTION)

            REGULATION M-3
            The records of transactions and identification data etc. maintained by banks / DFIs occupy critical importance as for as legal proceedings are concerned. The prudence demands that such records may be maintained in systematic manner with exactness of period of preservation to avoid any set back on legal and reputational fronts. Banks / DFIs shall therefore, maintain, for a minimum period of five years, all necessary records on transactions, both domestic and international. The records so maintained must be sufficient to permit reconstruction of individual transactions (including the amounts and types of currency involved, if any) so as to provide, if necessary, to SBP or law enforcement agencies for investigation or as an evidence in legal proceedings. Banks / DFIs shall, however, retain those records for longer period where transactions relate to litigation or are required by the Court of law or by any other competent authority.

            • My dear Waseem Sb,

              You’re referring to an obsolete PR. The M1-M5 regulations were superseded in 2012 by the SBP AML / CFT Regulations, you can refer to the updated PRs by accessing the following link:

              The new SBP AML / CFT Regulations can be accessed via the following link:

              For ease of reference, I’ve pasted the new Regulation as under:

              REGULATION – 5
              RECORD KEEPING
              1. Banks/ DFIs shall maintain all necessary records on transactions, both domestic and international, including the results of any analysis undertaken (e.g. inquiries to establish the background and purpose of complex, unusual large transactions) for a minimum period of ten years from completion of the transaction.
              2. The records shall be sufficient to permit reconstruction of individual transactions including the nature and date of the transaction, the type and amount of currency involved and the type and identifying number of any account involved in the transactions so as to provide, when necessary, evidence for prosecution of criminal activity. The transactions records may be maintained in paper or electronic form or on microfilm, provided it is admissible as evidence in a court of law.
              3. The records of identification data obtained through CDD process like copies of identification documents, account opening forms, KYC forms, verification documents and other documents along with records of account files and business correspondence, shall be maintained for a minimum period of ten years after the business relationship is ended. The identification records may be maintained in document as originals or copies subject to bank’s attestation.
              4. Banks/DFIs shall, however, retain those records for longer period where
              transactions, customers or accounts involve litigation or it is required by court or other competent authority.
              5. Banks/ DFIs shall satisfy, on timely basis, any enquiry or order from the relevant competent authorities including law enforcement agencies and FMU for supply of information and records as per law.

              You see, I’m an Auditor so unlike most people, I know what I’m talking about.

              • You are right. Its for ten years only. After ten years ………..

                Off subject: Try reading “who will audit the auditors”.

        • nechay walay ny tumhary pehly sawal ka jawab de diya. rahi baat record ki to Alhamdulilah halaal ki kamai rakhny walay record rakhty hain, or rahi baat apkay aqae aali ki to usny or usny abbay ny koi 1000-2000 ki transaction nahi ki bal k billions of rupees ki transaction ki hy (jesa k wo kehty hain) to mere bhai, bank 1000-2000 ka record shayad na rakhta ho, kharbon ki transaction ka data zaror rakhta hy
          3sri baat, abhi tum bank ki baat per aa gaye jab k tumhary aqae ala ka kehna hy k onth per laad kar gaye thy (thora sa ilaj karwa ly mere bhai)
          4thi baat: apki baaji qatar aai hui hy woh bhi akeli…

            • I am working in private company, so we do not get salary slip or check, online transfer hoti hy, albata askari bank se first transaction se lekar abhi tak ki detail nikalwa sakta hon, Q k meri salary onth per laad kar nahi aai
              or na hi meri taraf se koi qatari shehzady k paas gaya hy (samajh to gaye hogy)

                • konsi company me aati hy? matlab k sab kuch online hony k baad bhi konsi confirmation aati hy except yearly tax paying certificate?
                  wese koi job karty ho ya shiddat se patwari ho?

                  • I got opened my first bank account in 1992. Banks were not computerized and everything was manual. I have no record of that account. My first salary slip was issued (on paper by NDLC-IFIC Bank) in 2005. Soon I lost it.

                    You are living in digital age whereas courts/JIT is asking proofs of non-digital era when everything was on papers. Hope you understand my point.

                  • This is digital age and everything is computerized. You are not understanding my point that before digital era record keeping was a very tough job. Just visit your nearest record branch of revenue department where you will find specialized staff for record keeping even then you will find the record in terrible state, full of dust and it caught fire easily (God knows how).
                    If NS and IK have done the disputed transactions in digital age then JIT/EC would not have asked them rather they would have asked for record form concerned departments directly.
                    Hope you understand……

                    • In 80’s, taking money outside Pakistan was banned by State Bank of Pakistan, but the sitting looter is saying that his father was able to send money outside this country (is it not a joke?)
                      Earlier, they were refusing about the property but now they are accepting (do you really disown property you have purchased by Halaal Kamai?)
                      TV has shown the residence of that person and whole family, and they are still saying “Jadi pushti ameer” – Are you serious?
                      About the point of fire: chota chetan’s new record (less then one year) is always caught by fire (When you have proper building structure and wiring specially for record room) – do you think it is all natural?
                      Till date no fire case is recorded in State bank’s record, but as you have said above, like chota chetan, it is now possible that intelligent fire only goes to the record room and did not destroy any extra chair or curtain.

                      I hope you understand more then me but you are not accepting the corruption, may be because some of your personal reasons.

        • Matlab k baadshah salamat ko bachanay k liay becharay HomoSapiens ko hi corrupt bana dia.
          Kia logic hai bhai :/

          • Bhai main sab politicians per lanat bhejta hoon magar 25 saal purana record koi nahi rakhta. Agar yaqeen na aayay to apnay father say un ka nikah nama maang ker check ker laina. (just reference of important document, not to offend anyone)

            • Bhaiyya Nikah naama rakha howa hai father ka along with other documents too :)
              Yahan baat nikah nama ya educational certificates ki nahi, LOOTI hoe raqam ki ho rhi hai.

              Paisoun ka har dour main hisaab raha hai.

        • yes you can relate, lekin yeh baat bhi qabil-o-gour hy k is hadees ka matlab yeh nahi hy k 100 feesad log bury hain.

          • Ye rule majority ki base per implement hota hai – Hum me majority dosra ka haq khate hain – hum me se majority ka jahan daao lagta hai hum lagate hain and so we are bearing NS, Zardari etc in result.

        • This is NOT the Hadees-e-Qudsi. As per my knowledge (may Allah forgive me if I am wronge) it was about the hukumraan in general (not an specific person or post).
          Could you please post the REAL one?

  • Guys I’m curious. Is there any way to actually confirm if they were smuggling this stuff or not?
    I mean this kind of thing could happen to anyone (God Forbid). My question is if an airport authority claims to have found such and such on a passenger or passengers, what is the actual way to authenticate it?

    This may just be a plot to give a bad name to Pakistan.

    • found here, so no its not a plot.
      drug smuggling had been done since the good / shareef times (as old people says) its nothing new.
      what you fear though is true and do happen sometimes as one will be given something like this and they have no clue.

    • آپ بھی زید حامد کے پکے سپورٹر لگتے ہیں.
      جسے پاکستان میں ہر خرابی کے پیچھے یہود و نصارٰی اور بھارتی سازش نظر آتی ہے.
      ارے بھائی اس ملک نے اور کتنا بدنام ہونا ہے.
      بدنامی میں تو پہلے ہی ہمارا کوئی ثانی نہیں

  • All people should be careful at the Airport people actually put stuff in your baggage and then you get in trouble.

  • This must be a Jewish or RAW conspiracy.
    Our Pakistani Muslims can’t be involved in any such defaming and disgusting activities.

  • پھر روتے ہیں کہ بھینسا اسلام کو بدنام کرتا ہے، یہود و نصارٰی اسلام کے خلاف سازشیں کرتے ہیں.
    خود اپنے کرتوتوں پر تو نظر کرم نہیں کرتے کہ خود اسلام کی کتنی خدمت کر رہے ہیں.
    منافق اور ڈرامے باز قوم

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