This Villager Can Copy Tony Greig Without Knowing a Single Word of English

Anthony William Tony Greig (also known as Tony Greig) is considered amongst one of the most popular legends in cricket. However, the reason for his popularity was not due to his cricketing skill, but rather his thrilling and enthusiastic commentary during live TV broadcasts. Even after his death, many people still remember the way he brought cricket matches to life with his passionate cricket commentary.

Now a video has surfaced of a man who hails from a remote village in Pakistan. This common villager copies Tony Greig’s commentary style to such perfection that it seems as if it is a recording from the real Tony Greig himself.

Much like how Tony turned dull moments to exciting ones and exhilarating ones into heart throbbing ones, this guy imitates him to near perfection.

Before we go any further, let’s take a look at this villager and his perfect imitation of the legend:

But what’s so great in imitations, right? What’s more sensational is that the person in the video doesn’t know a word of English and he still manages to speak in the language as fluently as one of cricket’s most exciting commentators! He not only got the pitch and accent right, but also imitated the flair and excitement that Tony Greig was known for.

The video is an evidence of the passion for cricket in Pakistan and how people admired the great Tony Greig for his entertaining comments during the matches. It’s been five years since his death but the fans, like the man in the video, still remember him and rank him as their favorite commentator.

For Tony Greig, it is nothing less than a tribute that he still has fans who don’t even understand a single word of English but still love him for the way he brought cricket matches to life.

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